Monday, November 30, 2009

These Hawkish Guys Could Impede Things

On Sunday, a friend of mine spoke of how he met a UMNO man in the north and we learned of a storm brewing between Najib and Muhyiddin. Of course, from the beginning, we knew that Muhyiddin has the hawkish type of personality - one of those still pushing for the ketuanan Melayu thing. Something like being Blackbeard the pirate would do.

These Hawks are UMNO are what I believed are impeding the country's progress to achieve a well-developed nation with such kind of attitudes. Take the BTN thing today. Nazri has admitted that the BTN program is not reflecting the 1Malaysia concept that Najib the showman was trying to promote. And there have been several people who are defending the present BTN thing, which is seem to be brainwashing people. People like his cousin Hisham, Muhyiddin, Sharizat and a few of them. The cabinet is now in odds with Muhyiddin over the BTN.

What if we are to shoot down the hawks...will it make a difference in paving the way of making the nation better in thinking? Not yet. Dr. M has also said of how division heads of UMNO will not allow an intellectual person - professionals - in overtaking their position for the mere fear of losing power. In the end, they have weak leaders while the professionals and intellectuals are in the PAS camp.

Some spanking is needed in order, I suppose.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anti-ISA Billboard Returns

During my trip in Penang on Friday / Saturday, the anti-ISA billboard at the Esplanade is back. Previously, during the Bagan Pinang by-election campaign, the sign went missing.

This means that the state government is meaning business. They don't want ISA as it is crude.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Namewee Doesn't Have To Say "FU"!

You guys might want to judge by yourself. First you look back at the video:

Namewee was wondering why the TNB building is brightly lit while Muar town was in blackout.

The staff at TNB were there. I spoke to a TNB man just now, who watched the video with me and I concurred with his assessment. As the standard operating procedure, one group of staff would be at the building, and one more group would be at the site of breakdown.

The staff that Namewee was talking too mentioned of breakdown, not shutdown. The time needed to fix depends on availability of the spare parts, time needed to reach the breakdown site and etc.. Namewee doesn't have to say FU all the time. It shows those lack of maturity and understanding. Period.

Nobody, not even the ministers paid attention to Namewee's ranting. The thing was blown out of proportions. It's just a breakdown, damn it!!!!!

You Don't Really Need BTN At All!

I must say that I am fortunate not to take part in the BTN courses that were offered here. People say that course is an indoctrination to say no to alternates. They keep saying the political bullshit and those elements that are related to the "projek pembodohan Melayu". It is the same thing as what Hisham Rais said a few weeks back.

I wrote a posting sometime back that there was a book that I read which shows of the indoctrination of hatred towards the race of people there although those thing was wrong, non-existential. Only bodeks who have no idea or wise up towards the real thing would just take up the course. Those two common things that were drilled during the course were:

1. Malays are starting to lose their rights to their Chinese and Indians.
2. The Chinese are our enemies.

BTN is a project to fool the minds of the Malays. Even if Muhyiddin was saying that BTN is incalculating the 1 Malaysia thing, I don't really think that would sway people who are aware of such thing. What you can do is that you can go and sit for the course and see what they talk or preach. Of course, the first sign of noticing it is if this goes against your common sense or otherwise. If you happen to be smitten by that bullshit, I'm've been brainwashed.

Selangor did a smart move to stop more people from being brainwashed. Time to wise up.

You should once listen to what Hisham Rais is saying..."hentikan projek membodohkan melayu."

Read this:

"Once our people walked the surface of the world," he repeated, his tone now one of lament, "in ages long past, even longer than the lines of the great houses. In that distant age, we walked beside the pale-skinned elves, the faeries!"

"It cannot be true!" one student cried from the side.

Hatch'net looked at him earnestly,considering whether more would be gained by beating the student for his unasked-for interruption or by allowing the group to participate. "It is!" he replied, choosing teh latter course. "We thought the faeries our friends; we called them kin! We could not know, in our innocence, that they are the embodiments of deciet and evil. We could not know that they would turn on us suddenly and drive us from them, slaughtering our children and the eldest of our race!

"Without mercy the evil faeries pursued us across the surface world. Always we asked for peace, and always we were answered by swords and killing arrows!"

