Thursday, August 12, 2010

AUKU / UUCA Makes Students Bodek! Porah!

From Khairy's Twitter:
  1. Here's a hint for the Cabinet: You want the youth vote, start by trusting them. #fb
  2. Cabinet decision not allowing university students to be involved in political parties is gutless & indicates outdated thinking. There. #fb

I went to one forum on discussing the UUCA act last month. I only went there once out of the series of four, due to work but the first part of the talk is a very eye-opening thing. Since the 1975 amendment by Dr. Mahathir (then Education minister), the results from that is that we are not seeing many pro-active students, students activism beyond their studies but instead, students who merely knows what to read and just think within the box.

Today's solutions no longer just confine into solutions in the box, but requires unorthodox to accomplish it. And since the UUCA has put down student activism, we have no longer seen the oratory quality that a person should have. The remaining oratory figures in Malaysia are those who studied prior to the 1975 amendments, like Hishamuddin Rais, Syed Hamid Ali, Anwar Ibrahim, and those prominent figures in University Malaya prior to the Baling protests.

It was shocking to see with the implementation of the UUCA, originally intended to streamline and govern multiple universities in Malaysia under one law turned into somewhat a tool that the Higher Education ministry can do at the discretion. One example is the university's administration hierarchy. During the talk, I was taken through the comparison of the hierarchy before and after the UUCA act. After the 1975 amendment there no longer exists multiple parties, including student government bodies that helps the check and balance process in selecting the university administration.

As of this time, the entire administration, e.g. University Malaya is selected by the Minister himself. 8 persons running the show. But this means that the de facto man running U.M is Khaled Nordin himself. Not jointly by all parties including student bodies. This means there is exert of control by government itself.

The more interesting inference drawn from this matter is that AUKU makes people stupid. And the Cabinet's decision of refusing to change the AUKU / UUCA coupled with the news media gag simply shows how immature and gutless they are, as what Khairy was talking about. In the process, it is making things more stupid. What "Blackbeard" Muhyiddin and his yes man Khaled Nordin does from that is the stupidity project is still continuing on. More robots and zombies are created over people who can really think properly besides application of knowledge. Less people to think differently and act uniquely.

If you really need to ditch the AUKU next time round, well, you have to be a voter and send Barisan Nasional out. UUCA hardly works at this point of time really, unless you choose to be an idiot and a slave.

Again: Are you guys trying to make a fool out of students?

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