Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anyone Managed To Laugh Before Laughing Gets Banned?

According to Malaysiakini, the satire book by Zunar, 1Funny Malaysia was among a few KiniBooks that got banned. This is in addition to Perak Darul Kartun. One of the men who made the decision was Mahmood Adam. And I just only have one comment to say, that this an example of a man who doesn't understand human psychology. And I see that this is not a very good excuse of getting 'people' to hate the government. 

In fact it is already too late to impose the ban. Urban and well-educated people are indeed aware of how abysmal Malaysia is going now with all the policies being made people who are actually politically high and mighty but not very good in running the ship. There are many things out there were blocked out by the veil that fail to block people from seeing it. In fact some had already had seen the veil.

I bet media people and independent-level media ones are going to be unhappy of how PPP Act 1984 is used on a satire book that is reflecting the funny side of Malaysia. Hello, is everyone going to accept the ban? Not likely and expect maybe anger soon.

One thing that people hate is that people in power don't know human psychology.

In America, and in Europe, both sides are showing satire of their rival sides, which is acceptable and normal. Why can't Malaysia? Is it because they are afraid of accidental secrets spilling out that this was one crude way to contain the spill?

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