Sunday, June 27, 2010

PR's Putrajaya Dream Will Be Over With Such Squabbles!

The current PKR squabbling in Selangor has a tell tale sign that PKR, being the leading party partner of PR's dream of running Putrajaya by 2013 will be over with such squabbles between the so-called Group of 15 in the revolt against Khalid Ibrahim. Many said that the chief of the overall conspiracy was Azmin Ali and former PKR man Wee Choo Keong was also mentioned among the list of 15. However, the numbers do not tally to 15, but instead, 11 only.

Many believed that Azmin wants to take over the post of MB, but he could have done so immediately after March 8, prior to the forming of the new state government. But however, in this situation of crisis, this shows that Khalid is more or less a corporate bureaucrat background MB who doesn't have much of the experience of politics. I suppose this explains why there is also another reason of why Anwar Ibrahim was brought in as the state economic adviser. In last night's meeting, it is said that many of the PKR state divisions (17 of 22) show support and vote of confidence for Khalid. 
Elizabeth Wong has called on the G15 to show their faces. Many have already been identified.

No need to repeat what people said. But after 8 March, there was a realization that there is no one else (assemblyman) that is able to run the state show except for Khalid. If you try to take DAP as MB, expect hoo hahs from some people cum opportunists who say that a Chinese is running a state. Take a PAS man to be an MB and people will say Selangor is an Islamic state despite many non-Malays in urban areas. This means PKR since it is a multi-racial identity party - sorry, composed of multi-racial people and out of the assemblymen winning seats, there was no other choice other than Khalid.

Even if Azmin manages to throw Khalid off and becomes MB, he lacks the forte to run the state. 

Among the 11, some aligned to Azmin perhaps because of financial restrictions. But now that I read that, I felt something is amiss on Kamarul. I had a feeling of something not right having met him twice in Bagan Pinang - one over a late dinner, and one over the Bukit Lanjan Chinese New Year Open House this year. 

The bottom line is that the thing can be resolved in the party elections in November, but by that time, it will be too late. Plus, even some of the people don't know, that there are civil servants in the state government that are still aligned to the previous Khir Toyo's administration that woudl do anything to sabotage the PR running the state. There's the saying goes, you try to move the head, but the tail moves the other way round. This happened in Perak where Nizar's administration accuses the Perak State Secretary for being among the prime sabotagers. Yes, that man whom I believed should be contesting for BN in the next GE does not report to Nizar, but Sidek , the KSU.

Sabah PKR chiefs said: “We don’t know what kind of hold Azmin has over Anwar and that disturbs us. Something is just not right here.“ Speaking of reality, Azmin has a relationship with one Nurul Izzah's sisters, which means Azmin do have a hold over Anwar and some things that can be private in nature. It could be this reason that Anwar might be indecisive in making decisions such as that.

In that case, Anwar should step aside and let the other people run the party. He could end up being the liability instead. He has less than six months to shape up or PR could be the sinking ship instead of the BN Mob group.

The way I see it, it's likely that PKR better pack their backs, as what Martin Jalleh says, as their ultimate dream is over with such squabbles.

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  1. let me tell you the 98,azmin suffered most other than dsai.he was told his daughter is ds love child.imagine if that happened to you.he stayed with ds.dap was nowhere in msian politics.
    the reason pakatan won 5 states was dsai.khalid
    joined cos he was asked to leave guthrie.that is opportunist.

    after handed the mar2008 mbship of selangor,khalid change to 'kiblat cina'.he sold out the malays for his gain.

    now dsai is paralysed.all chinese vote for dap,pkr mps left as their struggle(lost jobs and houses)were not appreciated.

    dsai is going to court.he need khalid to support him.

    now selangor is a t mercy of dap!!


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