He paused, his face twisting into a widening, malicious smile. "Then we found the goddess!"

"Praise Lolth!" came one anonymous cry. Again Hatch'net let the slip of tongue go by unpunished, knowing that every accenting comment only drew his audience deeper into his web of rhetoric.

"Indeed," the master replied. "All praise to the Spider Queen. It was she who took our orphaned race to her side and helped us fight off our enemies. It was she who guided the fore-matrons of our race to the paradise of the Underdark. It is she," he roared, a clenched fist rising into the air," who now gives us the strength and the magic to pay back our enemies! We are the drow!" Hatch'net cried. "You are the drow, never again to be downtrodden, rulers of all you desire, conquerors of lands you choose to inhabit!"

"The surface?" came a question.

"The surface?" echoed Hatch'net with a laugh. "Who would want to return to that vile place? Let the faeries have it! Let them burn under the fires of the open sky! We claim the Underdark, where we can feel the core of the world thrumming under our feet, and where the stones of the walls show the heat of the world's power!

Drizzt sat silent, absorbing every word of the talented orator's often-rehearsed speech. Drizzt was caught, as were all the new students in Hatch'net's hypnotic variations of inflection and ralling cries. Hatch'net had been the ,aster of Lore at the Academy for more than two centuries, owning more prestige in Menzoberranzan than nearly any other male drow and many of the females. The matrons of the ruling families understood well the value of his practiced tongue.

So it went everyday, and endless stream of hate rhetoric directed against an enemy that none of the students had ever seen. The surface elves were not only the only target of Hatch'net's sniping. Dwares, gnomes, humans, halflings, and all of the surface races - and even subterranean races such as the duergar dwarves, which the drow often traded with and fought beside - each found an unpleasant spot in the master's ranting.

It's One of Malaysia's Best Acting Cliche's!!!!

In filmmaking, the eleven known cliches that are best to be avoid are:

1. Surprise phone hangup.
2. Handy file cabinet - looking at the top drawer for a file.
3. Drinks in room temperature
4. Annoying two-shots - racking back and forth that is making audience of out-of-focus image.
5. Police arriving at the crime scene by the time crooks get away
6. Reactions of two actors listening to off-stage dialogue
7. Camera goes around actor for no reason.
8. In the office, the boss goes up, sits at the edge of the desk to make a two-shot.
9. Music swelling when actors whisper in intimacy.
10. Moving the camera for no reason
11. "What are you doing here?"

Enough of the list. Everyone says that when the Court of Appeal was agreed to hear the pleas of the Election Commission, in the process placing a stay of calling a by-election, it is the same thing as in Perak. They say that the Master is very unhappy over the outcome and ordered the judiciary to give their own lapdogs what they want to keep them happy. And that's the fact to make Najib happy. Of course I'd say that these guys have no guts to fight but there's something else to know more before saying that thing.

It's a cliche. Same scene repeated over again. Edmund 'Lord Bobo' was commenting about redux of Perak there. Officially, the main excuse for this EC jokers to file a commission is simply because they don't have enough money to run a by-election. 10 by-elections so far, if this is to be counted. And actually, it's true, Malaysia has run out of money.

Never in the official books, Malaysia has a deficit of 93 billion and running now. Given that Malaysia has run out of money in the coffers, Najib has to do many drastic things. You can make it up by seeing why he goes to New York to meet investors, why they are now accelerating the introduction of the GST tax, why they want to impose the RM50 per credit card - that's making a quick buck out of the splash they made.

Do you also remember what Najib said about pumping RM 1 billion every month until end of 2010? How did he get that idea? Simple. After he completed his Dubai trip, he stopped by here and went to Hong Kong visiting Daim for money. Do you start to realize that the more you bring in foreign investors here without your own control, they are starting to dictate terms of control that you will not be able to do so in long run? Isn't this the way an economic hitman's doing? So who's actually selling the country out?

So coming back to the election, it's is a repeating of a scene. If in a comedy, if you make a joke that people laugh a lot and want it again fine. But you can't do that thing again over and over again until people will ask why and for what? Same goes here. Same cliche used for the Anwar sodomy, same cliche used in the Perak thing, same thing used for that and there? I mean, are those people using only those things that's it?

