Monday, February 28, 2011

Why The Hush Where People Should Know?

I really simply don't even understand the logic of why Federal government wants to keep secret over the water agreements between them, Selangor state and the state water supplier Syabas. And I also simply do not understand why the two judges who overturned it don't seem to understand the people's right to know about water. After all, as what Hishamuddin Yunus said: 

“Water is a basic necessity of life and any increase in tariffs will have an important impact on their lives. If one has to pay in order to have water, then the charge must be extremely nominal and affordable to the citizens. Then the process of determining the water rates or tariffs must be transparent. The citizens have a legitimate expectation to know the process involved in determining any increase of tariffs."

Well, I do really hope to hear from what the judgment of the first two judges about why they want to keep secret over the deal. To have the Federal government and Peter Chin's ministry to appeal against keeping it secret is somewhat making people remain stump, stupid and clueless over what they are entitled to know. Sometimes this is the dangerous side of the Official Secrets Act, that a document can simply be tagged as Secret and refused to be revealed by people who have the right to know.

And Yunus is right -  Putrajaya has to provide a convincing answer over this.

Official Secrets Act is already close to 40 years old, and somewhat the law contravenes the right of a person to know. How would a person respond properly if they are not told of what they should be hearing about? Why the hush? Is the Federal government thinking people can be deceived and made to look stupid by keeping things secret? Is the Federal government afraid that releasing this kind of things that people deserve to know is making things out of control, or in other words, cakap huru-hara? Does public criticism fall under huru-hara as the Federal government might claim to be?
There are two fronts of Suckers in the society and one front of Suckers is the people themselves, who have fallen to the false believes and refused to change and improve the society by using the same politicians over and over again, know what I mean? Even the Mak Cik Felda and Pak Cik Felda are not well educated over this matter really, I supposed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morality Conflicts in Libya Examplified.

This video below shows example where someone refuses to obey because it violates the moral grounds. Killing innocents for nothing? You got it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wake Up - Daily Con Job In The Making!

KUALA LUMPUR: The government is studying all options available to avoid increasing the price of RON95 petrol in the near future although oil prices are rising globally, said Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

He said his ministry was working closely with the Finance Ministry on the matter to ensure Malaysians were not adversely impacted following rising oil prices.

"We have to maintain a balance because we fear if fuel prices go up, prices of goods will go up in tandem and this will be a burden on the people.

"My ministry and the Finance Ministry are studying all options available to stabilise fuel prices to avoid any price hikes in the near future," he told a press conference here Tuesday.

Ismail Sabri was asked about rumours swirling around that the price of RON95 petrol would be increased soon. Also present were his deputy Datuk Tan Lian Hoe and the ministry's secretary general Datuk Mohd Zain Mohd Dom.

Earlier, Ismail Sabri had witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding on an automotive workshop modernisation project the Intellectual Property Training Centre here. - Bernama 



Kerajaan dalam keadaan tertekan untuk mengekalkan subsidi minyak petrol berikutan kenaikan berterusan harga minyak mentah di pasaran dunia ketika ini.

Justeru itu, kata Pensyarah Kanan Kolej Pengurusan Bisnes dan Perakaunan Universiti Teknologi Nasional (Uniten), Dr. Rusinah Siron, rakyat perlu bersedia menerima kemungkinan kenaikan harga petrol di pasaran tempatan meskipun kerajaan memberi jaminan tidak akan sewenang-wenang menaikkan harganya.

"Kita bercakap soal globalisasi yang mana Malaysia juga tidak boleh mengelak daripada kesan negatif daripada kenaikan harga petrol di pasaran dunia.

"Kerana itu, orang ramai perlu rasional dalam menerima kenaikan harga minyak dunia ini serta kesannya kepada ekonomi negara," kata beliau.

Beberapa negara telah pun mengambil langkah menaikkan harga minyak masing-masing termasuk China kelmarin sebanyak 4.6 peratus iaitu kenaikan kedua dalam tempoh tiga bulan selepas kenaikan sebesar 14.4 peratus pada Disember lalu.

Sepanjang tahun lalu pula, kerajaan memberi subsidi RM6.3 bilion termasuk untuk petrol dan diesel termasuk RM3.3 bilion bagi subsidi petrol RON95.

Bagaimanapun, berdasarkan situasi semasa harga minyak dunia, subsidi kerajaan dijangka bertambah pada tahun ini.

Dr. Rusinah menambah, beberapa faktor sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung ketika ini juga semakin memperlihatkan bahawa harga minyak dunia akan terus melonjak pada masa depan.

Antaranya, kata beliau, ketidaktentuan politik di negara-negara Arab yang merupakan negara pengeluar minyak terbesar dunia, bencana alam, kemerosotan sumber bumi dan tekanan ekonomi global.

"Faktor-faktor ini sangat sukar untuk dijelaskan oleh kerajaan terutamanya di kalangan rakyat berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana yang akan menanggung kesan daripada kenaikan harga minyak tempatan walaupun lima sen," kata beliau.

Pada masa sama, katanya, kerajaan juga perlu memberi jaminan harga barang keperluan yang pasti naik bersama kenaikan harga minyak akan kembali kepada harga asal selepas penurunan harga bahan mentah itu.

Anything can be possibly and manipulated as to keep people in the dark, as example of what this Yong Soo Heong-headed news agency would say. However, not many will know that this petrol price related thing is the daily con job that is in the making, something that we are not clearly aware of.

What can really find from reading the MSM piece above? Who is the reporter in that agency who wrote that? Unfortunately, not disclosing the identity of the person who wrote that simply shows the agency's lack of accountability of who's writing it. These are among the few questions, that a critical thinker will have to know to make an analysis of a trend.

What is said above is merely a loudspeaker of what is to come. And what is written will be revealed, eventually as:

1. This is a way of manufacturing consent. This term, originally coined by Walter Lippman and  famously spoken by acclaimed American thinker Noam Chomsky refers to with using the propaganda model, as what Barisan Nasional is doing right now, the mass media is subjected to internal censorship, and it can be manipulated, biased. News that not in favor of the ruling government will never see the light on the main print. In other countries, the concept is similar except that the news, except it is mainly noted for competition of revenue and profits.

