Monday, June 28, 2010

MACC Changing Goal Posts? Gotcha!

It's twice in the space of a few days over the week where we believe that our own Anti-Corruption Agency, now becoming MACC has already shown signs of changing goal posts in order to win and you can be sure that they will play dirty in this entire week or so. MACC in the last few months or so has lost several high-profile cases, with the latest being Norza Zakaria's acquittal over the alleged bribery charges due to unreliable witnesses

First off, following the resuming of Rosli Dahlan's trial it seems that they have been battered left and right. The lawyers have questioned one of its agency's star prosecutors Kevin Morais and with all the "No I don't know" no thing and so forth, it seems that they are trying to put this case into cold storage, hopefully that no one see it. What they don't know is that there are people who know who slimy they can be in changing goal posts to win the case. 

The man who made the report against Rosli Dahlan is another Saiful, not Saiful Bulkhari but Saiful Ezral. This trial also establishes the shady characters who are set to put Rosli out once and for all. And that includes Nordin Hassan whom I remembered representing a few of the top characters implicated in the Lingam tape case. Sometimes, it may be necessary to do the backstabbing thing in order to get the Datukship, which reminds me of the current Sodomy II, in which our main DPP was the only man good enough to take on the assignment to send Anwar back to Sungai Buloh - and no one else. 

Coming to the point, they are losing already and the way of changing goal posts is to change the judge

Reading our Din Bean's posting what kind of a absorbing material and even tells the tale of how MACC, behind the scenes is trying to cover up the Beng Hock case as well. Given the tell tale signs, I'd say that the alleged letter bearing the letter head that was out weeks after his death may be proven true after all. 

Well, it needs reminding there.

The second thing is about the upcoming statement taking that MACC will do in London next Monday with P.I Balasubramaniam. There is a clear sense of reluctance and unwillingness of MACC to go there for the sessions, because they do not want lawyer's presence and anything recorded, they would want to tag that as secret. Unfortunately, OSA 1972 cannot be used there and it is overruled by Britain's FOI act (Freedom of Information). Let's face it..all the enforcement agencies, the police , this and so forth would eventually report this to the Home Ministry. And of course Hishamuddin would want to protect his cousin's reputation from any further damage, which includes Altantuya, and many other things. Bala's statement, with documents is going to open a closet of skeletons, a can of worms and many things that will make the mob puke.

Since it's in the English turf, Malaysia is not able to do funny stuff a.l.a. law of the jungle. If MACC tries to do funny, there, they will instead get caught by Scotland Yard. 

These are two moments right now that we perceive MACC of changing goal posts. That's right, there are people instead who are watching the agency. Should have been the other way round, really.

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