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Man Behind The Kulai Mess

Fisheries Board Development chairman, ex-Pekan Kelapa Sawit assemblyman and UMNO man Adam Hamid was believed to be behind the group of 30 UMNO men who filed the protest and pressured the Kulai division police to cancel the permit for the Keadilan ceramah last night, in which Anwar and Chua Jui Meng was due to deliver their speeches. It is of course a shame for those who came to listen to their speeches but could not do so, having being told to stop following complaints by the UMNO mob.

Anwar managed to use the last 10 minutes to talk before the show disperesed.

Kulai is also known to be an UMNO stronghold.

This is according to some info by the PKR district division Youth Wing last night. Also according to a source, Adam is a Pak Lah man, not in favor with the state chief minister Ghani Othman. Since this happens, we might start asking the police whether they bow pressure to UMNO because whether if they are the law and the boss or because they are right?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How Come Newspapers Didn't Put Up That?

On Friday, the final part of the interview with PI Balasubramaniam was published in Malaysia Today and it reveals the name of the Datuk who threatened him to withdraw the SD, which is Nazim Razak, PM Najib's younger brother architect and the businessman's name by full - by the name of Deepak Jaikishan. For the first four parts of the interview, part of it was published online, either in Malaysian Insider and appears in the later pages of the newspapers (like NST, Star and etc..)

After the final part of the interview was published. I did some checking between 1 p.m until midnight on Friday, none of the newspapers carried the news item at all.

Only Malaysiakini has the full report of the news, while The Malaysian Insider carries Lim Kit Siang's urging of full security for Bala to return back to Malaysia.

It seems that there are a few logical reasons:

1. The interview clearly hints that Najib was involved in Altantuya despite repeated denials. Many newspapers (owned by political parties) show allegiance and support of 1Malaysia concept. If this is revealed, support for that campaign could be hit.
2. Deepak and Nazim are associated by business and by family relationship respectively with Rosmah, and it clearly implies that Rosmah knew that she's in trouble over the first SD. It is as damage control.
3. It is perceived that the majority people of Malaysia are not ready to handle the truth, particularly on those who support Barisan Nasional, blind loyalers and etc.. and it has to be hushed as if nothing happened.
4. There were calls from either the Home Ministry (cousin Hisham) or the new Fourth Floor Boys (under purview of PM) with instructions not to publish this bombshell, despite the fact that it is really true.

In this case, it seems that people were kept in the blue over this matter and they were trying to tell people that Altantuya's case is closed, no more, good buy and good riddance, despite the facts and what is exhibited is wrong.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh..Hell, Datuk Patrick Got Murdered!?

Pretty shocking, when checking out other blogs to hear that our friend was a murder victim of a robbery by intruders at his house in Bangsar.

I met him a few times, in the last one year or so, and I can't believe that a man goes off in a very wrong way - murder. Not the kind of going off that people had in mind. The last time I saw him was during a lunch break at office.

I clearly remembered one night when I hitched a ride on his car back to the Wharf after my friend Augustine was arrested. That was during the 1st year anniversary of the Bersih rally. Moments after Augustine was caught, I ran and told Serena, Patrick and Cindy of the arrest.

On Chinese New Year early of the year, I remembered how kind Datuk was with me. Sitting with Dave, Serena and others, I came late because of work. I was invited and he had with me a round of drinks with some nice cendol to sate my hunger. I've seen the house before, big with lavish rooms and etc. And had two kids around my age or something. Now it got me wonder what happens to them with no father around? Money ain't going to buy back things.

I had a feeling that it's maybe people from Bangla or Indonesia scum that come in and rob people in the middle of the night. Not sure if there was a skirmish when trying to fight off the robbers. I wonder whether if they have invested in security systems or not.

Oh the hell....

For Malaysia To Leap, We Must Debunked These Myths!

I can sum this up - if Malaysia intends to progress and reach as par as US or Singapore, the majority of the 27 million citizens here must be willing to debunked the myths that is laid for the last 50 years. These myths never exist nor it is real. It is to scare the shit out of the people. The target audience for this is specifically on our friends who form 60 percent of the population.

