Monday, August 16, 2010

Raw Deal

Raw Deal was one of the low-budget, pure-fun Schwarzenegger movies that was made in the 80s besides his signature The Terminator. Schwarzenegger stated before that this was the moment that he got a chance to wear an elaborate wardrobe as his previous wardrobe budget was merely $10 dollars. 

To cut short a long story, Schwarzenegger did this movie in order to complete his multi-picture agreement with uber producer Dino De Laurentiis. He wanted to do Total Recall, but De Laurentiis had Patrick Swayze booked for the lead role. But the problem was he did not have enough money since his previous high-investment sci-fi movie Dune (the David Lynch version) got tanked.

So Raw Deal was a back-to-basic story of one man vs gang thing. But this was done as quick cash for Dino's long gestating project, Total Recall. The earnings was not enough and De Laurentiis went bankrupt after that, the rights was sold off.

But it's solid fun all the way, which reminds me of one thing, how the people of Malaysia should bring United Malays National Organisation to the boot!

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