Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mi No Spik Inglis...Now You're Wrong!

There is only one thing I can comment about Karpal Singh's acquittal over the sedition act is simply that whoever made the police report or interpreted Karpal's words is simply not very good in English. No wonder, many employers in the private sector couldn't bring those people in because they can even speak a good line in English. When that happens, these people are pushed into civil service since civil service uses Bahasa Malaysia, in which are familiar.

At the end of the news paper thing, I was wondering whether the two guys who made the police report did study degree or Masters or something. But since there's no Dr. in the title of addressing, maybe I think they didn't study overseas. If you are studying overseas, you need to have high proficiency in English prior to admission.

Here is one lesson taught, you lie in your teeth if you claim to be good in English whereas many are educated in Bahasa Malaysia. Politically speaking in here, going back to Malay language instead of English is walking one step backwards, and you making more dunces than smart and highly-educated people.

No wonder in the education perspective, Mahathir is very angry over the reversal. Muhyiddin, is trying to reverse things back but the idea makes more stupid people than white collar people.

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