2. How manufacturing consent happens in that above is that the Ministry, Ayah Dafi (the minister) and some analysts will say such statement above. This is clearly a hint and indication (to make a normal average Joe comfortable) that it will be in the matter of a few weeks that the petrol price of RON 95 will go up again. Ayah Dafi's statement also has a subtle message that implies to the mass public that to get them not get very angry the moment the price of RON 95 goes up.

3. In the last few occasions, the government got scolded by the public (this was prominently documented during the Abdullah Badawi years) when announcing the price increment. Now, in the last few occasions, the announcement is not made by the government, but by the petrol dealers association. Why? It's simply a con job and a public relations move, in order to divert the move of having people pointing fingers at Najib's administration. You should know since it's a public relations matter, which PR company would advice Malaysia? It's a con job, and a crime of withholding certain piece of information that the public should know, and it's more dangerous than having information under the Official Secrets Act! You can notice the similarities if you compare this to having a piece of land taken, it would be another neutral third-party, not a ministry that might make a statement.

4. A key piece of information that is highly withheld is the implication of increasing petrol prices. PEMANDU might say reduced subsidies can be used for development or something (a common argument we would hear) but many "thinkers" forgot to remind the public that by increasing petrol prices, other prices including essential goods will also go up. They also forget to remind the public while people-target subsidies are reduced, the subsidies for corporates (e.g IPPs) would go up. Like mentioned previously, withholding or not telling the public the correct information is more dangerous than keeping it secret from public eyes in the name of safety.

5. In the situation, the question and solutions to how can we get out from the web of globalization is never answered at all. These "thinkers" who are supposed to do a service to the public have failed to provide real answers and the problem of globalization has yet to be solved.  Therefore, there are certain people that should not be only the yes-men to the government at all.

Summary: Inflation problem has yet to be solved,  and there's a daily con job in the making.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Live: Bersih 2.0's Election Reforms Forum

This event will kick off at 8 pm, one hour from now.

Masquerading As A Malay

There are some people who say that by joining the club, you get certain protections and privileges. By doing that, some even said that it is equivalent to masquerading as a Malay.  (note: my friend Hisham Rais said that as menyamar Melayu)

The letter that I read points to certain people, some of the famous no doubt fall under that category.

I am not going to talk much, but you can read this letter published in Malaysia Today, as the filler.

Or if you want laughs or comic relief go here.

You just judge for yourselves.

Live Test Event With CoverItLive

Hey, this is a live test with Cover It Live. Don't be alarmed. It's just to try out with that tool and in conjunction with the mobile use. Carry on :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Strange Coincidences or Outlive Their Usefulness?

No sooner after Mubarak was deposed, the Arab media has reported that he's bedridden and may have slipped into coma. This was reported in the Egyptian paper Al-Masry. Likewise, a French online journalist, Nicolas Beau, citing Tunisian sources reported that former Tunisia president Ben Ali had a stroke and in coma in a Saudi hospital.

This is not the only Middle-east leaders to suffer the kind of fate. In 2006, Ariel Sharon was declared in the vegetative state after suffering the stroke. And what the three men have in common is that many believe them to be puppets of the Western control. They have outlived their usefulness and before they can start pointing fingers that they could have been put into sleep (*sleeper agents?*) , not wanting them to talk what they know. It's like the saying of tie-up the loose ends.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hoho, Watch Out!

Hoho...perhaps it might change perception of putting pictures up on Twitter / Facebook, unless they have been addressed.

Jumping to Twitter, At Last

I think some may know that I've jumped into twittering at last since Tuesday.

I waited for quite some time to jump in. Why didn't I do it in the first place? I waited until I get a smart phone because I know that twittering should also be done outside, on foot. I only acquired a smart phone since mid-December and I also needed some time to wet my feet on twittering.

I delayed starting twice at the start of the month, until on Tuesday. Hello Twitter, here I come!

The Liberation of The Mind

“Anarchism, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government.” - Emma Goldman (1871-1940)

1. It is now Yemen's turn to have mass people protests after the successful people's revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. It is maybe partly because the success of the first two countries has already energised Yemen and inspired them to do the same thing. But if you notice carefully, the bulk of people who protest in the three countries related are mostly the young and professional ones who could not make the fortune in the turbulent stage of the respective countries.

2. These young people have realized that they have been cheated and given false promises by the government that they have given their support into that. When they realize that normal channels and means could not help them into addressing their problems, they are pushed into doing what they have to do that what we have seen - street protests. From there, fuelled with new ideas and with the realization from what is really happening, they spread the word to the masses and called them out for things that is reported in the news.

3. Instead of paying attention to the masses, massive crackdowns are launched against protesters and the prisons started to fill up with people who carry no arms but to gather in peaceful means. I have mentioned several times that if the number of people put into there for nothing is more than the number of convicted ones for crimes of passion, then something is wrong with the state. It also means that this somewhat akin to a police state. 

4. If this problem persists on, the only thing that is likely to put the stop in the tracks is either the numbers or the genocide. Either path can solve the problem but each with a different ending to a crisis. If it's the numbers, then it's the same thing as in Egypt and Tunisia. The other way round, then it's like Burma, Rwanda and the bloodbath that ensues. 

5. In the process, people has been galvanized with the need to know things and the desire to change things if something stays there too long and gets irrelevant. This doesn't happen just there, but in Malaysia as well.

6. Face it, what happens in Yemen do happen in Malaysia, but not in that big scale. Malaysians are slowly galvanized, energized by the need to change after 54 years by one party ruling and running the nation. People are actually gradually liberating their minds from the common bullshit that they have been fed. Only people who still believe in the bullshit would think otherwise and fall into the abyss that they can never escape. Of course, the liberation of the mind is what will eventually defeat the oppressors because they were hoping that by having people clueless, and stupid, they can do whatever things to maintain their hegemony of the nation. The fear is there and for that reason, they would rig games and even would want to do King Kong to make sure the other party never gets to run Putrajaya. If that is the case, election should have been outlawed already. 

7. People can gather and do anything they like as long they don't commit any crimes of passion. But to gather without permit is wrong, as according to the police. Aren't the cops should be minding more on catching violent criminals then going and harassing people? Even some people have complaint how they were treated as criminals even if they have don't nothing wrong. What about IPCMC that some people have asked? Hishamuddin says no way. I know why - partly if you can read the insider's account on the problem in the police force, then that will answer it. 

