Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chickening Out, As Expected!

There are no prizes for guessing this. With everything against them to make sure that they don't cheat in the upcoming interviews with PI Bala, the MACC had to pull out of the interview. And there is only one party that tells them do avoid it: The A-G chambers. Simply put, it became unbearable to them in many things, including all expenses were to be borne by the agency, they can't use Malaysia's OSA Act in Britain, vs Freedom of Information Act, many things revealed by PI Bala can clearly implicate Jibby, Bik Mama and people involve in this thing. 

It means one thing behind the scenes: Gani Patail and the AG Chambers is tending to screw Bala via many means just as what is happening in Sodomy II trial. Put everything into the hush hush thing. 

It is nothing less than astounding to now realize that an authority such as the MACC, who would have been expected to have done everything in their power to investigate the very serious allegations made against the Prime Minister, his wife and his brother, to now forfeit that opportunity on tenuous and exasperatingly flimsy grounds knowing full well that much preparation has gone into organizing this interview and to then pull out at the very last moment contrary to the false perceptions created by them up till now.
This turn of events has certainly destroyed what little credibility the MACC had left and has confirmed the suspicions held by most right thinking members of society that they are a body existing solely to protect the interests of the powers that be and to ensure that any opposition to the government is dealt with by harsh, brash, unnecessary and lopsided vehemence with the sole purpose of destroying any legitimate questioning of the excesses of the ruling regime so that power is perpetuated in the hands of their masters.

As far as I am concerned, and I know I speak for the team of lawyers representing Bala in this matter, that we will all be in London at the Holiday Villas, Bayswater at 10 am on the 5th July awaiting the arrival of the 3 MACC officers who are supposed to interview Bala as arranged and as promised.

Let me add that whatever advice the MACC may have received from the Attorney General's chambers is highly suspect and devoid of any legal basis, but instead smacks of a hastily assembled concoction of very weak excuses designed to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation for those who are obviously in control and who are able to hijack the machinations of the State and to manipulate the system to suit their own illegitimate agendas.

What Abdullah Badawi wanted about MACC is going down to the drain.

True, I can imagine the real people involved are sweating and nervous over this. They can't run forever.

Eventually, the MACC is behind the 8-ball in this situation. It is a lose-lose situation. If they try to go in there, Malaysia's laws cannot be used against Britain's laws. If they pull out, too bad, as the whole thing, as in the press conference next Wednesday will reveal to the world including the world press that whatever is revealed will be pointed back to Bik Mama, Jibby and everything could be spilled open. It could be a small crack that could be the prelude to what Hisham Rais, 'menghancurkan Gerombolan'.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wake Up. You've Been Cheated.

I keep reading the phrase, "kelentong", "Melayu ditipu" and some other phrases and I felt that other Malay friends have still not realized to the reality that they been lied all the time along. The "ulama" issue on last weekend was one way to cheat their fellow men of the same race, made to believe that religious scholars are joining UMNO. 

The account of one of the 40 simply says that they were invited to the UMNO HQ to meet Najib. Then they were shown to reporters and announced that they were joining UMNO. Some in truth really did, while some were put out to hang in the sun, without any idea of them joining a party. And of course these pictures hit their owned and controlled papers the next day.

“Kami dibawa masuk melalui bangunan sebelah Mall, naik escala...tor, pusing-pusing tiba-tiba sudah berada di dalam Bangunan Umno di PWTC, diminta beratur menyambut Najib datang dan bersalaman, ketika itu gambar diambil bertalu-talu.

“Kemudian diumumkan kepada media bahawa inilah 40 ulama muda yang menyertai Umno, benar ada yang menyertai Umno tetapi ramai yang tertipu melihat kepada reaksi mereka yang asyik menunduk sahaja,”.

“Saya dan tiga lagi sahabat lepasan Jordan, Mohd Fakhruzzaman, 37, dari Shah Alam, Mohd Akram An-Nazilin, 27, (Putrajaya) dan Mohd Jalaluddin Tahir, 26 (Sungai Petani) menafikan kami berbuat demikian sebaliknya Umno yang menipu,” tegasnya.

Reminds me of the Ali Baba and 40 thieves story.

Of course, you have to beware of people who stand to profit from religion, a.l.a RIBA.

But I see this as a good example of "menipu orang Melayu" but not many people are waking up to that.

MACC Changing Goal Posts? Gotcha!

