Saturday, November 17, 2007

Judicial Crisis Scoreline: People 2 Government 0

Two up for the people.

Just at around 7 p.m, Abdullah Badawi has relented to public pressure to establish a Royal Commission to investigate into the Lingam tape scandal. This was following a unison voice from the Haidar panel recommending the same thing. It would have been better if Bedol said it earlier rather than waiting for close to two months to say the same thing!

A check on the newspapers indicate that Bernama and Malaysiakini are the only papers that has the article on confirmation of establishment of the commission.

Now, is Lim Kit Siang getting his dream team? The dream team of Sultan Azlan Shah, Tun Dzaiddin Abdullah and N.H Chan?

I hope so. When I talked about the Lingam tape scandal to certain friends, they all concur that because of the judiciary rot, foreigners would rather ply their trade in Singapore and elsewhere than Malaysia. Simple, each trial's been rigged and politically pressured.

A immediate pressure to buckle up after last week's Bersih rally? Yep...the government is fearful of people's confidence plunging down and they are starting to realize about it.

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