Monday, August 16, 2010

Nothing More Than A Bigot

Ridhuan Tee is digging another hole for himself by making a remark that others who "cannot respect the special position of Islam and the Malays should return to their homeland."

This situation, following the remarks about Helen Ang's recent article shows of how a person reacts to point B. Point A is that a person fully agrees with the particular subject. Point B is that a person is up in arms over the subject. In general, not all may agree to the statement, which in case is Helen's.

In point B, there are actually two choices. Now you can see that it is picking the lesser of two evils, as what the expression says. In Point B, you can interpret that as:

A. Another side of the argument vs your stance.
B. Make a mountain of ruckus and try to play hero by making the hoo haas.

Option B.B is what Ridhuan Tee is doing.

Supposed if the gomen decides and foolishly implements what Ridhuan Tee says of sending people back to their homeland. I.E, sending Chinese to Tong Shan China and Indians to India, then it is nothing more and tantamount to Nazi Germany. The similarities are there: Calling for Germans to unite (Malay unity) and then ethnic cleansing  like Jews are chased, persecuted and systematically terminated (non-Malays are chased out).

He is nothing more of a bigot, if what he writes implies. Another dwarf who tries to play jaguh kampung.

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