It's twice in the space of a few days over the week where we believe that our own Anti-Corruption Agency, now becoming MACC has already shown signs of changing goal posts in order to win and you can be sure that they will play dirty in this entire week or so. MACC in the last few months or so has lost several high-profile cases, with the latest being Norza Zakaria's acquittal over the alleged bribery charges due to unreliable witnesses

First off, following the resuming of Rosli Dahlan's trial it seems that they have been battered left and right. The lawyers have questioned one of its agency's star prosecutors Kevin Morais and with all the "No I don't know" no thing and so forth, it seems that they are trying to put this case into cold storage, hopefully that no one see it. What they don't know is that there are people who know who slimy they can be in changing goal posts to win the case. 

The man who made the report against Rosli Dahlan is another Saiful, not Saiful Bulkhari but Saiful Ezral. This trial also establishes the shady characters who are set to put Rosli out once and for all. And that includes Nordin Hassan whom I remembered representing a few of the top characters implicated in the Lingam tape case. Sometimes, it may be necessary to do the backstabbing thing in order to get the Datukship, which reminds me of the current Sodomy II, in which our main DPP was the only man good enough to take on the assignment to send Anwar back to Sungai Buloh - and no one else. 

Coming to the point, they are losing already and the way of changing goal posts is to change the judge

Reading our Din Bean's posting what kind of a absorbing material and even tells the tale of how MACC, behind the scenes is trying to cover up the Beng Hock case as well. Given the tell tale signs, I'd say that the alleged letter bearing the letter head that was out weeks after his death may be proven true after all. 

Well, it needs reminding there.

The second thing is about the upcoming statement taking that MACC will do in London next Monday with P.I Balasubramaniam. There is a clear sense of reluctance and unwillingness of MACC to go there for the sessions, because they do not want lawyer's presence and anything recorded, they would want to tag that as secret. Unfortunately, OSA 1972 cannot be used there and it is overruled by Britain's FOI act (Freedom of Information). Let's face it..all the enforcement agencies, the police , this and so forth would eventually report this to the Home Ministry. And of course Hishamuddin would want to protect his cousin's reputation from any further damage, which includes Altantuya, and many other things. Bala's statement, with documents is going to open a closet of skeletons, a can of worms and many things that will make the mob puke.

Since it's in the English turf, Malaysia is not able to do funny stuff a.l.a. law of the jungle. If MACC tries to do funny, there, they will instead get caught by Scotland Yard. 

These are two moments right now that we perceive MACC of changing goal posts. That's right, there are people instead who are watching the agency. Should have been the other way round, really.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paul The Psychic Octopus Got Spot On!

Isn't Paul the octopus lovely but accurate? There was a report that Paul predicts that Germany will beat England in today's 2nd round match and he's spot on. At this time, Germany is in the driver's seat, leading 4-1 with a Thomas Mueller brace and Miroslav Klose tying Klinsmann's number of World Cup goals to 11 - still another 2 to 3 more before equaling his countryman, Gerd 'Der Bomber' Mueller's tally.

There is a good chance of them having a 1990 rematch against Argentina in the quarter-finals.

And I just loved the tune of the anthem. Germany's anthem was taken from Haydn's Kaiser String Quartet. If you listen to the first few bars, you will notice it's resemblance, except that the lyrics change. At Haydn's time, it was "God bless Emperor Francis", but now the anthem's from the third stanza.

PR's Putrajaya Dream Will Be Over With Such Squabbles!

The current PKR squabbling in Selangor has a tell tale sign that PKR, being the leading party partner of PR's dream of running Putrajaya by 2013 will be over with such squabbles between the so-called Group of 15 in the revolt against Khalid Ibrahim. Many said that the chief of the overall conspiracy was Azmin Ali and former PKR man Wee Choo Keong was also mentioned among the list of 15. However, the numbers do not tally to 15, but instead, 11 only.

Many believed that Azmin wants to take over the post of MB, but he could have done so immediately after March 8, prior to the forming of the new state government. But however, in this situation of crisis, this shows that Khalid is more or less a corporate bureaucrat background MB who doesn't have much of the experience of politics. I suppose this explains why there is also another reason of why Anwar Ibrahim was brought in as the state economic adviser. In last night's meeting, it is said that many of the PKR state divisions (17 of 22) show support and vote of confidence for Khalid. 
Elizabeth Wong has called on the G15 to show their faces. Many have already been identified.

