Monday, August 30, 2010

Then Why Do You Start It First, Siti?

However, the video was pulled out due to the fuss made by Puteri UMNO.Chief Rosnah Rashid Shirlin saying that the video can cause tensions. Debunking the common myth, "can cause tensions" phrase is a cliche and a excuse of making noises and grumble.

As the result, Ayah Dino, Rais Yatim warned of action for slur videos.

Namewee made a statement in his blog making it clear on the video.

Of course, it is clear that Rosnah didn't see the entire video and understand it. She just simply says it based on hearsays and not from the real hard source information. Wee has called out for a debate with Rosnah. Chances are Rosnah will say no. Meaning no testicles to answer it or got red-faced.

On the other hand, the real fault lies on that principal in Kulai. Why did she started it?

Against The Prophet's Tenet

Who would start the ruckus of Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching going to mosque as a sacrilege? The extreme-UMNO mouthpiece Utusan, some of its members and of course people from Perkasa. United Malays National Organisation is seeing themselves staring at the death's door that they had to pull all the stops to call for Malay unity. The actual answer is that it is just a ploy to regain what was lost due to punishment in the last GE.

Teo already testified and stated clearly that she was decently dressed. She was invited by mosque committee. The mosque committee sought her assistance in the capacity of the MP. She waited until being called in to invited the go say a few words. And of course according to the Prophet, there is no such thing as barring non-Muslims into mosques / suraus. That is of course, under the condition that no sacrilege is committed in the place of worship. This has been ratified by top Islamic scholars, including Dr. Mohd Asri, Nik Aziz, and even the Selangor state mufti himself.

Teo said: “Because I was invited to say a few words, I explained a little about the state’s education programme that has benefited the Selangor residents. I regret that this matter has created unrest among Muslims and for being blown out of proportion by certain people for political reasons."

This means to one cause: His Highness was wrongly advised by MAIS. Or there are some radical minded people who have no idea of such thing allowed in Islamic teachings reported of an infidel coming in to make a ruckus or so..which causes the issue to blown out of proportion.

When Katak Ali says that non-Muslims should be banned from mosques and suraus, do you notice that he goes and violates the Prophet's creed? A creed that was established close to 1500 years ago. Does Katak Ali say that all non-Muslims are infidels? (kafir). If there are people who say that fellow humans that non-Muslim cannot go in, then there is something wrong: you only listen to what a person preaches but you never read the book.

If you call yourself a person pious to God but do not read and understand the holy books, but merely listening to what the preacher says, do you think that you are right by what the man says or checking back with books? That's the problem with the Malaysian society. Not many read, but most are hearsays!

It is her job as an MP to provide help and address grouses of her constituency. It is the people of Serdang that put her into reprsenting Serdang in Parliament. If Perkasa, BN and UMNO complaints about her, then what is the purpose of an MP which is unable to do her job if they keep blocking her here and there? Are you saying that it is meant to provoke people's anger over her instead of the instigators?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Champions League Draw

Currently the group draw for this seasons' European Champions League:

Group of Death: Real Madrid with Ajax, Milan and Auxerre.
Last year's runners-up Bayern Munich has an easier draw with Roma, Basel and CFR Cluj.
Tottenham, one of the three English teams will face champions Inter Milan, Werder Bremen and FC Twente.

(are you up to that, Haris?)

while Man Utd has an easier draw with Valencia, Rangers and Bursapor.

2009 winners Barcelona will face Rubin Kazan again with Greece's Panathinaikos and Copenhagen.

Rest of Draw:

Chelsea, MSK Zallina, Marseille, Spartak Moscow
Arsenal, Braga, Partizan Belgrade, Shakhtar Donentsk
Lyon, Schalke, Benfica, Hapoel Tel Aviv

NKRA = National Key Result Area = Najib Kerja Rosmah Arah

Isn't it obvious that you must listen to Bik Mama?

Takut. Kena dengar cakap Bik...

(Reuters) Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak says he has embarked on a series of radical economic reforms. In reality it feels as if he has unleashed a barrage of incomprehensible acronyms on the unsuspecting public of this Southeast Asian nation.

The charge for economic reform is being led by the snappily named PEMANDU. As well as being the Malay word for “driver” it stands for the government’s Performance Management and Delivery Unit.

PEMANDU is in charge of formulating and implementing NKRAs (National Key Result Areas), MKRAs (Ministerial Key Result Areas) and getting “Big Results Fast”, according to its website, although it singularly failed to win political backing for a radical revamp of Malaysia’s costly subsidy regime. 

It is also helping to formulate the 10th Malaysia Plan, 10MP for those in the know, a communist-era sounding 5-year plan that aims to help lift this middle income country to developed nation status by 2020.

PEMANDU is part of the GTP, the Government Transformation Programme, which also involves the SITF (Special Implementation Task Force). Throw in the NKEAs (National Key Economic Areas), another thinktank known as the EPU (Economic Planning Unit) and you haven’t reached the end of the alphabet spaghetti dreamed up by Malaysia’s civil servants…. There’s still the ETP. the NEP (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and the NEM (New Economic Model).  

To be fair to Malaysia, it is not the only country in the world that is wallowing in economic acronyms, the U.S. gave the world TARP, a $700 billion bank bailout programme, and the even more mind-numbing ABCP MMMFLF   (don’t ask), but it is fair to ask what Malaysians have got from all of this.

While it is true that Malaysia has had a “good” global downturn with economic growth of 10.1 percent in the first quarter of 2010 and 8.9 percent in the second quarter, it is also true that Najib hasn’t quite managed to transform Malaysia in the way he promised.