There is a need to have more intellectual people to support whatever we have now and to do so, we need to get out of the physical non-existential shell that is the myths that claimed to be true.

Although I do not really agree entirely with this writer's essay, nonetheless, it is essential that everyone should understand what we really are.

And to illustrate the case in point, this joker MP, the "tutup satu mata" MP Mohd. Aziz from Sri Gading gave a blunt warning of non-inteference. Psychologically, it is to say "shut up and listen" just like in school. Blind faith will not work anymore.

Read this article closely here. Pay attention. If you need translation, please ask friends to help out....okay?

Sesiapa yang menentang United Malays National Organistion di katakan menentang Islam. Ini juga adalah projek membodohkan orang Melayu. Bagaimana menentang gerombolan ini disangkut pautkan dengan agama tidak pula dilakar dengan jelas.

Islam ialah agama kepercayaan. Manakala United Malays National Organistion adalah satu gerombolan politik. Islam telah wujud 1500 tahun dahulu. Gerombolan yang beroperasi hari ini hanya wujud semenjak tahun 1988 dahulu. Manusia Melayu telah menganut Islam 500 tahun dahulu dan tidak ada sangkut paut dengan United Malauys National Organisation.

Superman OTK Removing More People...But That's Good!

Ahh....just look at the tearful pleas by Chew and Wee. Pic by Malaysiakini

On October 27, MCA's third force, comprising of Liow Tiong Lai, Chew Mei Fun and Wee Kah Siong with the other Dirty Dozen showed in Liow's press conference, revealing themselves that were hitting out at party president Ong Tee Keat. An article on Malaysia Today revealed the remaining dirty dozen, which includes deputy ministers like Chor Chee Heung.

Today, Ong has removed another 5 more people from the the presidential council. Most of the people removed are indeed behind Liow and Ong has hit the bonus today by removing the so called man behind Liow's call - Wee Ka Siong. As mentioned previously alleged by Robert Phang, Wee was the one who arranged for Ong to go on Tiong King Sing's private jet. Indeed the whole idea of Liow coming in from the back door was Wee's idea. Perhaps Ong was now aware that Wee was trying to put PKFZ under the carpet and was behind the whole thing.

The additional people removed in addition to Wee and Chew were Wee Jeck Seng, Lee Wei Kiat, and Ho Kok Chung - all Liow's men. However, there are still 5 people remaining including Liow. One from Ka Ting's camp, two from Kong Choy's camp and the other one is Malacca's Gan Tian Loo.

From Ka Ting's Camp - Yu Chok Tow
From Kong Choy's Camp - Pahang Division chairman Hoh Khai Mun, Wong Siong Hwee

As Liow said, Ong's move was called slash and burn. Officially, it's a mere reshuffle, unofficially, Ong is removing those who trying to take him out from being MCA president. Indirectly, he is also sending a warning to Tiong not to screw him, particularly with his closest buddies, Chor and Wee.

All I can say, that's a smart move of hitting the real people out. But it ain't finished yet.

Previously: Why Malaysia Still Needs Superman OTK

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another By-Election - Kota Siputeh

Now here's the chance for Pakatan Rakyat to make amends for the mistakes that they did in Bagan Pinang. This time, the High Court made a right decision of making the EC declaring the Kota Siputeh seat in Kedah vacant. EC has found to be overruling the Speaker's decision - a decision that is contradicting the usual say that Speaker's decision cannot be challenged at all.

Unlike the Perak Constitution, Article 51 of the Kedah Constitution is clear that our BN man from the UMNO mob has gone AWOL two times in the role and that is clearly that cannot be denied at all. So the EC this time could run from making various excuses that they say the man is still an ADUN. And of course, it is a slap in the face for Muhyiddin Yassin (a.l.a, Blackbeard...)

I know Barisan Nasional is running out of money following the last 9 by-elections and they have flung lots of money for the Bagan Pinang campaign to finally get a win in Peninsular Malaysia. Okay...a check on the map indicates that Kota Siputeh is at the border line between Perlis and Kedah, so it's going to be further up ahead there.