No need to repeat what people said. But after 8 March, there was a realization that there is no one else (assemblyman) that is able to run the state show except for Khalid. If you try to take DAP as MB, expect hoo hahs from some people cum opportunists who say that a Chinese is running a state. Take a PAS man to be an MB and people will say Selangor is an Islamic state despite many non-Malays in urban areas. This means PKR since it is a multi-racial identity party - sorry, composed of multi-racial people and out of the assemblymen winning seats, there was no other choice other than Khalid.

Even if Azmin manages to throw Khalid off and becomes MB, he lacks the forte to run the state. 

Among the 11, some aligned to Azmin perhaps because of financial restrictions. But now that I read that, I felt something is amiss on Kamarul. I had a feeling of something not right having met him twice in Bagan Pinang - one over a late dinner, and one over the Bukit Lanjan Chinese New Year Open House this year. 

The bottom line is that the thing can be resolved in the party elections in November, but by that time, it will be too late. Plus, even some of the people don't know, that there are civil servants in the state government that are still aligned to the previous Khir Toyo's administration that woudl do anything to sabotage the PR running the state. There's the saying goes, you try to move the head, but the tail moves the other way round. This happened in Perak where Nizar's administration accuses the Perak State Secretary for being among the prime sabotagers. Yes, that man whom I believed should be contesting for BN in the next GE does not report to Nizar, but Sidek , the KSU.

Sabah PKR chiefs said: “We don’t know what kind of hold Azmin has over Anwar and that disturbs us. Something is just not right here.“ Speaking of reality, Azmin has a relationship with one Nurul Izzah's sisters, which means Azmin do have a hold over Anwar and some things that can be private in nature. It could be this reason that Anwar might be indecisive in making decisions such as that.

In that case, Anwar should step aside and let the other people run the party. He could end up being the liability instead. He has less than six months to shape up or PR could be the sinking ship instead of the BN Mob group.

The way I see it, it's likely that PKR better pack their backs, as what Martin Jalleh says, as their ultimate dream is over with such squabbles.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anyone Managed To Laugh Before Laughing Gets Banned?

According to Malaysiakini, the satire book by Zunar, 1Funny Malaysia was among a few KiniBooks that got banned. This is in addition to Perak Darul Kartun. One of the men who made the decision was Mahmood Adam. And I just only have one comment to say, that this an example of a man who doesn't understand human psychology. And I see that this is not a very good excuse of getting 'people' to hate the government. 

In fact it is already too late to impose the ban. Urban and well-educated people are indeed aware of how abysmal Malaysia is going now with all the policies being made people who are actually politically high and mighty but not very good in running the ship. There are many things out there were blocked out by the veil that fail to block people from seeing it. In fact some had already had seen the veil.

I bet media people and independent-level media ones are going to be unhappy of how PPP Act 1984 is used on a satire book that is reflecting the funny side of Malaysia. Hello, is everyone going to accept the ban? Not likely and expect maybe anger soon.

One thing that people hate is that people in power don't know human psychology.

In America, and in Europe, both sides are showing satire of their rival sides, which is acceptable and normal. Why can't Malaysia? Is it because they are afraid of accidental secrets spilling out that this was one crude way to contain the spill?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bye-Bye To Pudu

The historic prison wall along Jalan Pudu has been torn down 2.5 hours ago.

My grandfather grew up with his siblings in Branbury Road, which is adjacent to the main Pudu road. The prison is around the corner. The problem is how will future generations will be able to remember this historic place, given that it is not worth the historic value here as what Awang Adek claimed to say?

Unless, there is a commemorative plague or a 3D model to show to the future generation of what this place used to be.

Pic by MInsider

Ezekiel 30:21

A few weeks ago, over a cup of tea, someone quipped about Ezekiel 30:21 that reads:

"Son of man, I have broken the arm of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt. His arm has not been put in a cast so that it may heal. Neither has it been bound up with a splint to make it strong enough to hold a sword."

I thought for a while and found it a little funny since Pharoah means Firaun in Malay. This of course means if Hisham Rais were to say that Firaun obviously refers to our ex-PM during the Reformasi years. He still keeps saying it at times, but the first person who said that is the Senatak by the name of Ezam Noor. He said that loud over the speeches at that time, and ended up in the ISA for two years or so.

