Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Children

No, it's not Little Children movie that Jackie Earle Haley was in.

It's just how Bung Mokhtar Radin speaks ala a little child in the parliament today.

If these people get shooed out, MPs will not be able to hear what they want to say. These people have waited too long for the chance to come in and speak. 

If these people who scored excellent grades in SPM could not get scholarships, then something is wrong.

Cap Melayu will not show excellence in education. 

The video has been recorded by Malaysiakini and shown online. Bung is gonna be disgraced with that thing. If you hear from 4:28, a background voice says, "YB yang buat. Dia tahu peraturan." which means that the other MPs who brought them in here knows the house rules.

Everyone outside the street and in cyberspace is laughing over this man.

If Bung has the balls, go and ask Kulasegaran.

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