Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reeducating Children and Youths Via New Routine

I find what Ibrahim "Katak" Ali said about things that cannot be debated as somewhat reminded me of how teachers would teach kids in school right now, leaning more to the shut up and listen routine. The shut up and listen routine is somewhat making children somewhat stupid, incapable of creativity, improvisation, making choices of their own. If they are to ask something to the teacher of something that attracts their curiosity or something that do not understand, whatever they ask are immediately shot down.

AUKU / UUCA act is the "shut up and listen" law that makes Malaysian students - becoming more or less incapable of thinking of themselves - something that should not happen in the modern society that requires working people to have a proper amount of creativity, thinking and soft skills.

By refusing to debate against Nurul Izzah, Katak Ali has stated indirectly of still adopting the shut up and listen mentality in the teaching perspective. Or in an another way, we put it like shoving something that is questionable, disputable into a person's mind disregarding of the consequences. Do you have the slightest idea that by saying that it means you are not showing fairness to the rest?

For instance, like we study Malaysian history (say in Form 3 or in Form 5), we came to realize that whatever that is written in the history text books only shows one side of the Malaysian history (pre-independence period). There are indeed missing pieces of information that forms part of the complete picture of Merdeka.

Need to say more? You just watch this video by Hishamuddin Rais and you judge for yourself.

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