Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Young Guns vs UUCA Act

It is surely a relief for 4 students when the court granted an injunction against UKM to convene a university tribunal to charge them under Section 15(5) of the UCA Act 1971. I have been observing the events unfolding recently, and the four of them, in opinion have shown an example of young guns, upcoming men have stand up and challenged old laws and those that are contradiciting directly with the Constituition.

I see that in that current scenario, an inferior angle on having that such law is that the old men running the country wants the young to grow up in their mold, as it was back a few decades ago. However, in this time of the century, young tend to rebel against the old - an instinct perhaps. Such desire by the old men creates problems right now. New ideas, exploration, suggestions, approaches to problems can be explored by the young only if they are given allowances to try new things that cannot be held back by the restrictions imposed by the UUCA act. 

The main reason the UUCA act was imposed that time was to ensure that undergraduates will not be distracted by outside events and will allow them to focus on books and knowledge. That was in 1971 but at this time, it seems that rules, like this act are meant to be broken because of the current society and age.
At the present stage of a man's life, the youngsters are not bound by the chains of society and economy that burdens their ambition and their desires. 

In this age, the UUCA has made youngsters behave like old men, even if they are physically young and able. We have seen many graduates, as the result of this act become more or less robots, unable to discover new things, dare to be curious and question anything that will satrisfy their knowledge and curiosity. In the end, look at students, starting from secondary students. As the result of an education system that never teaches them to think beyond further and so forth, many have the mindset of a robot. And you don't have much of the white-collar professionals that the government have been whining about.

In other words, the old men have robbed the young of the freedom to choose, think and so forth while such act is still on. But in truth, it is the other way round, there is no country for old men. Sooner, they had to step aside and let the young run the roost. Hisham Rais once spoke of this matter. He once said that making a young man behaving like an old man is more or less tantamount of committing a crime against humanity. 

The intellectual level, collectively speaking in local campuses have reached to the suffocating point. The trend of having robots have turned employers away, particularly those in the MNC from hiring these graduates and prefer those who are graduated overseas. At least, the act has created more or less those with degrees but with the mindset of a blue-collar worker. 

In the case of the four boys in trial over the offence committed during the by-election campaign, I can say that is the unconventional, but a very daring approach to demonstrate what a real youngster should do. To challenge the UUCA act is to challenge the old men of the country, to show them the wrongs of the act. 

Something that I salute and would wish Khaled Noordin swearing and cursing..

Perhaps now the phrase from a WB Yeat's poem - 'No Country For Old Men' makes sense now.

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