Najib told a conference run by investment bank Credit Suisse earlier this year that he “must execute or be executed”. He has also spoken of Malaysia’s economy being a “burning platform” based on low skill and low cost labour that is increasingly losing out to the likes of China, Indonesia and Vietnam in the race for investment and growth.

For all the rhetoric and the welcome mat being laid out for foreign banks and insurers by Najib, Malaysia still looks sickly compared with its peers.

Private investment is 12 percent of gross domestic product compared with 30 percent prior to the Asian crisis and is among the lowest in Asia, according to the World Bank. Productivity growth has halved to 3 percent since the 1998 Asian crisis and the World Bank says Malaysian firms innovate less than those in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Foreign direct investment has fallen off a cliff since the glory days of the early 1990s when Malaysia accounted for 39.8 percent of Southeast Asia’s total, in part reflecting Malaysian companies investing overseas in faster growing economies like Indonesia. In 2009, according to UN data, Malaysia accounted for just 3.8 percent of the region’s total.

Najib’s reform momentum appears to be stalled, with liberalisation being attacked by conservative Malay groups who fear their special economic, social and political privileges are under threat.

Malaysians and the global investment community are now waiting for another stir of the acronym soup when the final details of the NEM and 10MP are unveiled in September as well as a public consultation run by PEMANDU.

Worryingly for the prime minister and his reform drive, local wags have started to mock his acronyms, dubbing NKRA “Najib Kerja, Rosmah Arah” (Najib works, Rosmah directs) in a pointed reference to Najib’s highly visible wife Rosmah Mansor.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Google Joke of The Day

Here's what I found :

1. Go to the Google search page.
2. Enter the keywords, "Najib Buka Puasa".
3. See the suggestions listed. Do not press enter at this time.

You would get something else. But hey, it's Google.!

At This State, No Way Hudud Can Be Implemented

PETALING JAYA: PAS will stick to its agenda to implement hudud law and set up an Islamic state in Malaysia despite objections by its Pakatan Rakyat ally, the DAP.

“We will not compromise on the matter,” said PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, reiterating the stand taken by the party’s mursyidul am (spiritual advisor) Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Nik Aziz, who is Kelantan mentri besar, had reportedly called on leaders of Pakatan - which also includes the PKR - to implement hudud law if the tripartite alliance succeeded in forming the Federal government.

The call drew a lot of flak from the DAP, with party stalwarts Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh fiercely defending the view that Malaysia is a secular state and that any policy changes in the Pakatan can only be made with the mutual agreement of all its component parties.

Reacting to the DAP’s rage over the issue, Mustafa said PAS was also firm on its principle.
Supporting his party elders, PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hasan Tantawi said the DAP should not immediately object to the idea without understanding the principles behind hudud law.

“Existing man-made laws have failed. It is high time the DAP leaders open their eyes to the hudud, qisas and ta’zir enactments that could help overcome social woes,” added Nasrudin, stressing that Islam emphasises fairness.

“Karpal Singh supports civil laws that allow women to be hanged for dumping babies that lead to death.
“Mothers who kill their own children would not even be tried under the hudud law. They will be subjected to the ta’zir laws where the judge would use his discretion in meting out punishment,” said Nasrudin.
He added that any man who dumps and kills a baby would be liable to the death sentence under the qisas laws - where “an eye for an eye” sort of punishment is applied.

Commenting on the PAS-DAP impasse over the hudud issue, MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the two parties had been collaborating as a team and it was strange to hear that, at the same time, the DAP disagrees with PAS.

Dr Wee said Lim also owes the public an explanation over the DAP’s stand.

“Are they (the DAP) playing around with tricks just to get both the Malay and Chinese votes?” he asked.
Meanwhile, Karpal Singh has refuted Nik Aziz’s allegation that he was alone in his stand against hudud law and Islamic state proposed by PAS.

Karpal Singh said Lim had stated their stand that Malaysia was a secular state, and the introduction of hudud law and the setting up of an Islamic state was not Pakatan Rakyat’s policies.

“This statement nails the assertion by Nik Aziz that I was the lone voice in the DAP opposing hudud and Islamic state,” he said in a statement yesterday.

This is what the Star wrote about Hudud laws always on the PAS' plate. The idea is to spook people into saying that if the opposition takes over the government within the next three years, Malaysia will start using Islamic laws over secular laws.

Don't you think that people are now facing the confusion over whether to use civil law or syariah laws? The religion conversion issues is the most common of the issue that is borne out of the sandwich of civil and syariah laws. Don't mention PAS first, in fact say that BN is also involved and being in such of mess for not being definitive of which set of laws to be used first.

In fact, India, despite having multiple religions uses secular laws in order to keep things uniform. In fact the use of such civil laws secularized is the main reason why India, is much more successful than us. Not to mention Singapore as well.

Now then, back on the main matter. PAS is the only one in the big three of Pakatan Rakyat that will advocate the use of hudud laws. In general election 2008, they contested in only 60 parliamentary seats, particularly those in the East coast and some northern states. Remember that in order to amend the law, there must be at least 2/3rds, or 148 MPs that will support the motion to approve the law. 

If PAS wins all, can they implement hudud laws? They form only 27% of the total MPs, and not even one-third. So no way, can they implement such laws. Also, the other two partners, taking into consideration of other non-Muslim races, would say no. Some of us have the harrowing experience of being entangled in two sets of law, so they won't want more of those things that makes things from bad to worse in their life, since they will get legal entanglement.

Dr. Dzulkefly is right, you already have the CPF there, so what is more to talk about hudud apart from giving ammunition to United Malays National Organisation to hit Pakatan Rakyat coalition again and again?