Anyhow I see that both sides are facing hiccups, with PR facing infighting from state divisions, Sabah in particular, bribery accusations at Nik Aziz, and etc..While the media are still pushing towards nudging the PR into implosion with their news, in addition to remarks by UMNO men in particular, don't forget to mind your own camp. PI Bala has hit out with the first part of the one hour interview about his SD and it reveals much about the "First Lady" desperately trying to buy his silence to save her ass because she was really responsible for that incident.

So it's another election fever coming up..and boy, it's going to be fun really. And you might want to consider this.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Between Hot Mama and Big Mama

You can compare and judge yourself between Hot Mama and Big Mama....

Despite physically at the age of 50 and counting, Madonna is still performing and doing her dance moves as if she's still at her 30s. Already had two kids Lola and Rocco, biologically and adopting 2 more....but the key point is that most divas at the age of 50 and counting can't do those moves and singing anymore.

Do you see Whitney Houston or Celine Dion doing those slick dance moves or performing those disco-style-rhythm tunes like Madonna? I can hardly think of one really.

I think that's one Hot Mama.

On the other hand, let's check out Big Mama / Dottie / Rosmah whatever you wish to call.

Some say that she is really the real hands behind Najib. People know she's really behind Altantuya's murder despite repeat denials from the First Couple. They also say her personal fortune alone is at RM 5 billion. Also, unlike the previous PM wives, she is the only PM wife to have her own personal website.

Do you also notice that the Treasury department are very unhappy over her interference in Budget 2010 matters? Did Siti Hasmah or Jean Danker ever interfere in such things?

Ini Bik Mama and if you want to see the collection of pokings at Bik Mama, do visit this link.

Stories From Back Home

School Days How It Feels 15 Years Ago

It is one more week away from the year end school holidays and it remembered the time that when we were in either standard 5 or standard 6 that we literally had nothing to do when it's three weeks away from holidays.

Apart from exam results and positions prior to prize giving ceremony, we just had nothing left apart from playing board games, playing rock paper scissors. Maybe once a while the maths teacher or some other teachers just gave us a sneak peek of what's life to be in Form 1. But most of the time, it's playing games until the point that everyone takes part in it. Even prefects, monitors. The teachers didn't really care much of it. If there's physical education, they would take us out to the field to play football or something like that.

I would sometimes think back those years there. How we guys would play have fun and everything throughout six hours of school before the school bell rings. Sadly after we left primary school for more than 10 years, things no longer look like what it was before but physically improved a lot. The school is already 45 years old.

School ain't really fun that before. All time study and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bala: The Man Who Knew Too Much

The private eye Balasubramaniam unknowingly became the man who knew too much because much of investigations revealed that the PM Najib Razak had an affair with the murdered Mongolian girl Altantuya Shariibuu. Despite repeated denials that he doesn't know Altantuya, many know that he lied in his teeth. Many knew that Altantuya goes with another alias called Aminah Abdullah.

The one evidence that really hit the real perpetrators of the murder was actually a single picture of Najib, Altantuya and Razak Baginda having dinner together in a hotel in Singapore. A few people were known to have kept that picture and one copy is held by the Singapore authorities. Such revelation became too risky and Bala is one of the few that knew too much of the real scene behind the Altantuya murderer. The picture doesn't lie. The picture exists. Amy, Tuya's best friend recognized the face that is Najib and his man Razak Baginda.

As such, the conspirators had to reach him, forced him to switch SDs and then whisk them off to India. And to ensure silence, Bala was promised $5 million of money from Rosmah but it was just sweet talk. But expenses of RM 50000 per month (over the last 15 months) were paid to him via her carpetman Deepak Jaikishan. What is interesting over here is that Bala was taken to see Nizam Razak (Najib's younger brother) over the silence issue. How they got to him, was quoted that a Special branch by the name ASP Suresh went to the house in Rawang to get him. This has clearly hinted that the police has colluded with the PM in an effort to cover up the murder that has blown out into proportions.

Rosmah's personal fortune was estimated to be approximately $5 billion, much thanks to her cut in the most of the mega projects in Malaysia, particularly in the Defense ministry projects. And the money knows no bounds, which is no wonder such amount can be used to pay off people like him and the politicians from the PR side to jump over to UMNO / BN.

