Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hahaha....Sure Got It Right Or Not, Nazri?

One written reply by Nazri on October 23 that states that the Anti-Corruption agency has closed its case on Mr. 'Correct' Lingam due to lack of key witnesses. But Lingam's ex-secretary was mentioned prominently during the last few days of the Haidar commission.

I was at the attendance of Day 5 of the hearing at the beginning of last year in fact.

In one of the sessions attended, there was a statement that she did travel arrangements for him to meet up with Eusoff Chin in New Zealand, with a special man assigned by Vincent Tan to become the middle men of the two families. True, she also mentioned of Lingam preparing the court judgement of Vincent vs MGG Pillai defamation suit.

But I find it funny and wondering if Nazri Aziz (in his capacity of Law Minister) saying that MACC closed the case despite key witness testimony? Or was it that Nazri only knew certain portions or there's something else that we do not know and got hoodwinked? This brings me to wonder whether if Nazri has the knowledge of law or just don't know things entirely.

Sure got it right or not meh?

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