8.Is Malaysia a police state? It's a yes definitely. Cops are given orders to play dirty at times, people can get harass at times. Is that my opinion alone? No, there's more than just one with the same opinion.

9. As what John Oates said, the human mind is the subject of false conditioning and needs to be liberated. The greater part of the mind is the free and independent post-concious that will allow us to deduce the truth. 

Further quoting:

We humans are currently taking tentative steps towards an ideal world society. If we succeed in setting it up it shall surely be because we reached universal agreement, and that could only have been because we embraced supraconsciousness. 

The word humantruth has been coined to distinguish that truth which is knowable and highly relevant to our daily lives, from the rest of the entire truth that I believe to be understandable to the human mind but which might never reach our understanding, and which, thought it may be of great interest, eg space exploration, is not relevant. 

If you achieve the state of total awareness that recognises humantruth but the world remains indifferent, you will suffer frustration, but only as long as you are in a minority. When the majority are with you it will be another matter. Unless you lead the way by opening your mind, however, there never can be a humantrue majority. 

True awareness is always beckoning, carrying the hope of beneficial worldwide change. Even the most automated and conditioned of humans are touched by this hope as they uncomfortably witness the suffering of fellow humans on the other side of Earth and wish someone would do something to relieve it. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Stupid Are We. Build Then Plan?

Yet before the MRT starts construction in July 2011, there has been criticisms from several associations pertaining to feasibility, acquisition, planning and projecting of the project. When the MRT was first announced in the middle of last year, there were several doubts lingering on how it was pushed to move ahead without proper land feasibility, structure, expenditure, actual cost, designs, maintenance, etc.. Now matter how fast you wish to pursue the project, those main issues will crop up at a certain point. Of course, I agree with the AWER association's opinion that MRT is rushed up. Like a computer program, a design plan is not always perfect and in our computer lingo, not always 100% perfect, bug-free. 

Note: Map accompanying the MRT plan can be viewed here (Look for tags KD, RL, KA)

Excerpt from MI:

“Based on his answer, it creates more doubt. Question — Why are you putting an MRT? Answer — I want to reduce traffic congestion.

“Question — How much are you planning to reduce? Answer — I have not studied that.
“That sort of answer should not come from a regulator,” he pointed out. - 

Parking and Traffic Problems, Another KL Sentral Problem Scenario?

On this MRT matter, I noticed several things that were not taken into account. First thing foremost is parking facilities.  For the first phase of the MRT, there are 13 planned parking spaces covering from Sungai Buloh to Kajang. Questions arised include whether there would be sufficient space or not. What will be the parking bays like? Multiple-stories, situated next to the stations? 

If there are insufficient parking spaces in those 13 stations, the parking charges will be very high. Since there are one or two stations at 1Utama and The Curve, the parking charges will be likely to increase if the operations take place in that vicinity. What's more is that there will be traffic problems at stations because people will definitely try to park the car and the area could be clogged up. AWER has estimated another RM 400 million on additional fuel costs for the first five years of operation (see here).

Since the government has admitted that they have never planned on such thing, MRT stations can end in the same fate as in KL Sentral. You only need to see either KL Sentral or the Titiwangsa as to understand the consequences and implications of parking and traffic feasibility misplanned.

This is not like in Australia or Singapore where they have excellent inter-transport modes that it is okay to pay high price parking charges. At this point of time, Malaysians are unwilling to pay high exorbitant amounts (e.g, KL Sentral, parking per day can be approximately RM 30), and that can put off many people out there. Sure, this was an act of desperation to cut higher risk of bad traffic in that area, but the planning and conception went wrong at the beginning. 

Not Very Good Consultancy and Planning

I am primarily looking at the design angle and how the system is running. From what I know, the MRT technology and design is worked out with the consultants from Hong Kong. What is known is that the Hong Kong consultants are the same ones that Singapore initially used but eventually ditched it because they found out that it was flawed in several aspects. Why did Malaysia go for them in the first place? 

In the case of emergency, breakdown and daily maintenance, does the MRT system has several depots eyed where they can have proper technology to repair and clean when needed? Are depots taken into consideration when proposing such plan like this? 

The cost of 36 billion is merely an estimation and approximate, as what SPAD admitted and without taking into account other costs. This is also a case of bad factoring, a classic school boy mistake. 

Also, a case highlighted by the environmental consultant reveals of the need to occupy and acquiring 97 hectares of land unless there are realignments to the track made. There is definitely going to be a serious legal battles over land acquisition with neither side is willing to compromise over such thing. Therefore, a realignment on several parts of the tracks will have to be done before July. A lot of acquisition matters will have to be sorted out no doubt, but doing at this time can severely delay the project if neither side can agree.

Why It Wasn't There In The Beginning?

By history, the LRT, Komuter and Monorail services only came in at the late 90s and yet many people are complaining that there is a sloppy flexibility of travelling to one station to another, with people having to walk to go to another train mode. The MRT actually can fill in the puzzle but I think it was never clearly thought out at the beginning way before the financial crisis happened. If that is put together way back in the beginning, you don't even need to splash 36 billion for that. Oh, my, did Dr. M thought about that? But remember, LRT was slacked in the beginning that the company had to be bailed out....

Could MRT be the same fate as KTM Komuter? KTM is being whacked left and right by the people because they come late, they don't have enough rolling stocks to accommodate people, sometimes your trip gets delayed, long waiting time and among other problems. To this day, people are still unhappy with its service despite its convenience. 

Having also looked at the map, the concentration lies on the Sungai Buloh-Kajang. This means, other parts like Subang Jaya, and Inner Ring will have to wait longer after that. And that is pretty bad for people in some parts of Klang Valley.

How Stupid of Us

I sum up with one whole thing: How stupid are we all.  The ego has got the better of us. We tend to talk, then build, but no brain to plan and consider other aspects. And we tend to plan things later. It has happened to our main infrastructures like KL Sentral, the commuter system and other policies as well. I also have previously written of how critical I am of BN pushing for policies regardless of its consequences. They have failed to understand human psychology and giving a "I don't know" answer from a regulator seems to make things bad.