Already been embarrassed, that's what I would like to say about Hishamuddin Hussein, "Mr. Fork Tongue" or some people would call him, Mat Lidah Kontot. They only know how to talk shit but they have totally forgotten to walk the talk on NEM and 1 Malaysia, which means there are things that are mere publicity and things that are destined to end up in the drain later on.

What Hishamuddin said is somewhat to a child that refuses to accept the reality. Here, you are controlling and tabbing on all dailies so that they do not report what is deemed very dismal and embarrassing to the government. If you are doing this and people can't even do whistle blowing on government corruption, where else can they go apart from telling the world what is really happening?

Why does Hishamuddin or Zahid Hamidi would want to whack Nurul Izzah when she is not given the chance to say the piece in major newspapers? In fact the newspapers cowed because if they happened to give them prominent space, Hisham's ministry would come swooping in like hawks over the Keadilan issue?

So, serve you right, Hisham. In fact school children are taught only one sided of the Malaysian history prior to independence, the BN version of the story. The other side of the story is left out because it was against the right-wing stance adopted today. Look at what Zaid would say and hit.

Before you call people bad mouth, why wouldn't you let them talk? Isn't this a shut-up and listen routine?

Whoever from Yong Soo Heong's-led agency that wrote that should be complimented because that's what the state of Mr. Fork Tongue is right now. He's hopping mad like some leprechaun..kahkahkahkah!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Dunce at The Inquest!

“You have to understand. I work for the rights of the dead, not the Selangor government." - Pornthip

There's the dunce at the Beng Hock inquest on Wednesday. What kind of foolish question would he ask on a leading Asian expert on forensics? And to ask her about her qualifications from a top Asian university not recognized from Bolehland is also adding more stupidity to his performance on that day.

And to suggest that Beng Hock strangled himself is also another sheer stupidity. Where got a person do that to himself? Unless if a person is brainless, then yes. Answer is simple. The statement taking session that Beng Hock is supposedly to have HAS TURNED into a third-degree interrogation. The man who could possibly instruct and do such thing or being present at that night is likely Hishamuddin Hashim, as alleged in the leaked letterhead.

From Malaysian Insider:

Abdul Razak pointed out that the other four doctors found no evidence of strangulation and asked Dr Pornthip if Teoh could have strangled himself.
Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo immediately stood up and asked Abdul Razak to demonstrate this, causing the gallery to erupt in laughter.

Abdul Razak also did not seem to grasp the difference between being unconscious and being dead.
 Oh, I just loved that part. It got me cracking in laughter...!

The Sex Stories From Sodomy II

A.N: I am not sure if this Christine is related to this writer Martin Jalleh or not.

Anyhow, whatever that was dropped on the floor about Gani Patail's relationship with another Azailiza Mohd Ahad has become the second sex story from the A-G Chambers after the alleged Saiful and Farah Azlina Latif. And man, in cyberspace, it has become a talk and then becoming a barbershop talk about how professionalism in that department getting screwed up over this unprofessional activity.

Unfortunately, I learn that Jalleh's latest article didn't see the light in some websites and it seems logical to put a share of displaying whatever he says. I would just add some my own anecdotes towards the end of it. And man, I was laughing like crazy over this circus show running around the sodomy thing.


It seems that for the past few days the Attorney General (AG)’s Chambers have become somewhat like a boiler room after being hit by one steamy story after another. The AG, Gani Patail, has been going bonkers, berserk and ballistic, as a result of an unexpected hard blow below the belt by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

The famous whistleblower, lid-blower and blogger had dropped a bombshell by alleging that the AG has been bonking the head of one of his divisions. Such news blew many away but RPK said their sexploits were nothing new. Many in the AG’s Chambers have chosen to turn a blind eye to their boss’ bonking.

The AG and partner have allegedly saved the nation’s taxpayers money, as they would blissfully bunk, bonk and bond in the same hotel room during their frequent trips abroad.

We should not be bogged down by who is bonking whom, but when such basic or base instincts are allegedly displayed by the nation’s top legal officer it becomes the rakyat’s business! 

This is especially so when the AG has been bonking from high moral ground of his Office whilst trying hard to banish Anwar Ibrahim into political oblivion with a bull-loaded sodomy charge. 

Bonking Binge

The sex opera began with RPK alleging that the prosecution’s star witness in Anwar's Sodomy II trial, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, was bonking Farah Azlina Latif, a deputy public prosecutor (DPP) involved in the case.
Was RPK bluffing? The AG begged not to comment but instead bundled Farah off to another division. Saiful and Farah bound themselves in silence, though Saiful could not stop babbling about the truth finally prevailing (and it really did!).  

Anwar lodged a police report alleging that the “bonkers” had breached the law, especially the OSA. Karpal Singh, Anwar's lead lawyer, said the couple, if innocent, should be bold enough to verify what they have been accused of. The Court was duty bound to allow him to question them in Court.

Karpal also blasted the AG’s Chambers: "Never before in the history of the country or in the Commonwealth has a DPP had an affair with the star witness". The brave legal tiger forgot for a moment that he was in Bolehland, where everything is beyond human comprehension!

The AG betrayed himself when he passed the baby on to Solicitor-General (SG) II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden, who told the Court that the prosecution was totally blur on the bonking. He accused Anwar of making “bare allegations” and insisted there was no miscarriage of justice! 

Karpal countered that Anwar had “bare facts” and “hard evidence” that the two had bared and bonked. He urged the Court not to go soft on the prosecution. The naked truth they could stand no more -- is that their absolute lack of integrity has been exposed and credibility stripped to the very core! 

