Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cashing The Vendor Singer Out of Tanjung Tualang

"We’re going to go to ground, too, to explain to your constituents what a political whore you are!" - Haris on Keshvinder Singh's departure

I have been to Tanjung Tualang, off Batu Gajah for a few times and have eaten the famous seafood there for a few times, the last being during the fourth day of Chinese New Year. On the way back to Ipoh after a very sumptuous meal there, I have seen a Chinese New Year greeting banner from Keshvinder Singh, since Tanjung Tualang is under the Malim Nawar state seat. Obviously it's a courtesy to greet your people there. But it was pretty a surprise that this guy decides to go out of DAP and declare himself BN-friendly independent.

It really doesn't make much of a difference between calling yourself a BN-friendly and going to BN. Look at what happened to that assemblyman in Port Klang did, after he became independent, he joined the mob group called UMNO, so it is nothing more of saying I am going from DAP to BN. Keshvinder should just make it simple to say I am going to BN. No need to explain more of this and all sorts of reasons. But of course he has broken his own promise and the statements he made (like this one) prior to this.

He was claiming that DAP is not helping him with his constituency and he has to resort to using his own money, and in the end owing a lot of money which makes him into financial dire straits. We have to understand that since BN hates losing places that they should not lose to opposition, this is the main reason why there is not much of funding in those places, particularly if they are the government of the day in a state.

Keshvinder's motivation is purely different from Hee, whom we know that it's her husband's gambling problems, her need to have a prestige car and her clash with the Ngeh and Nga cousins of DAP Perak had been the reason of her defection. But the both thing in common is shows that Barisan Nasional was the real walking the mantra of lompat katak claim instead of Anwar Ibrahim and PR. Going from PR to BN has a different effect than going from BN to PR. The former can expect a lot of boos while the latter expects more cheers from socially-aware people.

The chinese formed 73 percent of the voting population of Malim Nawar and unlike places where Malays form the majority, it is the Chiense-way of guile, perception and the unique way of evaluating people will determine whether Keshvinder will get whacked or not in the 13 GE, should he decides to continue his seat there. 

Yes, I would love to help tell people what a political whore he is, if I am invited to tag alone to tell people there.


  1. it seems price of toad in perak has dropped from 20 to ONLY 2juta wo !?

  2. Hee was conferred a Nenekship ! This idiot should be conferred a Dirtyshit !


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