If you people are stupid in that case, you better step aside and let those who are better handle the governing and regulate affairs. In the mean time, I might check up on the MRT drawing boards later.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Over To You Gentlemen, Are You Qualified And Appealing?

"Please give me winnable candidates, I don't care whether they are old, new or middle-aged as long as they can win." 

Read more: BN wants winnable candidates -- Najib

This was what Najib Razak said on 16 January in Sarawak whereby there should be winnable candidates, not on candidates who are mere locals of an area or so, and doesn't matter if they are young, old or whatsoever. But however, the word "winnable" is not really appropriate, for even if the candidate is winnable, he can have a black spot in the past. For example, PAS accused the BN candidate, eventual winner in Tenang, of making a mistake in the past. Similarly, in Bagan Pinang, Isa Samad, though popular was involved in several abandoned projects in Bagan Pinang as well.

Therefore, the word winnable is not enough. It should be quality candidates who are winnable - in other words, saleable to the people of an area. If you look at the PAS candidate, Normala Sudirman, do you think she's saleable despite an acceptable candidate?

What Najib said above is what I want to question to very two specific men since I remember that Chegubard nearly got to become MP and since Setapak is my second home now, it seems right to think that Dr. Tan could be contesting as MP next round there. 

This picture above, taken from the Setapak wet market area, on the particular left shows a PKR Chinese New Year greeting from ex-Gerakan man, Dr. Tan Kee Kwong next to the MCA man Yew Teong Look. On the wet market side is of course the Chinese New Year banner greeting from current MP, Wee Choo Keong. It seems to my inference that when the next General Election comes in, it is definitely, Dr. Tan vs Yew Teong Look (definitely a match go regain what was lost). It would be a three-corner fight if Choo Keong decides to defend the seat, there is a high probability that it ain't so.

In Rembau, Khairy has stated that he's not going to defend his Rembau parliamentary seat. Chegubard nearly won, but claimed that he lost because of last minute rigging with new 5000 votes coming in from nowhere. Looks like should Khairy gets out of the way, Chegubard has a better chance of winning that seat. 

There could be at least another 8 to 10 months before a possible snap polls, so my key question to both Dr. Tan and Chegubard is whether they are qualified and winnable candidates that are appealing to their constituencies? Of course let me emphasized that my question comes from Najib's statement last month. 

I remembered that it took Tian Chua four years to make himself a much better qualified and winnable candidate that makes him appealing to the Batu constituency (Read: Sentul, Jalan Ipoh, etc..) after his failed attempt in 2004. This too, I believe is what Chegubard is facing as well - maybe because of a bad stroke of luck.

For Dr. Tan and Chegubard

So, gentlemen, are you two qualified and appealing to your respective constituencies?  

Have you gauge the latest people reaction towards you? 

Have you done your groundwork already and sufficiently? 

Why not show your future people of your constituencies that you're appealing to them. Tell them in a forum or something.

The people including myself are keen to know and it's our right anyhow.

Over to you gentlemen. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Virtue Lies Defeated For Hindraf

VIC. I.T VIR (VICTA JACET VIRTUS) / Virtue Lies Defeated

Note: This drawing from Arturo Reverte's The Club Dumas book may be similar to some other real-life tarot cards, but I want to comment about the title of the card. The original drawing is actually a knight with the sword in the Archangel Michael position (a halo of light around his head) ready to cut a woman (not a monk) down.

This picture simply tells us two things:

1. A good man in form of the monk gets beaten down a knight with club - where good gets beat down by unjust people. Sounds like life is unfair and cruel to us. The actual drawing is having a knight with a sword in the pose of Archangel Michael ready to strike down a kneeling woman.

2. The wheel of fortune at behind shows of the cycle of reign (past, present and future). In the counter-clockwise direction, the man in facing up shows of "I Will Reign", while on the man on top shows "I Reign", and the head down position shows "I've Already Reigned".

There is also another meaning here:

The traveler whose consciousness reflects the level of Netzach/lower feeling will find that his emotional response to the 'ups' and 'downs' of life is colored by his ego's assessment as to whether what is happening to him is 'just' or 'unjust'. If he believes that the experience is 'unjust', he will feel victimized by powers that are apparently beyond his control and may come to believe that there is no moral order in the world or that the world is actually 'evil'. If he believes that his experience is 'just', he may draw the conclusion that by behaving in accordance with certain rules, he can control what happens to him in the future. For example, he may expect that good behavior will result in favorable experience ('favorable' as defined by the ego, of course). Notice that the two perceptions are extreme opposites -- the belief is either that the individual has no control over what happens to him (and this is perceived as 'evil'), or that the individual has absolute control over what happens to him (and this is perceived as 'good'). From the ego's perspective, the most important thing is that it always be 'in control'. If it perceives that it is *not* 'in control', it feels that it is being 'victimized'. 


I tend to notice some similarities in Malaysia as with what is explained above and in the card. Sunday's clampdown on the outlawed Hindraf activists by the police in several states tend prompted some commentary on what is happening in Malaysia's society. Some would say that freedom has been stifled, some say that the level of freedom entitled has not reached to the accepted point although there is. But this is where how a virtue lies defeated.

If you see a knight beats down a monk, it's like a police coming in down and arresting people for non-violent crimes, crimes that do not make sense, crimes that violate the moral code. Sound's unjust, yes. Let's recall first hand, what is the definition of virtue? Virtue means moral excellence, a trait that is morally excellent and thus valued as a foundation of principle and good being.

We also look at the wheel. This also reflects on what is happening in Malaysia. Currently BN is running Malaysia, and inevitably someday they will fall eventually. It is clear, that as mentioned in the wheel of fortune picture above, no man or entity is omnipotent. Their slogan of "Now and Forever" seems to challenge the law of nature. There are people wishing for change to happen, but the question posed is when is likely change will be seen? When? Only after disaster strikes? Only when people finally realizes false promises all around? When people finally realize that things have gone wrong and upside down?

because they had objected to the unlawful confiscation of their Hindraf Makkal Sakthi shirts. To continue to detain them for this reason is in complete breach of the law and demonstrates the arbitrary conduct of the police. - N. Surendran's press statement on HRP arrests.

