Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rally Aftermath

In the aftermath of the rally, we had a blogger gathering back in Bangsar. Basically, it is nothing more of discussing the events that happened to other fellow bloggers when we were separated from the long queue.

See, Anu (Galadriel) and Ancient Mariner had their accounts, but they were together with Shar. Rocky was with Stephen and former MP Wee Choo Keong (interestingly, he mistaken me as SK Thew). Of course there are accounts from Haris, Sheih (Kickdafella) and Liz. Tony's account, as of this time I think it's partially finished.

Eric, who was with me, playing the young covering a sick old man, had constantly trying to talk about showing the *fuck* at ZAM, as we are getting too excited to hear what he would say later on. True to his word, that fella hit back at Al-Jazeera.

Tikus but Nat had their accounts included as well. Sadly, Bernard could not join us as he was in Penang for something.

We had a long drink and food at Bangsar. But we were waiting for the next day news.

Sure, Abdullah Badawi suddenly musters up the courage to speak from Penampang, about getting the royals in involving in politics. I suppose that there is a desperation to turn to them when all else fails, as what Anwar was saying in the evening news.

Jeff's account fills up the missing gaps that were not included in our blogs. I must take credit for his additional info in filling the blanks. Malaysiakini also clarified the final number of people arrested - 29 instead of 245. The numbers 4000 and 245 were deliberately said by IGP Musa Hassan as to show the readers outside Kuala Lumpur the bad image of the demonstration.

But the one that insults me and the bloggers most is about the Mamak of Merbok, Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin. Since becoming Abdullah Badawi's gatekeeper of information, the latest mistake made by ZAM is that the ordered total blackout of coverage for the English mainstream media. Instead of reporting the coverage, the Star and NST could only report of traffic jams and road blocks into the city. No photos of the rally were allowed and they could only show it at page 8 of the papers.

What a bad mistake it is for withholding information to the public. A warning: they are no longer being kept in dark anymore as the level of awareness has gone better than ever. More people are getting aware of what is happening in Malaysia. You better quit asshole! Again, if the one thing that ticks you off is Malaysiakini, the reason it happens is because that the mainstream media is never given free rein and control to cover things properly. Just a small thing and an excuse of security means total blackout for them. Shall I repeat the word Malaysiakini again?

Finally, the clear copy of the Al-Jazeera's Hamish McDonald's report of yesterday's rally:

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