The SG who was in the best position to respond to Anwar’s affidavit seeking the dismissal of the case, or require Saiful and Farah to file an affidavit, bewildered everyone by passing the buck to his subordinate DPP Hanafiah Zakaria and Investigating Officer (IO) Supt Jude Pereira.

As expected, the Court, which has been perceived by the general public as subserviently doing the bidding of the political masters, bowed and bent backwards, much to the pleasure of those in the AG’s Chambers.
Judge Zaibidin Diah found Anwar’s allegations of the Saiful-Farah’s sexual affair to be true but he ruled that the relationship did not compromise the case. He based this solely on the affidavits of the DPP and the IO. He rejected Anwar's application to strike out the sodomy charge.

We are asked by the Court to believe that Farah, a qualified lawyer, chosen to be on the high-powered prosecution team, to assist in such a high-profile case, was merely a note-taker and beyond reasonable doubt was not privy to crucial information on the case! 

Further, surely the learned judge knows that great empires have fallen when forbidden secrets were released by a lover during pulsating and passionate bonking moments and pillow talk. From the charge sheet and on to the bed sheet surely much would have been spilled!

As for DPP Hanafiah, Karpal told the Court that the DPP’s very own credibility was in question, alleging that the latter had had a second marriage in Thailand, and had tried to “legalise his marriage in Kota Bahru” and is therefore “guilty of committing an offence under the Syariah law”!

The IO had said that all investigation papers were strictly under his control. But who can trust the police nowadays? Even the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court had described Jude Pereira’s boss, IGP Musa Hassan, “an incredible witness whose evidence is not to be believed”! 

Monsters & Masterminds

The rakyat’s heart goes out to Janna Syariza, the fiancée of Saiful. Once when referring to the sodomy case, she had very bravely declared that she will stand by her man through the “monstrous battle that is looming ahead”, not realising that a “monster” was standing next to her.

RPK has also alleged in a blog posting “Just when you thought it is safe to go into the water”, that Saiful is also bonking Khairil Annas Jusoh, an aide of Najib. The man had proudly posed with the sodomy accuser outside the PM’s office when the latter went there “to apply for a scholarship”!  

RPK revealed that after a one-month marriage, an on learning about the affair, Khairil’s wife left him and “divorce is certainly on the cards”. Will Janna Syariza, the fiancée of Saiful, be able to stomach and survive this third “storm”? She can be assured of the sympathies of many Malaysians.

One cannot but feel also for the fiancé of Farah who according to the Malaysian Chronicle is the assistant head of the prosecution unit in a northern state. They were engaged last year. Their marriage was due to take place on July 9.

A day before the marriage was due to be solemnised she asked for a cancellation, leaving her fiancé who had already sent out all the invitation cards stunned and heartbroken. Farah must have realised that she had gone too far!

Before we could even recover from the revelations of the shocking sex scandals of those who allow themselves to be used by the masterminds to destroy Anwar politically, RPK serves yet another sex sizzler and it involves the Attorney General himself!

Gani Patail must not remain silent. He must speak up and reveal whether it is just a spin (just like when almost everyone first thought that the Saiful-Farah sex liaison was one?). Not only his credibility and integrity is at stake, but also that of the Office of the Attorney General...and even the government!

Strangely enough the country’s self-appointed moralists and religious authorities have also been very silent on the sex fest that has taken place. There have been no screams or shouts of zina or khalwat or interviews and investigations to be conducted. Perhaps they have all grown up?

If such secret sex trysts are really going on amongst those in the Chambers of the AG what would be left of the public’s trust! 

Let's put it this way. The parties really wanted to dump Anwar Ibrahim out by putting him into jail again for a drawn up Sodomy charge. The script is the same but with different players and with laws of the jungle applying here. Unfortunately, when they are about to kick off the case, no body from the A-G Chambers was willing to take up the prosecution team. Gani went bonkers over this and he had to turn to Yusof Zainal Abiden to head up the prosecution team. Yusof was the only one who could do it because his eloquence in law and speech. The post Solicitor General was specially created out of this case.

There were a few attempts to get RPK convicted from the A-G chambers. Unfortunately, many who attempted to do it at the A-G's request found out that they had no solid proof to bring RPK down. Another bonkers for Gani and those who did his request got send to cold storage.

Today's keyword is bonkers and I really got a laugh at it. But the more laughs of course come from Abdul Razak Musa with the questions asked by someone with an equivalence to a dunce!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Laments of Beng Hock

Tomorrow, the Beng Hock inquest will resume with Dr. Pornthip coming in to provide the much awaited testimony with high security around her. Certainly, there are certain quarters that are attempting to persuade in various ways for Dr. Pornthip to give a testimony that is contrary to the actual truth.

Originally, I planned to go to the Beng Hock forum in KLSCAH that has his sister Lee Lan and my friend Haris there, but a last minute dinner the whole office forced me to cancel the plan. And the next day (today that is), when I reviewed the article from Malaysian Insider, "Beng Hock's Family Laments Wilting Support", I think that there is a way to put a quick end to this one year of horror instead of seeing the case dragging on and on.

One month after Beng Hock's death, Malaysia Today published an alleged letterhead bearing the ACA containing a letter by some officers pointing that what really happened the night of the interrogation and the days leading after that. With the news of the alleged suicide note coupled with the Teoh's family of denying that Beng Hock wrote such note, it is likely to say that suicide is out of the way. Not possible.

