Monday, August 30, 2010

Then Why Do You Start It First, Siti?

However, the video was pulled out due to the fuss made by Puteri UMNO.Chief Rosnah Rashid Shirlin saying that the video can cause tensions. Debunking the common myth, "can cause tensions" phrase is a cliche and a excuse of making noises and grumble.

As the result, Ayah Dino, Rais Yatim warned of action for slur videos.

Namewee made a statement in his blog making it clear on the video.

Of course, it is clear that Rosnah didn't see the entire video and understand it. She just simply says it based on hearsays and not from the real hard source information. Wee has called out for a debate with Rosnah. Chances are Rosnah will say no. Meaning no testicles to answer it or got red-faced.

On the other hand, the real fault lies on that principal in Kulai. Why did she started it?

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