Currently speaking, if there are believers of Reformasi around, obviously, this passage makes sense. Politically speaking, Malaysia is ruled by over 50 years by an entity led by a Big Brother entity called United Malays National Organisation. If you speak of the problems that lies to the arrogance of that one big entity, perhaps this line in the bible can associate this situation to that. It will need People's Power to bring the might of an entity fit like a Pharoah down, if you get the beat.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Anwar, Drama's Been Dragging Too Long....

I already counted a few instances in which whenever I read about Anwar Ibrahim going to reveal things and things to come, it is putting people into suspense and then things dissipate after that. If my memory serves correctly:

1. A small part of V.K Lingam clip that hits out in 2007. It took a few weeks to show the entire first part and then the second part. But Part III was not accepted into submission by the Haidar commission of inquiry.

2. Anwar said that there were at least 30 to 50 MPs from BN to crossover to Pakatan by September 2008. Everyone was holding their breath until it didn't happen and it dissipated.

3. More suspense in July 2008 about the P.I Bala S.D

4. Evidence of PR members paid money to crossover. He said that: "“I will expose them soon, little by little, like how I exposed the Lingam tape…I will expose these rogue lawmakers who had betrayed the rakyat’s trust and had resigned for a few million ringgit. For example, Bagan Serai. Trust me, I have the evidence”

5. And today, an RTM reporter interviewed him in Parliament and according to Malaysiakini, he told the RTM man: ""I have said that I would reveal it at the right time, and that is my answer. Even if I reveal it, are they going to take any action. Is RTM going to report it?"

Well, it's many misses in the last 2 years since 2008 GE. These are among the few claims that Anwar was saying about. Like in a game of high-stakes poker, is Anwar actually calling a bluff whereas actually he doesn't have the means? All mean to scare the shit out of the UMNO mob?
And I am confused here. Zul Noordin the so-called "Pejuang Islam" gone quiet has been saying that Anwar has seen the Elizabeth Wong nude clip but Anwar says the other way round that he didn't see it. From my point of view, it's mind-boggling. And there's the suspense..did he see it or did he not see it?

All of these 5 points above are examples of Anwar's style of drama of keeping people on the toes as to get the suspense. I remembered that  people asked Stephenie Meyer about the climax of Breaking Dawn which they were expecting a bang after much building from the start to the last act, in suddenly, it dissipated, but Meyer answered that the resolution was similar to a checkmate in the chess game so to speak, in people may find it a little disappointing.

It reminds me of bollywood dramas and having seen this too many times at the turn point, I felt it has become an acting cliche from Anwar. 

Well, there are times that people just that he show the cards instead of prolonging the drama. If this like conducting the opera that you compose, 4 yawns from the VVIP and this tells that they are not interested in your show too boring, too cerebral. Take Don Giovanni for example. Mozart only made the Emperor Joseph II yawned once out of the 3 to 4 hour show there...

Anwar, can you jump straight to the point instead for once?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cashing The Vendor Singer Out of Tanjung Tualang

"We’re going to go to ground, too, to explain to your constituents what a political whore you are!" - Haris on Keshvinder Singh's departure

I have been to Tanjung Tualang, off Batu Gajah for a few times and have eaten the famous seafood there for a few times, the last being during the fourth day of Chinese New Year. On the way back to Ipoh after a very sumptuous meal there, I have seen a Chinese New Year greeting banner from Keshvinder Singh, since Tanjung Tualang is under the Malim Nawar state seat. Obviously it's a courtesy to greet your people there. But it was pretty a surprise that this guy decides to go out of DAP and declare himself BN-friendly independent.

It really doesn't make much of a difference between calling yourself a BN-friendly and going to BN. Look at what happened to that assemblyman in Port Klang did, after he became independent, he joined the mob group called UMNO, so it is nothing more of saying I am going from DAP to BN. Keshvinder should just make it simple to say I am going to BN. No need to explain more of this and all sorts of reasons. But of course he has broken his own promise and the statements he made (like this one) prior to this.

He was claiming that DAP is not helping him with his constituency and he has to resort to using his own money, and in the end owing a lot of money which makes him into financial dire straits. We have to understand that since BN hates losing places that they should not lose to opposition, this is the main reason why there is not much of funding in those places, particularly if they are the government of the day in a state.