According to the video tape Bala was sent a message by Rosmah via her Bagman - Deepak - that to take the $50K per month and retire in India OR suffer the same fate as Altantuya. Likewise this goes for Kadar Shah - in relation to the Anwar Sodomy II case, same thing / message conveyed. Such thing has no doubt showed the answer as of who really ordered the murder of the poor Mongolian girl .

If this is revealed in the next few days, then there's is going to be problems for Seri Perdana in Putrajaya. I always think of that as Kak Endon coming back to haunt her enemy. In the days where Abdullah Badawi was the PM, Kak Endon was keeping tabs on Rosmah well, knowing full well that she could try to overtake her. Rich girl vs perempuan puaka...some said that was a good fight. But what about an old woman spanking a woman with a legend reputation that she broke down eventually?

The walls are crumbling there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hahaha....Sure Got It Right Or Not, Nazri?

One written reply by Nazri on October 23 that states that the Anti-Corruption agency has closed its case on Mr. 'Correct' Lingam due to lack of key witnesses. But Lingam's ex-secretary was mentioned prominently during the last few days of the Haidar commission.

I was at the attendance of Day 5 of the hearing at the beginning of last year in fact.

In one of the sessions attended, there was a statement that she did travel arrangements for him to meet up with Eusoff Chin in New Zealand, with a special man assigned by Vincent Tan to become the middle men of the two families. True, she also mentioned of Lingam preparing the court judgement of Vincent vs MGG Pillai defamation suit.

But I find it funny and wondering if Nazri Aziz (in his capacity of Law Minister) saying that MACC closed the case despite key witness testimony? Or was it that Nazri only knew certain portions or there's something else that we do not know and got hoodwinked? This brings me to wonder whether if Nazri has the knowledge of law or just don't know things entirely.

Sure got it right or not meh?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dateline: BERSIH Rally

2 years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, the coalition of free and fair elections, BERSIH, has held a massive rally in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It went on despite the police's refusal to grant permit and ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's warning at the UMNO assembly not to held that rally. Remember that his infamous words "Saya Pantang Dicabar" that were ignored by people. And the turn over, in the heart of the city at about 50K people, 100K if including the crowd stretching all together to Gombak was so massive that it outnumbered the police in the end.

Of course you remember that bloggers have also came down there to provide their coverage of the once in a lifetime event that has never happened since the days following Anwar's sacking from the cabinet. See part I, and my afternoon adventure in part II. The event was a success but the Election commission was very stubborn that it refused to use those indelible ink in the previous general elections.

And people laughed at the antics of Mamak Maidin criticizing Al-Jazeera. Sudah malu.

Flash forward one year later Bersih held a join vigil with the Anti-ISA vigil (at that time, Pete was just released from the ISA detention) at Amcorp mall that night. What was to be celebrating the anniversary turned violent when the police started charging at the participants before singing of the national anthem was over. 23 were arrested and the two that I remembered were Gus and Angela. And the next day, people whacked the state police chief Khalid Bakar as a liar.

Well, more than a year after their arrest, these group of people are facing a three-day trial at the PJ sessions court from tomorrow onwards and I would like to see what really happened. Though I will not be able to attend in person, I believe that they would be charged under the Police Act 1967. All I am interested is to see what happens at the end of the first day of trial, who is the prosecuting team and etc...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Court Verdicts Are Nowadays Seen As Maintain Hegemony, Not Real Justice

First thing though, the court verdicts that are covered in this discussion does not cover general homicide cases or those general criminal breach of trusts, frauds and etc.. The scope I am referring to is about cases that are mainly government vs public related. Lately, there have been a few cases that popped out like Anwar Sodomy II or the Nizar vs Zambry cases that the purpose of the case has no longer become real justice, based on the rule of law. Instead many 'politikus', politicians from the Barisan Nasional coaltion, UMNO in particular is indeed seeing it more or less as their hegemony in Malaysian politics on the believe that they are the ones to rule Malaysia for all time.

First thing was to go back to cases related to the Perak constituitional crisis. First of all, the court in Perak has stood by the Election Commission not to acknowledge ex-speaker Sivakumar's letters that the three rogue-assemblymen had resigned. Then, a few months later, in May, the Appeal court overturned the High Court's decision to declare Nizar as the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak. Of course, every one knows that there are hidden hands in terms of manipulating the case into the government favor.