How Beng Hock fell from 14 floors could only be one possibility considering the scenario was in. A few officers muscled him, against his will, threatening to drop him unless he says something that will implicate the PR assemblymen, starting with his boss, Ean Yong Hian Wah. Whatever he would put in paper, actually as a forced, false testimony, could be used against the PR assemblymen in Selangor.However the stunt of intimidating him via threaten to drop went wrong, pants when "koyak" and Beng Hock fell, with those officers unable to pull him back into the building floor.

The suicide note made me to see back what was written previously. With all the delay tactics that are intend to frustrate the public interest, it is high time to push for the case to end quickly, starting with this leaked letter. I am told that there are still people out there who still don't even know who is Teoh Beng Hock or what happened to him despite being much publicized over the last one year. It is a pity for these people for they are being kept in the blue over this matter that his blighting the country.

The answer is simple: read that letterhead, for it is actually real and true.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, What A Lovely Squabbling Matchup!

Blackbeard Muhyiddin whacks back at Pornstar. Frog King also barks and croaks...

There is nothing more than to say how amused I am with the squabbling match between UMNO and MCA. MCA is trying to wake up and tell big boss that they have been monopolizing the share of the Barisan pie. True, as to the spirit of Ketuanan Melayu, UMNO has become more or less rude to their partners and trying to play hero in everything.

The latest squabbling over the NEM and NEP is the latest round of internal squabbling. Who says that BN themselves are subjected to internal squabbling besides the opposition that is commonly portrayed in newspapers?

In 2008, just before the elections, Raja Petra did say this in Klang:

"Why not the MCA di dalam mesyuarat Barisan Nasional pergi bergaduh dengan Pemuda UMNO. Sebab tiap-tiap tahun di dalam perhimpunan UMNO, pemuda UMNO angkat keris!"

Previously before 2008, MCA was whacked left and right because they became machai, didn't act anything when UMNO does things that people are uncomfortable with (keris incident was one example).

The more and more squabbling goes on between the MCA, the bigger the implosion effect will be. It takes two hands to clap but now both hands refuse to clap one another. 

Now that Mat Sembab warns MCA, what will Chua do? Back down? I remembered the same thing happening back in the 90s really when Muhyiddin was the then Johor Menteri Besar.
I can only say one thing: keep squabbling!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Raw Deal

Raw Deal was one of the low-budget, pure-fun Schwarzenegger movies that was made in the 80s besides his signature The Terminator. Schwarzenegger stated before that this was the moment that he got a chance to wear an elaborate wardrobe as his previous wardrobe budget was merely $10 dollars. 

To cut short a long story, Schwarzenegger did this movie in order to complete his multi-picture agreement with uber producer Dino De Laurentiis. He wanted to do Total Recall, but De Laurentiis had Patrick Swayze booked for the lead role. But the problem was he did not have enough money since his previous high-investment sci-fi movie Dune (the David Lynch version) got tanked.

So Raw Deal was a back-to-basic story of one man vs gang thing. But this was done as quick cash for Dino's long gestating project, Total Recall. The earnings was not enough and De Laurentiis went bankrupt after that, the rights was sold off.

But it's solid fun all the way, which reminds me of one thing, how the people of Malaysia should bring United Malays National Organisation to the boot!

Nothing More Than A Bigot

Ridhuan Tee is digging another hole for himself by making a remark that others who "cannot respect the special position of Islam and the Malays should return to their homeland."

This situation, following the remarks about Helen Ang's recent article shows of how a person reacts to point B. Point A is that a person fully agrees with the particular subject. Point B is that a person is up in arms over the subject. In general, not all may agree to the statement, which in case is Helen's.

In point B, there are actually two choices. Now you can see that it is picking the lesser of two evils, as what the expression says. In Point B, you can interpret that as:

A. Another side of the argument vs your stance.
B. Make a mountain of ruckus and try to play hero by making the hoo haas.

Option B.B is what Ridhuan Tee is doing.

Supposed if the gomen decides and foolishly implements what Ridhuan Tee says of sending people back to their homeland. I.E, sending Chinese to Tong Shan China and Indians to India, then it is nothing more and tantamount to Nazi Germany. The similarities are there: Calling for Germans to unite (Malay unity) and then ethnic cleansing  like Jews are chased, persecuted and systematically terminated (non-Malays are chased out).

He is nothing more of a bigot, if what he writes implies. Another dwarf who tries to play jaguh kampung.

Friday, August 13, 2010

When The Frog Is Laughed By The World

I can only laugh at this fellow because he just made a funny joke and a good Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu stint. This is the problem. You don't know English well, keep shouting Ketuanan Melayu and say something that is stupid. You get laughed by the rest of the world.

The following comment was written by ex-USA ambassador to Malaysia, John Malott. (published on Malaysiakini, 3 August 2010) 


When I woke up on Monday morning, I went to the Malaysiakini website and learned that I was the target of a demonstration at the US Embassy. 
I didn't know whether to be surprised or honoured. Back when I was ambassador, there were so many demonstrations against the United States - about serious issues.

ibAnd now the demonstration was about me? Me? All because I told the truth and called Perkasa a 'militant' group? And all because Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali doesn't understand the difference between an adjective and a noun?

This whole issue started because English is not Ibrahim's native language. I don't blame him for the fact that he doesn't understand the nuances of English. It is not his native language. I wish I knew more Bahasa Melayu.

But before you go on a two-week rant and call me "tolol" (dumb) and "bodoh" (stupid) and lead a demonstration against the American embassy, at least get your facts straight.
It seems Ibrahim doesn't care. He is milking his ignorance for everything it is worth. It seems he loves his moment in the sun, before all the microphones.