Hindraf tried to tell Malaysia how things go wrong. Instead they were treated as criminals with weapon arms. When they want to leave with their shirts, the police threatened to hold them further in prison. Hindraf fell short of reaching out to the mass reaches. Had they speak to the masses in Bahasa Malaysia, they might have captured the attention of 15 million Malaysians who are Malays - since the bulk of them forms the electorate in Malaysia. When they are arrested, this means that their virtue of doing what is right has been defeated by the evil. A convoy has been assumed as an illegal assembly.

Shouldn't the police pay more attention to getting those violent criminals and the safety on the streets rather than going after people who want to assemble in big groups? Perhaps paranoia has already affected them or what they do puts me into thinking that they are acting on behalf of their political masters who are hell bent to whack the opposition to kingdom come?

Do I support Hindraf? Not entirely, but I see the latest arrest as a virtue being defeated. God is not there on that day? You bet it. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It Takes One National Scale Disaster For People To Wake Up

We have seen recently the 18 days of mass protests in Egypt, culminating with the resignation of Mubarak and the start of the road to election process due in September. It is clearly due to people power, the mass numbers and the refusal to buckle upon the pressure by regime authorities that threaten arrests for things we do that do not amount to crime that the government finally relent to pressure. The starting point comes from Tunisia, where the moment citizens reach the boiling point and could not stand any more, they decided to come down to the streets and protest, to get the government of the day's attention.

The Domino Effect

One nation after another, other nations have started to take cue from Tunisia and Egypt. The list includes Jordan, Yemen and now Algeria. The exhilaration of people power in both countries will turn that into a domino effect. Imagine of knocking a tile of domino and in turn will knock down thousands of it in a matter of few seconds. Of course, in the process, the hegemony of United States and Israel, coupled by the big two's quest for world domination would be disarrayed with mass revolutions. Fortunately, the response in Jordan towards mass people dissatisfaction was very fast and swift, with a well-educated ruler in King Abdullah sacking the existing government and appointed another one with the key condition of mass and swift reforms.

But before the spark starts, there must be a reason to explain why the people would go down to the streets to protest. Something that in mass scale that will enrage people from all kinds of society and race that eventually realized that it is time to change, time of one party hegemony is over and the old ties that bind will have to be broken down to make it better, a.l.a. house restoration. People in Arab have already awaken from the long slumber of false sense of reality.

Sense of omnipotence too play a part of a leader's downfall. Suharto, Murbarak and even Marcos ruled a country for more than 2 decades. Same thing over and over again, with nothing much to change upon and bad track record on reforms, human rights - and still the leader wants to preside over the country again and again - to when? When they die? 

Taib Mahmud could be following the same path, fate and situation as those three people. Having running Sarawak for 3 decades, isn't it time to go? Aren't angry over mass fortunes that he has that violate the priority of Sarawakians first before his own family? Aren't there many reports that express anger over the sense of his omnipotence?

There are some points that I agreed on Dr. Mahathir's recent laments, particularly on how not even a single Muslim country is well developed because mainly on many placing religion over main priorities. In fact, Dr Mahathir should also look into Malaysia as well - the direction is too following the problem above. Some similar cases can be noted here, except that Malaysia is still a secular country because of multi-racial population and the use of English-style Federal Constitution. As what the famous scholar Al-Qaradawi said that preserving freedom is more important than going too much religion that can spook people here.

The One Common Thing That Really Makes It Happen

If we have the analytical mind, we can find out the one common thing that triggers in all those nations involved in the people revolution: national-scale disaster. A disaster that can be felt by almost everybody from top to bottom.

Most of the nations mentioned in those cases are having national-scale disasters in the form of heavy unemployment, a very weak economy, mass inflation that makes the poor more poorer, unfair people treatments and discrimination and a few other things. This has been happening elsewhere many times before. Indonesia is the best case in point, where because of the Asian Financial Crisis, Indonesia has devalued the rupiah so severely to the point that people would not stand anymore of its impact - inflation, debts, etc.. , coupled by the bad human rights track record by Suharto that people have decided to go down to the streets to protest. It might be a different case in each country, like in Philippines,  Aquino Sr's assassination after a return from exile by agents of Marcos forced the people's hand - simply killing a respected opposition figure for means of eliminating the political threat causes mass protests because of bad human rights record.

In this age and time, there are two main themes that primarily be formed as part of a national disaster - an economy disaster on the national scale or a tragedy that makes people angry in following a bad human rights track record. The former is the worst because a country will not be able to run with mass debts hanging around the neck.

Having a big number of intellectuals - figures that spur people spirit against oppression in Egypt and in Tunisia also helped to spark people revolution there. These intellectuals have liberated minds. But these kind of minds are considered dangerous to some authoritarian regimes.

Will It Happen In Malaysia?

At this point of time, I don't really think the majority of Malaysians will wake up to the false sense of reality that is around us. The Tenang by-election - using the voter situations there illustrates the present state of reality in Malaysia.

The following excerpt is from Clarissa (taken from Loyar Burok):

Well, we probably should think of Malaysia and Malaysians as people living in the Matrix. They believe they have the freedom, that the economy will improve with all these economic transformation plans, that they can still enjoy material excess and progress, that they will continue to live in comfort. I think I have written about this more than a decade ago and the situation still has not changed, not one mite.

People are still lulled by a false sense of security, not understanding that the carpet will be pulled out from under their feet anytime, at any moment. They are not unlike North Koreans in general, minus the physical deprivation and visceral torture, because they believe in much of what is fed to them. The government is smart in creating a quasi welfare state, and in creating a false sense of us going somewhere, when in reality, we are just going in circles, as what I have seen from the time I was a freshman in college, more than a decade ago.

Tenang election clearly illustrates that. Kuala Selangor illustrates that. People are still lulled by false sense of security. In other words, we are still slumbering in false reality. And clearly, it will take a national disaster for people to really wake up the fact that there are many things that have already mislead us. Simply read any article on any Malaysian newspapers that involves any BN politicians / ministers and it tastes more of a feel good thing for government. (Notice that it's play nice with government and thrash the opposition style of writing). But sometimes, it is also equivalent to lying to yourself with such sentiment.

Answer? - Not likely until disaster strikes.

