Saturday, February 19, 2011

Strange Coincidences or Outlive Their Usefulness?

No sooner after Mubarak was deposed, the Arab media has reported that he's bedridden and may have slipped into coma. This was reported in the Egyptian paper Al-Masry. Likewise, a French online journalist, Nicolas Beau, citing Tunisian sources reported that former Tunisia president Ben Ali had a stroke and in coma in a Saudi hospital.

This is not the only Middle-east leaders to suffer the kind of fate. In 2006, Ariel Sharon was declared in the vegetative state after suffering the stroke. And what the three men have in common is that many believe them to be puppets of the Western control. They have outlived their usefulness and before they can start pointing fingers that they could have been put into sleep (*sleeper agents?*) , not wanting them to talk what they know. It's like the saying of tie-up the loose ends.

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