I called Perkasa a militant Malay group, which it is. When I used the word “militant”, it was an adjective. It means “aggressive in character” or "fighting hard for your cause", for example, like a “militant human rights activist”.

Ibrahim should have accepted that as a compliment.

When the word "militant" is used as an adjective, the word does not mean someone who uses violence.

When the word "militant" is used as a noun, it usually does mean someone who engages in violence.

So when I mentioned Perkasa - just six words in my 800-word Wall Street Journal op-ed about "a new militant group called Perkasa" - I did not use the word as a noun. I used the word as an adjective - meaning aggressive or belligerent.

Those are words that certainly describe Ibrahim. Just watch his videos, and you will see what I mean. He is belligerent. He is aggressive.

But I never called Perkasa a group that engages in violence or terrorism.

Ibrahim Ali's wild rantings

My colleagues here in Washington think that it is “cool” that I have been the subject of a demonstration at the American embassy, all over something that a simple glance at the Oxford English Dictionary could have resolved easily.

By continuing his rant, Ibrahim is only making my views seem more important than they otherwise are.

So I should say thank you, Ibrahim, for being a great PR man. The Wall Street Journal only has 8,663 subscribers in Malaysia (but over 1 million in America). Thanks to your wild rantings, you have made sure - and thanks to Utusan Malaysia and Bernama and New Straits Times and everyone else - that more and more people in Malaysia know what I think about you and your (militant) organisation.

As I was writing this, I read what Hishammuddin Hussien recently had to say about the Allah issue: "Church leaders understood fully that there are different levels of maturity and understanding in our constituents."

I think that is true about Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa, and all those who are pandering to him. There are different levels of understanding and maturity in the Malay community, as Hisham said.

But the question is, why pander to ignorance?

In Here, You Call Yourself Hero.. But vs World, You're A Dwarf!

I couldn't think of the proper way to comment about Perkasa's police report against Helen, but I think that Helen's timing came in the wrong moment. How Perkasa reacted to that is as if they have nothing to lose. Like if you are put in the situation behind the 8-ball.

But anyhow, what they did other proves what John Malott said about Perkasa being militant. (note, it's adjective, not a noun for adopting aggressive mob-style behavior). Speaking of behavior, how they behaved, as Malott described it is the pure mob-style mentality like what UMNO used to do there. There's the infantile style of mentality there. The present moment eclipses the future meaning, they are more bothering on the present situation rather than seeing the future. This means, if Idris Jala warns of bankruptcy by 2019, it has already shown that some UMNO people are unwilling to take the warning already.

Running the show for 50 years and counting tends to make a party feel invincible and the tendency to run over and crush enemies at all costs, irregardless of whatever is happening. You can feel the vanity and the narcissism. You can try to read the reports and whatever media-activities that Perkasa is involved and see the similarities alike. Sounds like steamrolling opponents, ain't it?

To say that Helen is a protege of Raja Petra is somewhat utter bullshit. I don't remember someone mentioning to me about this thing.

See, I noticed that how these people behave like if they are a village hero or something. In Malaysia, if you have the prestige, money and adopt the same siege mentality, then perhaps people might brand themselves as a supposed hero of something. Right now there are a couple notable characters that tries to play hero, including Muhyiddin as what PAS alleges. Here, look at Amran again. Do you think he's trying to play hero and follow like Ibrahim Ali?

Perhaps they should try fighting with the bigger boys which is not the opposition party or vs America. In the, end see how Ibrahim Ali gets laughed because of his immaturity (the word militant) by America. They might want to compete with the big boys. If in Malaysia, they think they are the hero, just wait until when they are branded dwarfs by bigger boys around the world.

I've tried so say this many times, the days of Jaguh Kampung are already over.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

AUKU / UUCA Makes Students Bodek! Porah!

From Khairy's Twitter:
  1. Here's a hint for the Cabinet: You want the youth vote, start by trusting them. #fb
  2. Cabinet decision not allowing university students to be involved in political parties is gutless & indicates outdated thinking. There. #fb

I went to one forum on discussing the UUCA act last month. I only went there once out of the series of four, due to work but the first part of the talk is a very eye-opening thing. Since the 1975 amendment by Dr. Mahathir (then Education minister), the results from that is that we are not seeing many pro-active students, students activism beyond their studies but instead, students who merely knows what to read and just think within the box.

Today's solutions no longer just confine into solutions in the box, but requires unorthodox to accomplish it. And since the UUCA has put down student activism, we have no longer seen the oratory quality that a person should have. The remaining oratory figures in Malaysia are those who studied prior to the 1975 amendments, like Hishamuddin Rais, Syed Hamid Ali, Anwar Ibrahim, and those prominent figures in University Malaya prior to the Baling protests.

It was shocking to see with the implementation of the UUCA, originally intended to streamline and govern multiple universities in Malaysia under one law turned into somewhat a tool that the Higher Education ministry can do at the discretion. One example is the university's administration hierarchy. During the talk, I was taken through the comparison of the hierarchy before and after the UUCA act. After the 1975 amendment there no longer exists multiple parties, including student government bodies that helps the check and balance process in selecting the university administration.

As of this time, the entire administration, e.g. University Malaya is selected by the Minister himself. 8 persons running the show. But this means that the de facto man running U.M is Khaled Nordin himself. Not jointly by all parties including student bodies. This means there is exert of control by government itself.