The One National-Scale Disaster That Could Happen in Malaysia

I clearly believe that the next national-scale disaster is neither political, nor natural in nature (e.g, floods). Instead the next one would be economical in nature.Malaysia's national debt stands at RM 577 billion and counting. The signs of trouble of a possible worldwide scale economic bubble burst are happening now and no nation will be spared from this problem the moment the economic bubble of China or America bursts. 

When the US Dollar is no longer accepted as the main reserve currency worldwide, America dies economically and the whatever US reserves we carry in Malaysia will no longer has value. It will become a paper money with no value. Therefore, the reserves that Malaysia hold, could go below zero and the deficit becomes higher since USD reserves would not be taken into account.

The ringgit could be possibly devalued again, subsidies could be totally removed. However I was really certain that this subsidy rationalization is part of a economic hit men suggestion. Indonesia's economic collapse was also due to economic hitmen. A confession by John Perkins in his Confessions of Economic Hitmen book revealed his part in Indonesia - advising "politikus" on various things with the ulterior motive of conning the nation, billions of money out. This is no doubt is what could be happening in Malaysia in the space of one to two years time.

Once part of the integrity of a foundation has been compromised, you can see how the chips fall and it will culminate in a national-scale disaster. Not even Perkasa who screams of Malay rights, not even political games, not even hero village attitudes will save Malaysia. This is a potential global scale disaster that can bankrupt Malaysia even before Idris Jala's 2019 bankrupt forecast.

Test Case on Mitigation

Is Malaysia ready for to mitigate such risk? Not likely and I don't really believe that Najib's administration has a solid plan at all. That was the conclusion I could get. A few days ago, I have decided to query a Member of Parliament in a forum that I participated. I did not ask anything that is political, but instead concentrated on economical question in nature since the forum topic deals with East Malaysia politics and economy. I posed a question whether he is aware of possible economic bubble burst in China and America. I stressed that the answer I was keen to here is purely on personal point of view.

The answer I got is that there is a concern for the China bubble, since America is considering of forcing China to increase the yuan rate to suit US. Military might and confrontation is definitely out of the way since neither side can win in provocation contest. 

Malaysia, unlike Singapore do not have the sufficient reserves to withstand the impact of the next upcoming economic collapse. Singapore is the opposite, with reserves standing close to $600 billion SGD, with only a fraction used for its stimulus package during the 2008 recession and its currency close to the value of the US, Australian and Canadian currencies. 

The other main question that I asked was whether Malaysia has sufficient safety nets for this situation. The reaction that I got from the YB seems to tell me that Malaysia doesn't have adequate measures, with the politicking still running around and the main party seem hell bent on annihilating the opposition before national priority on all aspects. Why would Perkasa even complaint about Anwar Ibrahim's alleged plan of escape where an economic meteor is hitting Malaysia, which takes precedence over other matters?

Conclusion: With incapable politicians running and handling  the economic policies coupling with corruption index rate that has yet to improve, Malaysia is not likely to withstand that disaster long-term. Even the warning by the PM on not letting the same thing happening in Egypt is not going to work anymore, so I think that having seen the letter written by one Eunice Wong from Seremban, I don't really think that will work as one factor that could cause that is due to the government's own failings and mismanagement.

After Waking Up, Too Late To Take Back

Most of the heads and rulers of the aforementioned Arab nations with their families are found to amass a big fortune. The Mubarak family has been amassing over $70 billion US dollars of assets in Egypt and in overseas. This allegation has in fact prompted the Swiss bank to freeze the accounts pending investigation. Likewise, in Tunisia, when the former president Ben Ali left, Leila, the young wife of Ben Ali ran with mass gold - the value can feed millions of poor Tunisians there. What is concerned that if people have successfully ousted oppressed regimes, the dictators and corrupt leaders in particular will take their fortune, that the government should have and returned to the people away. It's plundering we're talking about!

The story of how Leila's obsession and antics can be equaled to Rosmah's with both of them are in housewife-style of politics. Don't get what they want, and they would call their husbands, and lamenting like a child. Not only for the two women above, there are wives of leaders elsewhere that could fall in that category.

The saying of prevention is better than cure is not likely aware by many Malaysians in this case. There are a few scenarios to illustrate the above point: if the Opposition beats Barisan Nasional in the general elections by a big majority (corrupt and greedy leaders will attempt to plunder whatever they have before going, something like in Selangor where state docs are destroyed on the night of election, and they could go King Kong), or if there happens to be a revolution like in Arab that ended successfully with leaders thrown out.

Yes, we can wake up after disaster, but at what cost? There are things too late to be done, where if not for our own coward and ignorant citizens who still are in slumber in false reality. The country's attempt to rebuild the economy after the Asian Financial Crisis goes in vain again and it could take more than the same amount of time to rebuild the economy. If the government of the day still is BN by the time a disaster like that happen, the next four letter word that people would cuss on would not be "FUCK" but "UMNO"!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Yet March 8 2011 And There's Another By-Election Looming!

PETALING JAYA: The nation will see yet another by-election, the 16th, with the death of Umno’s Kerdau elected representative Zaharuddin Abu Kassim this evening.

It is learnt that Zaharuddin, 63, died after suffering from a fall in his washroom at about 6.30pm.

His death was confirmed by Temerloh’s deputy police chief Supt Zundin Mahmood.

The politician was reported to be serious last year when he was admitted at the Nation Heart Institute (IJN) in a critical condition over kidney and heart complications.

He however recovered sufficiently and got married to Rozlifah Ahmad, 33, late last year.

The country had just witnessed a by-election in Tenang, Johor – a state seat which was retained by Barisan Nasional/Umno.

There will be another by-election in Merlimau, Malacca on March 6 following the death of the state rep, also from Umno.

The Kerdau by-election will be the first in Pahang, the homestate of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

The above is a news flash from Free Malaysia Today.

I suppose there should be a rule calling that all assemblymen cannot die without consent of Bik Mama. Maybe this is because of the number of unprecedented by-elections that is happening before we hit 3 years after March 8 2008.

According to the 2008 statistics, the bulk of the 6000 plus voters are Malays (89%). Kerdau is in the Temerloh constituency and it is in the upper part, heading towards Kuala Krau. Ideally, a PAS candidate can be there or if there is PKR man who is famous in that part of town, then they should put that fellow there.