The genesis of manipulation originated in the 80s (at that time, Salleh Abbas was the Lord President) where there have been many court verdicts in cases of government vs public were delivered in the favor of the public. That means, the losing streak at that time was very unbearable until to the point the entity was to be interfered. Post Salleh's sacking, the score became swinging to the other side. Initially, it's more or less even up the playing field, but eventually, it gradually became to the point where cases such as this will thought as political power between government vs public as part of its hegemony to remain dominant.

Until today, the myth that surrounds UMNO, since, it still says that they protect the Malay rights, and they are still saying that they are the only party with their Barisan partners to run Malaysia Incorporated. Thus if any verdict delivered goes against the government, the first thing that goes would be that hardcore men would say 'hilang kuasa' or 'Malay rights diminishing' or something. Therefore, if the Federal courts in particular said that what the Court of Appeal's decision is wrong or the Election Commission was wrong (as also of the Kota Seputeh) case, then UMNO and their NGOs under their patronage will start screaming of things that are nonsense. Of course, what they took illegally (think pirate style) - they would not want to relinquish it easily since they claim to do it legally, frog style.

Why would the EC turn away notifications of resignation from the Kedah and Perak speakers? Simple: Najib has instructed a lawyer in UMNO to tell them not to do so.

Why does the Court of Appeal overturn the High Court in Nizar vs Zambry and why the court would agree to Zambry's stay of appeal?
Simple: Najib has relayed an instruction to judges via the Chief Justice to give UMNO the win, irregardless of the score. So the outcome was a 3-0 of govt against public / opposition. A loss in that means 'loss of power' back there.

"Giving UMNO the win" - that's the magic phrase that I got reminded. Last week, I was told from an SMS relayed from Datuk Nizar that although hearings have been concluded, the chances of overturning the appeal are slim. Given of a 5-man quorum, I'd say it's a 4-1 rejection of the appeal, particularly with UMNO wants to keep the state. Of course, this contradicts in the Gobind appeal where it's true that a Speaker's decision cannot be challenged but numeration will still have to be allowed. Contradiction isn't it? And more political oriented.

You do not need to refer to previous cases to make sense of the opinion I want to pen here. You need inferences and common sense as well as the current party trend here. Trial verdicts are somewhat already decided from the beginning for political reasons but behind the mask that is the law. You let things go within the proper framework, but outcome is rigged to their favor. Failure to comply would result in putting in cold storage or being transferred elsewhere. The line of reality has started get blurred with real justice no longer done and those white-collar criminals (with those in the corridors of power in particular) walking away scott-free. And of course, rigging trials is also a tool of an economic-hitman so who is actually selling the country out to imperialism?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometimes You Have To Do Something Bad For Good

Dowager Empress Maria: I wish your father was still alive.
Nicholas II: Don't throw him at me.
Dowager Empress Maria: He knew how to be a Tsar. He'd have burn Vienna down, stamped on the Germans, shot the strikers, anything to give Russia peace. And he'd certainly know how to deal with this Rasputin. You father knew how to be a Tsar.

--Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)

A few days ago, I read the story from Pete about how little Napoleons run the roost in places that were notably Perak and Selangor for example. These little Napoleons do the exactly the opposite of what the heads would do. In other words, if I do A, the body would do B. This would give the impression to the public that the heads are not doing the job.

Looking back at on the night of March 8, when Barisan lost in both Perak and Selangor, we were told that Tajol Rosli locked himself up and sobbing over losing the state. Khir Toyo on the other hand was telling the staff to shred the documents to cover their misconduct and mismanagement of the stage. Of course, one thing that gave me a feeling of little Napoleons is like the case of where the Perak state secretary is doing something as if he is a BN man. No wonder I keep saying that this man might want to consider running for the post of either an MP or an assemblyman in the next general elections. need for me to be more cheong hei or be a fussy parh yeh por (sometimes I'd call my late granny that) and repeat the same thing as Pete said. I feel that whenever I see Selangor assemblymen or KL MPs, I kind of see them as celebrities and I would hope that Selangor doesn't end up with the same trap and fate as what happened in Perak on February 5. So, Ronnie Liu and Khalid Ibrahim will have a tough job to cut out for them.