The more interesting inference drawn from this matter is that AUKU makes people stupid. And the Cabinet's decision of refusing to change the AUKU / UUCA coupled with the news media gag simply shows how immature and gutless they are, as what Khairy was talking about. In the process, it is making things more stupid. What "Blackbeard" Muhyiddin and his yes man Khaled Nordin does from that is the stupidity project is still continuing on. More robots and zombies are created over people who can really think properly besides application of knowledge. Less people to think differently and act uniquely.

If you really need to ditch the AUKU next time round, well, you have to be a voter and send Barisan Nasional out. UUCA hardly works at this point of time really, unless you choose to be an idiot and a slave.

Again: Are you guys trying to make a fool out of students?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here's Something To Start With, Anifah!

The Minister seemed slightly at a loss for a moment before finally answering that as he had been travelling extensively recently he was not completely up-to-date with the events surrounding last weeks crackdown, but that he himself “remained in favour of free speech, having been a student activist during my university days in the UK”. At this point however, the Foreign Minister couldn’t seem to make his mind up as to whether or not he thought Malaysia being compared to the UK was a good thing.  - Aliran


LONDON, Aug 9 — Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman yesterday moved to quell concerns that the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) was clamping down on civil protests, saying that he would quit the Cabinet if this were true. 

On the back of police action against anti-Internal Security Act (ISA) gatherings last week and a recent clampdown on opposition newspapers, he told Malaysians at a meet-and-greet session at the Malaysian High Commission here that the police had acted on information that there were agent provocateurs who intended to subvert the rallies for their own purposes.

The Kimanis MP also admitted that as BN could not be sure of staying in power after the next general election, he would not support a draconian administration as he would not want to be similarly victimised.

“There is no conspiracy. I would not be a member of Cabinet if I thought so because tomorrow, I may not be a minister... in a few years, we may not be in power,” he said to just under 100 attendees.

“What happens if we do things we should not have done? It can happen to us as well. There must not be any discrimination or victimisation. I promise not just to you but to myself, I will not remain in Cabinet one day longer if I find there is hanky-panky going on in the government. It is not right morally,” Anifah said.

Anifah, who was known as a maverick and outspoken backbencher, also insisted that when “40 to 50 people gather, the issue is not about being afraid to lose power” nor was it the case that “we do not allow certain individuals to campaign” as the results of Election 2008, which saw BN cede their customary two-thirds parliamentary majority and five state governments, was proof that “democracy exists.” - M.I

Anifah Aman said that in Britain when faced a group of anti-ISA protesters in London. He said that police acted on information that there could be agent saboteurs. But the agent saboteurs were only found in Penang, and not in other parts of town. But still there are groups who will not accept his same stand of having ISA amended. Instead they want the ISA to be tear down and replaced with an Anti-Terrorism bill. 

The above excerpt from an account by Aliran of what transpired there should be given as a head start for Anifah. Since Anifah said that he was not completely up-to-date to last week, let me be generous in providing a comment on that. You see, even ministers and management people are also "not given" additional information by their own mainstream media. In other words, being blinded and kept in the blue by your own creation. Or perhaps another reason is that the "managers" are being mislead or ill-advised by those who were on the ground.

And therefore, there is a question mark on whether the police or the government officials are being ill-advised over half-baked intelligence reports on the ground. For example, the "agent provocateurs" factor only happened and reported in Penang only.

Since Anifah said that he's not completely up-to-date over the events leading to the arrest, perhaps this piece below should be the start of lesson 1 of him to wake up and see if that is matching his statement.

He should start now really. Look at today, 3 people just arrested by Brickfields police branch for PROTES?
How's that to begin with, Mr. A?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don Giovanni in Bolehland

Don Giovanni was Mozart's blackest opera. It was parodied in George Bernard Shaw's play, Man vs Superman which compares the opera to the Nietchze's Superman idea. But the key interesting point of the opera is about the fate of a rake, arrogant noble who eventually cannot escape and cannot kill and enemy despite doing that to others.

The climax, when Don Giovanni faces the dead Commendatore (actually Pedro, Anna's father) over dinner invitation. The dead commander calls for the villain to repent but Giovanni refused and as by consequence, he was dragged down to hell.

What I can see about this is in the form of Altantuya and Rosmah. The dead Altantuya's spectre and shadow still roams around Malaysia seeking for its real murderers and those who actually ordered it.

Part of the scene's libretto by Lorenzo Di Ponte reads:

Commendatore: Don Giovanni! I'm here to dine with you! You've invited me and here I come!
Giovanni: I'd have never believed it! Leporello, have another serving brought at once!
Leporello: Master, we're all dying in fear!

And this is prior to the end (rough English translation):

Commendatore: I've accepted your invitation to supper. Now you must accept mine. Answer me! Will you come and dine with me?
Leporello: Tell him you don't have time!
Giovanni: No man shall ever call me a coward!
Commendatore: Decide.
Giovanni: I've already decided! 
Commendatore: You will come then?
Leporello: Say no! Say no!
Giovanni: My heart is stalwart. I am not afraid. I shall come!
Commendatore: Give me your hand in pledge!
Giovanni: My hand! What deadly cold!
Commendatore: Repent! Change your life! This is your last chance!
Giovanni: I will never repent! Let me go!
Commendatore: Repent, villain! 
Giovanni: No, you doddering old fool!

Do you  notice that these exchanges seem similar to what happened to Malaysia?

Look, this is not making up. It is coincidence.

The following video is the climax from the Franco Zeffirelli's 1990 directed opera in Prague which starred Samuel Ramey as Giovanni and Kurt Moll as the Commendatore (arguable the best baritone for that role).

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Malaysia vs Other 1st World Nations

Let's get real...America, Britain, Europe, Singapore and other 1st world countries have proper justices that are respected and appreciated by everyone. Everyone gets a fair shot in a game.

