Friday, September 17, 2010

The Australian Diaries #2

Hey family,

Man, if it's 6 pm in Sydney, it's like 8 pm back in KL. Once reaching airport, there was a strict quarantine check due to the HFM outbreak and true most shops are closed before 7 pm so I would go somewhere near Dixon Street Chinatown for a quick meal.

Sydney's at 16 Degrees Celcius, like in a room of air-cond set at the lowest. The guy who was to pick me up got held to a meeting so I had to pay $15 to go down Central. Well, the internet prepaid is chewing up the credit remaining so this will be my posting before late night.

Tonight it's Figaro in the Opera house and I am making sure that I ain't going to miss it.

For now, it's a bit tough to decide which place to visit. Maybe the gardens will do.

It's the credit that I've got to cut here.

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