Keshvinder's motivation is purely different from Hee, whom we know that it's her husband's gambling problems, her need to have a prestige car and her clash with the Ngeh and Nga cousins of DAP Perak had been the reason of her defection. But the both thing in common is shows that Barisan Nasional was the real walking the mantra of lompat katak claim instead of Anwar Ibrahim and PR. Going from PR to BN has a different effect than going from BN to PR. The former can expect a lot of boos while the latter expects more cheers from socially-aware people.

The chinese formed 73 percent of the voting population of Malim Nawar and unlike places where Malays form the majority, it is the Chiense-way of guile, perception and the unique way of evaluating people will determine whether Keshvinder will get whacked or not in the 13 GE, should he decides to continue his seat there. 

Yes, I would love to help tell people what a political whore he is, if I am invited to tag alone to tell people there.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mi No Spik Inglis...Now You're Wrong!

There is only one thing I can comment about Karpal Singh's acquittal over the sedition act is simply that whoever made the police report or interpreted Karpal's words is simply not very good in English. No wonder, many employers in the private sector couldn't bring those people in because they can even speak a good line in English. When that happens, these people are pushed into civil service since civil service uses Bahasa Malaysia, in which are familiar.

At the end of the news paper thing, I was wondering whether the two guys who made the police report did study degree or Masters or something. But since there's no Dr. in the title of addressing, maybe I think they didn't study overseas. If you are studying overseas, you need to have high proficiency in English prior to admission.

Here is one lesson taught, you lie in your teeth if you claim to be good in English whereas many are educated in Bahasa Malaysia. Politically speaking in here, going back to Malay language instead of English is walking one step backwards, and you making more dunces than smart and highly-educated people.

No wonder in the education perspective, Mahathir is very angry over the reversal. Muhyiddin, is trying to reverse things back but the idea makes more stupid people than white collar people.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Watch Out, Bung...They Are Coming.

Bung Radin's charade in the Parliament house on that day has unleashed more than just group anger there. Expect mobs coming into Parliament demanding why their children were not given scholarships. Actually, I find it better to come in to remind the government what they owe people and their promises. Of course if they don't it means whoever says no is violating 1 Malaysia, right? That will also be tantamount of violating the tenet: People first....

And there is this Senator who slammed Barisan Nasional for reducing the quota of non-muslim scholarships after the Hulu Selangor by-election. I can just remark why did they vote the mob? What the senator said is true. After UMNO takes back, the numbers are reduced. That's one reason why I scolded an Amah last time around on her problem (published a month ago in Free Malaysia Today). Sure some people are not happy of how sarcastic I was when I wrote, but let's face it, it's time for everyone of us to wake up and realize that whatever we were told is a white lie. False promises.

I would love to see if they come in groups to Parliament. I know the police would try to stop them, but what they do is violating Najib's tenets.

Well, it's a blessing in disguise due to Bung Radin's blithering charade.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Children

No, it's not Little Children movie that Jackie Earle Haley was in.

It's just how Bung Mokhtar Radin speaks ala a little child in the parliament today.

If these people get shooed out, MPs will not be able to hear what they want to say. These people have waited too long for the chance to come in and speak. 

If these people who scored excellent grades in SPM could not get scholarships, then something is wrong.

Cap Melayu will not show excellence in education. 

The video has been recorded by Malaysiakini and shown online. Bung is gonna be disgraced with that thing. If you hear from 4:28, a background voice says, "YB yang buat. Dia tahu peraturan." which means that the other MPs who brought them in here knows the house rules.

Everyone outside the street and in cyberspace is laughing over this man.

If Bung has the balls, go and ask Kulasegaran.

Spook In Parliament!

What can I say? Does he actually know about Altantuya or he doesn't know it from his cousin?

Well, there's another example of someone who claims to know everything but open his mouth in gaga thing. No wonder Hisham Rais calls this Hisham - "Mat Lidah Kontot:" - speaking like a lizard

Even people fell victim to their own newspaper when the paper did not report the entire picture or missing some critical points of a story.

“Based on his answer, it is obvious that the department had a database to ensure all information regarding foreigners are kept safely allowing for easy reference and action, if and when necessary,” he said.

Bearing this in mind, Azmin then shot Hishammuddin with this question: “Does the Immigration Department’s scope of authority include erasing or losing travel records of foreign nationals such as Altantuya?
“If her records were erased, then who was responsible and what actions have been taken by the government so that a repeat will not occur?” he asked.

And there he fumbled. Looking for a cue from cousin Najib.

