Monday, August 30, 2010

Against The Prophet's Tenet

Who would start the ruckus of Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching going to mosque as a sacrilege? The extreme-UMNO mouthpiece Utusan, some of its members and of course people from Perkasa. United Malays National Organisation is seeing themselves staring at the death's door that they had to pull all the stops to call for Malay unity. The actual answer is that it is just a ploy to regain what was lost due to punishment in the last GE.

Teo already testified and stated clearly that she was decently dressed. She was invited by mosque committee. The mosque committee sought her assistance in the capacity of the MP. She waited until being called in to invited the go say a few words. And of course according to the Prophet, there is no such thing as barring non-Muslims into mosques / suraus. That is of course, under the condition that no sacrilege is committed in the place of worship. This has been ratified by top Islamic scholars, including Dr. Mohd Asri, Nik Aziz, and even the Selangor state mufti himself.

Teo said: “Because I was invited to say a few words, I explained a little about the state’s education programme that has benefited the Selangor residents. I regret that this matter has created unrest among Muslims and for being blown out of proportion by certain people for political reasons."

This means to one cause: His Highness was wrongly advised by MAIS. Or there are some radical minded people who have no idea of such thing allowed in Islamic teachings reported of an infidel coming in to make a ruckus or so..which causes the issue to blown out of proportion.

When Katak Ali says that non-Muslims should be banned from mosques and suraus, do you notice that he goes and violates the Prophet's creed? A creed that was established close to 1500 years ago. Does Katak Ali say that all non-Muslims are infidels? (kafir). If there are people who say that fellow humans that non-Muslim cannot go in, then there is something wrong: you only listen to what a person preaches but you never read the book.

If you call yourself a person pious to God but do not read and understand the holy books, but merely listening to what the preacher says, do you think that you are right by what the man says or checking back with books? That's the problem with the Malaysian society. Not many read, but most are hearsays!

It is her job as an MP to provide help and address grouses of her constituency. It is the people of Serdang that put her into reprsenting Serdang in Parliament. If Perkasa, BN and UMNO complaints about her, then what is the purpose of an MP which is unable to do her job if they keep blocking her here and there? Are you saying that it is meant to provoke people's anger over her instead of the instigators?

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