Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Australian Diaries #6

Let's call this as a double-bill posting since my internet credit was over before I could post this. 

Sunday morning, I was with a friend going past the Rocks, in which he told me Observer Hotel has famous names, big names coming in there particularly on Friday / Saturday nights. So I decided to go there for some booze - includes a pint of beer and a shot of rum. Of course, the atmosphere is good but well under control. At least there is a policeman monitoring so that the people in there don't get rowdy due to alcohol or something.

The next day, I intended to cover the missing part of the Rocks by venturing into some essential parts of the place. However, certain venues, like Sailor's House, National Trust centre and Susannah's Place were closed by the time I arrived there (Sailor's was closed for renovation).

I wanted to see how Sydney Theatre is compared to our KL PAC, so I went to get a ticket for a show tomorrow night called The Trial (from Franz Kafka's novel). When I ordered one, the ticket man asked me whether I'm under 30. When I asked why, he said that I am entitled to a discount since Sydney Theatre is encouraging more young people to come and watch by giving a discount. (I was given 1/2 price). 

Speaking of a surprise, I told a few people how I saw someone famous by accident while going back to Circular Quay, awaiting for a cab.

When I covered almost all of the Rocks and finally a few places in around Botanical Gardens, I realized that
I've still got more places to go. Some museums have yet to be covered, famous places and I've got Manly and Darling Harbour to cover. I could only go to see the Sydney Tower before ending my day with a decent meal and writing this up.


So this morning, I decided to cover those ocean world and animal stuff. I started by taking a ferry to Manly, a 30 minute, 11km ride across the harbor. Although there are a few spots to watch, but when you start to compare Ocean World there with Darling Harbour's Aquarium, you would notice that Darling's is bigger there. Still that didn't stop me from exploring The Corso (main path heading to the beach) and having a proper fish and chips lunch.

I find going to Darling is like going 270 degrees. First you have to go back to Circular Quay and then moving westwards to Darling. Paramatta is also on the way but longer, but I realized that it is virtually impossible to cover that place, given of tomorrow I intend to cover up more places and then spending the last third of the day for some window shopping. Anyhow, those in the Gardens have been completed, and now, just only a few places downtown, the Powerhouse and Maritime Museum and so forth.

Kafka's The Trial is I'd say is okay, you'd understand the story if you have read the book or go through its article over Wikipedia. But the trek back to Central is long and I eventually forego a second round of drinks at the Observer Hotel.

It's 1 a.m and I'm still writing this. Shit. I think 1 week, is not enough really, but hey, there could be a second round, if you are lucky around the time next year. I thought I was lucky because the opera season is usually done in the winter. In Sydney, it could go on until mid-next month.

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