There, it seems from the lies, fire is burning their pants. And I was laughing over it. Altantuya spooks!

Stunned is not the word. Spooked is more like it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Ships Raid By Israel

While the world has been condemning Israel for its actions over the ships bound for humanitarian aid in Gaza, I've read a confession by an Israeli official detailing what really happened behind the scenes. It was really a real confession by someone who wished that they would have do something else rather than raiding the ships bound for the flotilla.

Quoted from his confession article, there were actually three solutions to be considered by the Israeli government prior to the raid:

1. Allow the ship to pass - this would end the blockade. The cabinet secretary supported it but in the end more ships and bigger ones will come.

2. Stop the ship - check for suspected weapons and terrorists before letting them go. This would not break the blockade principle but raises vague suspicions. Obviously this was the best choice of the three.

3. Capture the ships and bring them to Ashdod, risking fights from the activists.

What he admitted in the end is true. Whatever decisions made from step one is wrong. But we do know that Netanyahu's government is very hawkish in nature. Hawkish in the sense, that of all the alternatives presented, the worst of all would be chosen.

If Binyamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, the Chief of Staff and the commander of the navy did not understand that this would lead to killing and wounding people, then it must be concluded - even by those who were reluctant to consider this until now – that they are grossly incompetent. They must be told, in the immortal words of Oliver Cromwell to Parliament: “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”
If we go back in history, way back from the historical times, the Jews were persecuted everywhere, particularly in World War II, towards the year prior to the foundation of the state in 1948. Towards the period of persecution, the have developed the mentality and  desire to remain independent - having their own sub-camp, to stand up for themselves and so forth. And there is also a desire to protect their people from threats from enemies, sometimes in the form of hitting back the same way as it does (a.l.a. eye of an eye).

Operation Wrath of God - launched in the aftermath of the Munich 1972 Olympic games massacre of 11 athletes is an example of how Israel hits back at the suspected members of the Black September - in a preemptive manner. Malaysiakini has an article whereby a volunteer claims that there was a list of nine activists that Israelis had marked to be killed. Operation Wrath of God is very similar, but not in the scale where Mossad agents go around and hunt down Black September members or so forth.

Perhaps Malaysians should have been given the chance to understand the modus operandi and how the Israeli officials think. The Steven Spielberg-directed Munich film was the closest people could have been access to have the knowledge. Obviously, Malaysia still has the animosity towards Israel, for example when Mahathir decided not to allow Schindler's List to be played in Malaysian cinemas at the end of 1993. They offered to censor sensitive portions, but given Spielberg's reputation of not allowing people to cut against his will, his decision was take or leave thing. When Syed Hamid Albar's ministry decided not to do so, it was a double-edge sword implication - avoiding the Muslim sensitivities but not allowing people to understand the workings of Israel - since it was accurate in details of what they do there.

While I am happy that Malaysians who are part of the journey to the flotilla save, with except of one or two who gets hit by rubber bullets by Israeli commandos, the ball is now in America and Obama's floor to tame the wild dog, the loose cannon is Israel. Some say that Israel is America's extension. And look at how they reacted towards world criticism as if the world is a nobody thing there. The catch is that attempting to go through the blockade has raised the eyebrows of many people. Turkey is already in anger over the killing of nine people on board. Mahathir, with its Perdana NGO-funded people getting caught in the raid is of course not happy at Israel as well, so what's there to say?

If we all condemn Israel for what they have done to Palestine, why is Malaysia still behaving exactly like what Israel is doing? This nothing more than not walking the talk. But we do know how the UMNO mentality is, to show how great they are as if behaving like village kids, each trying to show off how great they are in the village. And why aren't people from the own UMNO party dares to say that they are not doing what they preach? Silence in exchange of loyalty and rewards? It is nothing more than hypocrisy being shown.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Good God! He Doesn't Know What PKFZ Means?

“I also have to know exactly what the PKFZ is about." - Kong Cho Ha - Malaysiakini 7 June 2010

Good God! You don't even know what Port Klang Free Zone is at all? He must be an imbecile!

Kong Cho Ha is an MCA man. His predecessor is Ong Tee Keat, ex-MCA president. Both are in the cabinet in different portfolios prior to the not-so good reshuffle pack by Najib. What we know in the political perspective is that it is just to gain back Chinese support to the BN fold. If you are a minister, you should know what is PKFZ since the information is shared par level in the Cabinet, and that's even if you are a deputy minister!