I wonder how much money that Barisan Nasional has splashed in all the by-elections so far. Not even the recent by-elections can surpass the astronomical amount of goodies and campaign money (actually can be used for subsidy money instead of for the wrong ends).

The big question is how can we educate voters on not to be afraid of bogeyman tactics and used their heads properly without thinking of such defeatist mentalities like (follow the leader, all is fate, etc..?)

Friday, February 11, 2011

There Are Worse Things Than Valentine Ban!

Come on, get real. Why does JAKIM and its state religious departments start going for those Valentine ban when there are bigger things to combat about? Isn't bribery corruption is worse than going on love and sex? Isn't third degree interrogation or detention without trial worse than going out pair to pair? Does this mean that those two sins are legitimate or halal in Malaysia, as in according to their version, whereas it is actually wrong in every sense?

The problem above in fact reinforces the Islamophobia that the non-Malays are facing. Too much Malay here and there, and it can alienate some people. But hold on, isn't the government of the day Barisan Nasional? Aren't they supposed to do more racial integration, as matching 1 Malaysia's objectives vs this thing? Isn't that cakap tak serupa bikin?

"Mengtuakan Orang Muda"

There is only one stage of youth in a man's life cycle. And it has to be used well, people have to feel things that may not be done when reaching middle-age or the twilight of their lives. Whatever these bunch of jokers want to do is attempting to make the young people behave like old men and women. This is wrong. This is not letting people to feel things that they should be given freedom and things to do.

Free Will Not Encouraged?

I don't think many people would give a damn about the fatwa thing that doesn't allow such kind of activity. Are you saying that you can do elsewhere but not in Malaysia? People should be given the free rein to think and act on their own will. To do such thing, and others things that fall under the moral control activity is to stifle the capability to think. This already adds insult to the present education system that still produces people that are not able to think on their own accord or their own free will. 

Go For The Bigger Fish!

ISA is violating human rights. Why not a fatwa for that instead of Valentine?
Bribery and corruption is worse than Valentine? Why not make a fatwa on that?
Why go for the little fish?

These people have no respect for the other races. How are you going to get people to integrate with one another of all races when you say such thing? Get real. And see how the other people get angry at this senile men that claims to be holier than thou.

Mubarak Leaves At Last

News came in that due to people power, the Egyptian military has finally stepped in and in that stage, Hosni Mubarak has already moved out to a Red Sea Resort.

16 days of protests and finally demands are finally met. Quoting from AP:

Gen. Hassan al-Roueini, military commander for the Cairo area, told thousands of protesters in central Tahrir Square, "All your demands will be met today." Some in the crowd held up their hands in V-for-victory signs, shouting "the people want the end of the regime" and "Allahu akbar," or "God is great," a victory cry used by secular and religious people alike.

If Tunisia starts first, then Egypt, then it could spread to Yemen and other Arab nations. Jordan has swiftly changed government with King Abdullah issuing a decree of immediate reform. It's a domino effect, but it could happen elsewhere. 

What about Malaysia? Do we notice that some of our leaders are already been running for too long and should go?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Demo Bukan Budaya Kita" - 2 Years Later


KUALA LUMPUR: Pembangkang, yang hilang kuasa mentadbir kerajaan Perak, perlu sedar demonstrasi jalanan bukan budaya Malaysia dan menunjuk kekuatan seperti ini boleh berlaku erhadap mereka pada masa depan, kata Mahathir Mohamad.

"Ia (demonstrasi jalanan) bukan budaya kita. Bagaimana anda hendak membentuk sebuah kerajaan dengan bertindak di jalan raya. Jika mereka (pembangkang) sendiri menggalakkan demonstrasi jalanan, macam mana pula mereka hendak mentadbir negeri.

"Jika anda bertindak di jalan raya setiap kali ada masalah, maka jika dan bila anda membentuk kerajaan, orang lain akan melakukan yang sama," katanya kepada pemberita selepas demonstrasi teknologi SmartPool di the Mines Waterfront Business Park, di sini, semalam.

Dr Mahathir diminta mengulas demonstrasi jalanan oleh penyokong Pakatan Rakyat ketika upacara mengangkat sumpah Menteri Besar Perak yang baru kira-kira satu kilometer dari Istana Kuala Kangsar kelmarin.

Kerajaan PR yang belum berusia setahun tumbang selepas empat anggota dewan undangannya melompat ke Barisan Nasional (BN).

Dr Mahathir berkata "tindakan melompat" itu seharusnya mengakibatkan pembubaran dewan undangan negeri (DUN) tetapi oleh kerana Sultan Azlan Shah mengisytiharkan tidak perlu diadakan pilihan raya, keputusan itu harus dihormati.

Katanya, Menteri Besar pembangkang harus dibenarkan memanggil mesyuarat DUN dan undi tidak percaya perlu diluluskan terhadap kerajaan berkenaan.

"Tetapi jika Menteri Besar tidak mahu mengadakan sidang DUN, jadi bagaimana kita boleh paksa beliau berbuat demikian. Undang-undang menyatakan undi tidak percaya mesti diluluskan sebelum ada pertukaran kerajaan.

"Sekalipun mereka terus memerintah negeri itu, mereka bertindak sebagai kerajaan minoriti. Bagaimana kerajaan minoriti hendak mentadbir negeri, bila ia tidak punya sokongan," katanya.

Mengenai laporan bahawa pembangkang bercadang mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap Sultan berhubung keputusannya, Dr Mahathir berkata walaupun tindakan pembangkang itu tidak beretika, undang-undang membolehkan tindakan itu diambil.

Bagaimanapun, Ketua Umum PR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim semalam berkata, pihaknya tidak akan memfail saman terhadap Sultan.

- Berita Harian - 8 February 2009


Today I will not talk much except to bring back something for everyone of us to go through and compare to the current situation, 2 years after the report was first published. True, I am pretty exhausted after work in office and treating myself to watching a movie to have some fun.

This week marks exactly 2 years of when Dr. Mahathir made that statement above that "demonstration" is not our culture" in the wake of the fall of the Pakatan Perak Government 2 days before on 5th February 2009. There have been plenty of demonstrations in the last 4 years, tracing back to the Lawyer's march in Putrajaya in August 2007 in the wake of the Lingam tape leak, then going on with the Bersih rally in November 2007 and the Hindraf rally three weeks later.

