Monday, May 6, 2013

What Happened to Sultan Azlan Shah?

Author's note: While outlining my thoughts regarding to the concluded general election, I have received some information that it might be happening.

In the last few days, I have received information from several sources saying that Perak's Sultan Azlan Shah is either near death or as one source said, declared in a vegetative state (a.k.a brain dead).

About two weeks ago, the first information surfaced on that situation was when Ku Shah (Raja Shahruzzaman Idris Shah) wrote of whispers within the palace circles: 

"Terdapat bisikan yang mengatakan Sultan Azlan Shah amat gering (sakit) dan hampir tenat..."

Over the weekend, a schoolmate of mine has been talking about him declared dead. However, due to the election and the allowance of the next 24 hours at most in order for the situation to settle down, the announcement could only be made likely on Tuesday with Perak declaring a state holiday following this. 

Another reliable source came from a friend's wife who's working at the National Heart Institute. According to her, Azlan Shah went to London for treatment of the liver but the situation took a turn for worse upon returning to Malaysia. Currently still in the institute but a few days ago went into a vegetative state with absolutely no hope to recover. The doctors, on request are likely to pull the plug on the life support system.  

If things are as it is, the official announcement of death would go as planned on Tuesday.

At the time of writing, I am still awaiting a confirmation from sources on this so please do not spread the word until if there is a press statement or there's assertion from them.


  1. It's official now, he's declared mangkat today. Innalillah Sultan Azlan Shah.


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