Everyone loves Superman OTK, for in the MCA he's the one that is willing to go no holds barred in the PKFZ. What we've predicted during the crisis is definitely happening. OTK will be out, Pornstar Chua will be in and they will be given money in exchange for silence in the PKFZ and hoping that the PKFZ scandal will fade away. Because the PKFZ not only involves the already known players but some hidden hands who would have their pants dropped down the moment they are exposed by some other people.

Taking Superman out was one of the strategies. In the end, the people got cheated. RM 12.6 billion swept away. Money used without our consent, without our knowledge.

I think he jumbled up in his earlier statement. At the end, he said: "probe into the PKFZ scandal as being 'sufficient', no need for the issue to be re-examined." So, does that mean he actually knows it or he just said something but has no idea of what PKFZ mean? I'm puzzled, really!

Look ma, I've got a macai MP from Lumut who doesn't even know a thing. Do you think he's doing nice job there? I think we might want to go and shake that place upside down in 2013, with Mat Gelap as well. No wonder people think that Najib's cabinet is still full of not so intellectual people despite the reshuffling!

Friday, June 4, 2010

If Anniyan's Around, It's Andha Kubham for BHP Staff In Cheras!

More pics on the accident here

Pretty horrifying - that's what my friends and I would sum up on the accident in Cheras early morning today. This thing appeared in the KomunitiKini section of Malaysiakini. Had the staff from BHP petrol station lend a hand to help the man asking for help to douse the accident, the woman who was killed could be surviving, but maybe in a critical to stable condition there.

I felt that the blood of the woman lies on the hands of the two staff who said no. Well, if you are faced with this problem, would you risk going in there and slap the persons to wake up and use moral sense there? - even  if it gets you to the police or management suing you? But at the expense of saving a life?

I remembered watching a scene in Anniyan where Anniyan commits the first murder by having cows and buffalos stampeding a man who refused to send an injured man to the hospital (the injured man arrived 30 mins later but too late, he was dead). If Anniyan does exist in real life, those two people, no matter if they are staff or not would definitely have been executed by being stampeded by a heard of animals!

I really wondered what is the identity of that victim really is, but it's pretty horrible there.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Won't Go Past Step One

Pic by Malaysian Insider - source reference here.

Idris Jala warned last week that Malaysia is facing bankruptcy within the space of the next 10 years. The first symptom is likely to start by around 2012 when Malaysia could be a oil importer - drop the exporter title- off. And whatever is based is based on statistics, starting from 1997, with a pattern trend used, and projected to hit rock bottom before 2020. Which means, 2020, Dr. M's pet project will just go down to the drain or in better words, is just pipe dream and will never be fulfilled at all.

Based on the current political trend here, Vision 2020 is not likely to come after all, with corruption still rampant and even those within UMNO who are unwilling to accept the painful plan to get out of the mire of problems there. Perkasa and the merry men of the Malay council something (can't recall the name) have clearly shown that they had snubbed Idris Jala. And the interesting point in that thing about Najib itself. Najib has clearly supported the NEM from the beginning, but after the hoo haas from Perkasa, he apparently seem to snub Idris and distanced himself out. 

I had a feeling that he became docile and cuddling thing from Perkasa and the big mouth that is Katak Ali.

Seeing this gives me a picture that whatever plans that Idris presents on reducing subsidies will never start from square one. Of course this reminded of the tier subsidy scheme that Ayah Dafi Sabri has mentioned sometime back only to be scrapped at the 11th hour because of complexity. In the end, it is waste of manpower, resources and salary to bring people to come out with plan only to see it down to the drain and start with nothing. 

With that history, I doubt it will happen at all. And it gives the picture that Najib is just the same as Abdullah Badawi - lacking political will to move due to objections from his own kind - for political reason, not for more bigger reasons to be concerned about.

Many are still etched with the Jaguh Kampung mentality in the ruling elite and given of amount of losers (senators) being ministers / deputy ministers instead of qualified BN MPs, I see there is not much of change in governance apart of politically attempting to restore Chinese support to Barisan Nasional.

Come on...there are more bigger things to worry about rather than showing who's mighty among the village boys! There's the economy to worry about, there's a world war going to brew out and then knows no race and so forth..and you want to squabble over a small thing?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Young Guns vs UUCA Act

It is surely a relief for 4 students when the court granted an injunction against UKM to convene a university tribunal to charge them under Section 15(5) of the UCA Act 1971. I have been observing the events unfolding recently, and the four of them, in opinion have shown an example of young guns, upcoming men have stand up and challenged old laws and those that are contradiciting directly with the Constituition.

