Monday, June 28, 2010

Wake Up. You've Been Cheated.

I keep reading the phrase, "kelentong", "Melayu ditipu" and some other phrases and I felt that other Malay friends have still not realized to the reality that they been lied all the time along. The "ulama" issue on last weekend was one way to cheat their fellow men of the same race, made to believe that religious scholars are joining UMNO. 

The account of one of the 40 simply says that they were invited to the UMNO HQ to meet Najib. Then they were shown to reporters and announced that they were joining UMNO. Some in truth really did, while some were put out to hang in the sun, without any idea of them joining a party. And of course these pictures hit their owned and controlled papers the next day.

“Kami dibawa masuk melalui bangunan sebelah Mall, naik escala...tor, pusing-pusing tiba-tiba sudah berada di dalam Bangunan Umno di PWTC, diminta beratur menyambut Najib datang dan bersalaman, ketika itu gambar diambil bertalu-talu.

“Kemudian diumumkan kepada media bahawa inilah 40 ulama muda yang menyertai Umno, benar ada yang menyertai Umno tetapi ramai yang tertipu melihat kepada reaksi mereka yang asyik menunduk sahaja,”.

“Saya dan tiga lagi sahabat lepasan Jordan, Mohd Fakhruzzaman, 37, dari Shah Alam, Mohd Akram An-Nazilin, 27, (Putrajaya) dan Mohd Jalaluddin Tahir, 26 (Sungai Petani) menafikan kami berbuat demikian sebaliknya Umno yang menipu,” tegasnya.

Reminds me of the Ali Baba and 40 thieves story.

Of course, you have to beware of people who stand to profit from religion, a.l.a RIBA.

But I see this as a good example of "menipu orang Melayu" but not many people are waking up to that.

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