Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Over To You Gentlemen, Are You Qualified And Appealing?

"Please give me winnable candidates, I don't care whether they are old, new or middle-aged as long as they can win." 

Read more: BN wants winnable candidates -- Najib http://www.nst.com.my/articles/BNwantswinnablecandidates--Najib/Article/#ixzz1E2Yx71xu

This was what Najib Razak said on 16 January in Sarawak whereby there should be winnable candidates, not on candidates who are mere locals of an area or so, and doesn't matter if they are young, old or whatsoever. But however, the word "winnable" is not really appropriate, for even if the candidate is winnable, he can have a black spot in the past. For example, PAS accused the BN candidate, eventual winner in Tenang, of making a mistake in the past. Similarly, in Bagan Pinang, Isa Samad, though popular was involved in several abandoned projects in Bagan Pinang as well.

Therefore, the word winnable is not enough. It should be quality candidates who are winnable - in other words, saleable to the people of an area. If you look at the PAS candidate, Normala Sudirman, do you think she's saleable despite an acceptable candidate?

What Najib said above is what I want to question to very two specific men since I remember that Chegubard nearly got to become MP and since Setapak is my second home now, it seems right to think that Dr. Tan could be contesting as MP next round there. 

This picture above, taken from the Setapak wet market area, on the particular left shows a PKR Chinese New Year greeting from ex-Gerakan man, Dr. Tan Kee Kwong next to the MCA man Yew Teong Look. On the wet market side is of course the Chinese New Year banner greeting from current MP, Wee Choo Keong. It seems to my inference that when the next General Election comes in, it is definitely, Dr. Tan vs Yew Teong Look (definitely a match go regain what was lost). It would be a three-corner fight if Choo Keong decides to defend the seat, there is a high probability that it ain't so.

In Rembau, Khairy has stated that he's not going to defend his Rembau parliamentary seat. Chegubard nearly won, but claimed that he lost because of last minute rigging with new 5000 votes coming in from nowhere. Looks like should Khairy gets out of the way, Chegubard has a better chance of winning that seat. 

There could be at least another 8 to 10 months before a possible snap polls, so my key question to both Dr. Tan and Chegubard is whether they are qualified and winnable candidates that are appealing to their constituencies? Of course let me emphasized that my question comes from Najib's statement last month. 

I remembered that it took Tian Chua four years to make himself a much better qualified and winnable candidate that makes him appealing to the Batu constituency (Read: Sentul, Jalan Ipoh, etc..) after his failed attempt in 2004. This too, I believe is what Chegubard is facing as well - maybe because of a bad stroke of luck.

For Dr. Tan and Chegubard

So, gentlemen, are you two qualified and appealing to your respective constituencies?  

Have you gauge the latest people reaction towards you? 

Have you done your groundwork already and sufficiently? 

Why not show your future people of your constituencies that you're appealing to them. Tell them in a forum or something.

The people including myself are keen to know and it's our right anyhow.

Over to you gentlemen. 

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