Do you remember what Najib said back about winning back Selangor?

The worst part of doing this is of course, clearing the existing government departments to rid of the moles and blackheads and replaced them with those who are willing to work and contribute to the state, not politcally. This means, sacking them. That is why I put up the quote there where the Queen Mother Maria told Nicholas II that how she wished that her husband was still around and could have dealt with the situation / dissent right now.

Galad Damodred was characterized by Min Farshaw as someone who would do something that is right, even if it hurts people. This is what both gentlemen will have to start rolling the ball with. Get involved. Clean up the whole department. Throw off the dickheads. Then people will get the picture that UMNO is bullshitting and a sore loser.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cops Questioned Zorro: Flashback - 8.8.2008

I was told yesterday that Zorro was questioned over a one-year-old posting on August 8 2008, entitled Childish Police Bullying Again. The Star was quoted that the police questioned him over the defaced police logo with a dog on it, but inaccurately said of the posting was dated on 13 August 2008.

The intention of the post was dig at the police for hauling in Penarik Beca (Bakaq) over one of his postings that got him investigated under the Sedition Act. I was there the night Bakaq was questioned by the same department (CCID).

If the cops have not hauled in Bakaq on that day one year ago, this and that posting that Zorro put up would not have existed. Anyhow, disregarding that logo, public perception of the police force still remains at the low due to the higher crime rates until now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wanted By Cops: Zorro

While attending the Budget forum in PJ, my friend Lokman called me up. He asked me whether I have received an SMS saying that our old buzzard blogger Bernard (Zorro) was called up to by the police to appear at the Commercial Crimes Department complex tomorrow at 3.

I told Lokman that I did not get any SMS messages and asked him why was he summoned. I was told that this was in related to the lawsuit over the Kelana Jaya condo related matter, but a check on the Star paper (also carrying an article) reveals no details over why he was summoned.

We both knew that Bernard's antics could end up in trouble, as like in the May 7 fiasco in Ipoh.

Haris will accompanying him and I left a caution to him to watch out for in case the cops could take him as well as Bernard. It's the saying of killing two birds in one stone.

It seems that whatever was discussed or revealed do not go well with 'Rosmah's wife' and his hardcore followers. Malaysia has been embarassed several times over some articles discussed by the international media, notably Bersih, Kartika's caning and the confiscation of the Bible

Why Malaysia Still Needs Superman OTK.

In the afternoon, Superman OTK, being in the past fighting the wrong enemy, has done something that is perceived to be to attack him. 4 members of the central committee including Chor Chee Heung were sacked in the morning.

Upon checking back with this letter posted on Malaysiakini, the other three that were sacked were all of them Chan Kong Choy's men. They are throwing their support behind Liow Tiong Lai. Liow now is appealing against the ROS who overturned Pornstar Chua's sacking.

This time Superman OTK has done something right. There are 16 people that was recognized to be the Third Force - the force that was pushing for the fresh polls. Taking Chee Heung out was actually a big bonus, for it was revealed that Chor is a buddy of Tycoon Tiong.

But remember, what Superman did is just 25% of the job done. There's still more people for Tee Keat to beware off. The name Wee Kah Siong was mentioned prominently in by MCA insiders as well. According to one insider, Wee is also a buddy of Tycoon Tiong and was covertly interested in the Transport Minister post. If Liow is out of the picture, then Wee can fill in and the worst thing that can be done is to sweep PKFZ into the carpet.

Of course OTK, showing himself as a shining knight, would not want to do that. How did Tiong said that Ong took his personal jet? Simple, Wee invited Ong into that. When Robert Phang revealed that Wee arranged for Ong on flights in Tiong's jet, Wee got angry. This in fact was no lie. It was true, but Wee tried to deny it.

So, for now, we still need Superman OTK for what he did. And frankly speaking, he really is doing us a favor in the PKFZ thing, and doing his own style of MCA house cleaning against pro-Liow followers. But his work still ain't over yet.

See also my friend's take called The Saga of Superman OTK.


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