I see that in that current scenario, an inferior angle on having that such law is that the old men running the country wants the young to grow up in their mold, as it was back a few decades ago. However, in this time of the century, young tend to rebel against the old - an instinct perhaps. Such desire by the old men creates problems right now. New ideas, exploration, suggestions, approaches to problems can be explored by the young only if they are given allowances to try new things that cannot be held back by the restrictions imposed by the UUCA act. 

The main reason the UUCA act was imposed that time was to ensure that undergraduates will not be distracted by outside events and will allow them to focus on books and knowledge. That was in 1971 but at this time, it seems that rules, like this act are meant to be broken because of the current society and age.
At the present stage of a man's life, the youngsters are not bound by the chains of society and economy that burdens their ambition and their desires. 

In this age, the UUCA has made youngsters behave like old men, even if they are physically young and able. We have seen many graduates, as the result of this act become more or less robots, unable to discover new things, dare to be curious and question anything that will satrisfy their knowledge and curiosity. In the end, look at students, starting from secondary students. As the result of an education system that never teaches them to think beyond further and so forth, many have the mindset of a robot. And you don't have much of the white-collar professionals that the government have been whining about.

In other words, the old men have robbed the young of the freedom to choose, think and so forth while such act is still on. But in truth, it is the other way round, there is no country for old men. Sooner, they had to step aside and let the young run the roost. Hisham Rais once spoke of this matter. He once said that making a young man behaving like an old man is more or less tantamount of committing a crime against humanity. 

The intellectual level, collectively speaking in local campuses have reached to the suffocating point. The trend of having robots have turned employers away, particularly those in the MNC from hiring these graduates and prefer those who are graduated overseas. At least, the act has created more or less those with degrees but with the mindset of a blue-collar worker. 

In the case of the four boys in trial over the offence committed during the by-election campaign, I can say that is the unconventional, but a very daring approach to demonstrate what a real youngster should do. To challenge the UUCA act is to challenge the old men of the country, to show them the wrongs of the act. 

Something that I salute and would wish Khaled Noordin swearing and cursing..

Perhaps now the phrase from a WB Yeat's poem - 'No Country For Old Men' makes sense now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Asas Serba's $50 billion Toll Takeover Plan

Not everyone know very well of who is this entity called Asas Serba is except that for a start, they plan to takeover all the toll concessionaires in Malaysia with the offer of $50 billion.

I for one would definitely have that entity take over the entire North South Highway concessionaire, for a start, because it will definitely save the government compensation money and subsidy of having to pay PLUS until the period of concession expires in 2038, another 28 years from now or so. That is, if Asas Serba has at least one notable track record, the plan of reducing the toll by 20 percent and making the prices final - no more adjustments -  But it is the lingering doubts over several aspects that cast doubts over whether the government would give a go ahead over that plan. 

Chances are that the proposal of takeover would be rejected because of the no track record thing factor. But the government is definitely stuck over sacrificing their say over the highways against saving the subsidy for the economical end. If they are to nationalise all the highways, the cost will be at $383 billion, absolutely impossible with the current reserves in hand. On the other hand, if they decide to take the offer outright - it saves subsidy but violates one of Najib's tenets of not having rent-seeking and patronage.

But the government has learnt lessons from the peak period of Asian economic crisis. There were turbulent moments in the Malaysian economy. For instance, the government had to bail out Tajudin Ramli's MAS for an astronomical amount over losses incurred. And then there's the Renong problem, that they had to bail them out too. Such painful lessons would give the Najib administration, and those who were once part of the problem 13 years ago a likely say of nay to the proposal.

Funding will also pose a problem. The money comes by dividend bonds. Shareholders will need to be convinced of doing the right investment in investing bonds there. Or why not have a collective company acting as a single shareholder that holds 40% maximum of the company's share? Since the highways are used by people, why not make as people's property, that is jointly owned by people and government-in lead?

The other method would be buying back the NSE rather than paying compensations to PLUS. NSE only. Given the volume of vehicles travelling on the main route from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Johor Bahru increasing as per year, the profits that PLUS stands to gain from the present rates is more than enough to cover upkeeping and having a decent margin of after-tax profit.


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