Those three demos got the ball rolling and in other words proved to Malaysia that anyone can gather for a common cause. However, do note that demonstrations usually happen primarily because of whatever grievances aired via official channels were mostly ignored and turned away by the government that we have entrusted our vote with in the elections.

The Perak coup de tat was the lowest point of all because the sultan had ignored the Perakians vote and choice of the government and instead UMNO and Barisan had taken over via the backdoor route, a.l.a. Katak frogging that Anwar Ibrahim spoke of about the never happened 916 promise. And still, there happen to be more demos in the subsequent times after the low point including anti-GST tax rallies, anti-ISA rallies, and so forth.

Why does it happen? It's primarily that people's wishes were ignored in favor of political power and survival. If the majority of people say no to ISA for example, the government must immediately throw it off, not to amend, not to keep it because the boss said so. Demonstrations happened usually as the last resort when everything was turned away and people - like an infant - cry for attention when there is no one else to turn to.

There are more than a dozen of demos around Malaysia after Dr. Mahathir's statement. This means, that in other words, that no one give a hoot on Dr. M's statement. And it also reveals that in this situation, Dr. M has misjudged himself as well as getting too much than what he can chew on. Maybe his statement could be irrelevant already, if we take the domino factor from Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan as well.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Simplest Solution To Interlok

The Interlok novel problem still remains unresolved officially as the National Writers Association are unhappy with the Education ministry's decision to go ahead with the novel, albeit with a few modifications to the original content. However, what many people do not get it is that by modifying the content of the novel, even though by a few pages, the structure of the story can be altered drastically. This will definitely be very much against Abdullah Hussain's intentions of the story when he wrote that novel and thus damaging the integrity of the novel.

Being Politicize and Provoked

It is a shame that the novel is being politicized by the Indians over a small matter. The word alone "Pariah" is somewhat considered a bane, but however, don't forget that it was written at that period, hence, Interlok is somewhat considered as a periodical piece set in that particular period. We will elaborate on that shortly. 

I simply do not understand whether the Education ministry has done a thorough read through over the story, and considered whether if the story is to be used particularly for a specific group / cluster of schools or not. But the Education ministry and the government should take the share of the blame because of committing to the decision of using this material in school. By going ahead in using this as one of the three possible literature books for Bahasa Malaysia, the Education ministry is either unintentionally provoking the other races into whacking one another, thus more racial tension problems or otherwise deliberately intending of doing so. Who really made the final decision on which novels to be used? One of the department heads of the Ministry? Muhyiddin or Wee themselves?

Read the Content and Other Material

I must concur with the National Writers Association's stance that the novel should be remain intact as it is. First of all, because of it's story setting period that comprises of 6 decades from the early 20th century to prior Merdeka, there have been social and racial prejudices against the Malayan society. Pariah, is a common prejudice as what the English would do to discriminate the Indians in the point of time. This means that Abdullah Hussain's book is correct, in historical terms, of painting the point of Indians at that time, before World War II and prior to Merdeka.

Actually, there is nothing to gain for taking the issue out of proportion, politicize it and to turn it into mass rallies and so forth just because we didn't understand the content nor going back to the early times to verify the history and the portrayal of the Indian community. If we didn't understand those things above, then what is the point of having a National Archive or a National library for? Turn books and historical documents to dust?  Isn't this problem similar to as what Gandhi and the India  faced back in India before the 1947 independence?  

Case Example in Burgess

Hussain's novel isn't the only one that suffers the brunt of anger over discrimination. If anyone of you have read the Malayan stories by the late Anthony Burgess (author of A Clockwork Orange), you would find that the content is pretty similar in here.

As in related to the context above, in The Enemy of The Blanket, (part 2 of the trilogy), Mr. Jaganathan is a supporting character who is determined to sabotage the anti-hero at all costs. The motive of his actions is primarily because of how the Indians were treated by the English. Example:

"Jaganathan, you're a bloody fool! I'd be doing a great disservice to the Malay if I get out and let you take over!"

"You will kindly not call me a bloody fool in my own house, Mr. Crabbe." Jaganathan shook. "Who are you to say that I cannot run this school? I was running this school when you were still writing your wicked articles about the necessity of having Communist bandits in the east. While you were only a foolish soldier, I was running this school."

This piece above is a retaliation of and a hint of discrimination - note of "disservice to the Malay" phrase that Crabbe spoke of above. Remember that because this novel is set in 1956, one year before Merdeka, the racial prejudice is still there, so therefore it is society structure and state at that point of time is historically accurate and clearly reflected in Interlok. 

The below excerpt is from Beds of The East, the final part of the trilogy:

Chinese, isn’t he (Robert Loo) ? Pity about that.” Nik Hassan made a sour gangster’s face. “Pity he’s not a Malay. Though, of course, he could use a what-you-call…”
That’s right, a Malay pseudonym. It might carry a bit more weight. After all, everybody knows the Chinese are clever. We’re a bit sick of hearing it. We’re just dying for a Malay genius to turn up.”
But Nik is an anglicized Malay. Burgess writes:
Nik Hassan liked to be called “Nicky”. It was chic to have an English name in his circle. His friends Izuddin and Farid were called “Izzy” and “Fred”
Have we actually asked our surviving elders whether they themselves or other friends of theirs do the same thing or encountering such situations at that point of time? If it's a yes, then it is socially accurate using that period of time. Therefore, to emphasize it: there is nothing to be politicized and provoked off.

The Simplest Solution

If this problem keeps going on and on with neither side wants to compromise and resulting with a neither side winning the argument, the solution is very simple - either replace the book with another title that will not offend everyone, or since each school gets to choose one of the three Malay novels to be used for the Bahasa subject, they can opt not to take Interlok and choose another one. When the literature component was introduced back in 2000, I remembered that students or schools get to choose one of the books. Because anyhow, in the examination paper, I recalled that literature question and answer will only be based on which book you're reading. So, if I read book A, I will only need to answer questions related to book A only.

It's one of the two options they can choose, and it's a win-win case. Everyone can walk away and save the mess from happening. Why want to make an issue out of it?


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