But not in Malaysia.

Ketuanan Melayu has made the whole thing upside down, even I am sick to see the judiciary in the sorry state. I remembered a lawyer friend of mine told me of how he had actually could have win a case only to lose because the DPP said "I hate you. How am I going to answer my boss (A.G chambers) on that?

In the game, it's win some, lose some. But not the "government must always win thing."

If that is the case, you can imagine this in the football field. In the fair game, Malaysia could have lose 15-0.

Perkasa screams of Ketuanan Melayu and immature stuff that we can see that below if in the game:

Atas - Malaysia, Bawah- rest of the world.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Happened And Where's MCA's Testicles?

"Buktikan kepada pengundi Cina yang MCA ada jun tui bukan bor jun tui!" - RPK in Pandamaran, GE campaign 2008

Jun Tui - Testicles

It started with Hishamuddin saying that he regretted over the 'Allah' ban and indirectly blamed Mat Jilbab (Syed Hamid Albar) for that decision in 2007. Following queue from that, MCA, suddenly with the courage over that admission, got up and said that the gomen should repeal the Allah ban. And then came repercussions from the acting big boss, Mat Sembab, (Muhyiddin - looks like Blackbeard the pirate as some said) that warns MCA to back down. Of course MCA would hit back by a remark from a senator of that party.

It was only after Khir Toyo called MCA as chauvinists, supporting DAP, that Muhyiddin echoed. Of course being higher in rank in the party hierarchy, Hishamuddin obviously has to back down from his remarks, saying that it was exaggerated. It's simple to say that given Hishamuddin is lower ranked than Muhyiddin in the party that he has to toe the line. Then finally, they had to back down.

It's a shame that in the past, MCA and MIC used to be in the same class as UMNO. Class A parties, then lately, they have become Class B, while other component parties become Class C, while UMNO gets the prestige class all of their own, Class A. Rather than backing down, they should go and size up with UMNO. Why didn't they do anything when UMNO Youth 'angkat keris' in UMNO general assembly? What really happened to them?

Chua Soi Lek claimed to say that they are trying to restore Chinese confidence in BN. But from the way things are happening politically now, I doubt they can move some more back to normal levels. As what Pete said last time, show us that MCA has testicles to face up. Looks like in the long run, if they keep doing like this, they could face close shop lar!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Did The Police Cross The Line?

Pic by Malaysiakini
Having watched the two videos featuring last night's police brutality at Amcorp Mall, I believed that the police has actually crossed the line of going into private property without permission. In that case above, since the MBPJ square belongs to the city council, in which the organizing parties have obtained permission for usage for one hour only between 8-9, this serves as a reason why the police should not cross the line. Even the police and some observers called what the police did as disgusting.

"The council is not the authority to issue such permits and the organiser, with their legal knowledge, should have known this."

His way or is it according to the actual law, as Lateefa said?

In the video, Lateefa did say of the MBPJ considering to file a law suit against the police. The PJ episode was never so brutal as unlike in Penang. But it is already too late. The video has already hit cyberspace and the whole world is watching the horrific actions done by Polis Diraja Malaysia Petaling Jaya. They will know then that this is the real 1 Malaysia that Najib is talking about. As Guan Eng said, it ain't going to put Malaysia into good light. And then I know there are some people, pro-mob people in particular will go on all out to deny this and that, but this time, they got it wrong and it will be the world laughing at our face.

Yes, MBPJ, please go ahead and summon the police!

Gua ini tak tahu malu lar..!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Masih Tak Mahu Faham?

Shame on the cops and politicians.

They still ain't getting it. Sure, I know they have a job to do, but it is right to disobey an order that is against moral grounds. Some claimed that they are impartial, but don't they know that they are acting on behalf of the political masters?

Masih tak faham. Bodoh betul lar!

Be There on Sunday!

If you think you have enough of this 50 year old law that is draconian, then show the support.

Show that it is already irrelevant.

Faham Or Tak Mahu Faham?

Let's make it clear that the BAR council (lawyers) and civil right groups have stated that the ISA has already gone beyond repair. Their have made it clear the act has to be thrown out into the bin. Of course there is a big question mark on what if there's a terrorist act in the future? And the answer is to come out with a new act from scratch which is called the "Anti-Terrorism Act"

Question is already answered in full and plain simple.

However, there are some people who are unwilling to accept the reality that it is already 50 years and there needs to be changed. United Malays National Organisation, and some of its kaki bodeks like Pewaris are examples of those who say that they need that to protect the Malay rights and so forth. But that is not entirely true. There is a difference between privileges and rights. Keistimewaan, as mentioned in Malay is more or less attributed to privileges, not rights. I don't see much benefit from keeping the ISA that is crude and worthless, unless idiots would say so.

Faham atau tak mahu faham?

If faham, means the act has to be abolished immediately and Anti-Terrorism bill has to be drafted and debated. Good for everyone. Because dissent is something that Malaysia is still being criticized. It seems that many leaders are unable to think beyond the box that is laid and set during the Mahathir years. Of course, its relevance right now is totally different from that period when Mahathir was PM.

A shame though is that it is only now that people started to realize how cruel and draconian ISA is. They should have done it much earlier on. They only need one moment that hits their side only to realize it, otherwise they would not of consider it.

Of course, I've noticed FRU personnel going around in PR ceramahs, like in Johor and Malacca a few hours ago as  parallel to leaders and mob people (orang gerombolan) that aboslutely refuse to understand the stark reality. The problem is there people who tell others bodoh but they themselves are actually stupid. Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu live on news....ha!


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