Thursday, November 19, 2009

For Malaysia To Leap, We Must Debunked These Myths!

I can sum this up - if Malaysia intends to progress and reach as par as US or Singapore, the majority of the 27 million citizens here must be willing to debunked the myths that is laid for the last 50 years. These myths never exist nor it is real. It is to scare the shit out of the people. The target audience for this is specifically on our friends who form 60 percent of the population.

There is a need to have more intellectual people to support whatever we have now and to do so, we need to get out of the physical non-existential shell that is the myths that claimed to be true.

Although I do not really agree entirely with this writer's essay, nonetheless, it is essential that everyone should understand what we really are.

And to illustrate the case in point, this joker MP, the "tutup satu mata" MP Mohd. Aziz from Sri Gading gave a blunt warning of non-inteference. Psychologically, it is to say "shut up and listen" just like in school. Blind faith will not work anymore.

Read this article closely here. Pay attention. If you need translation, please ask friends to help out....okay?

Sesiapa yang menentang United Malays National Organistion di katakan menentang Islam. Ini juga adalah projek membodohkan orang Melayu. Bagaimana menentang gerombolan ini disangkut pautkan dengan agama tidak pula dilakar dengan jelas.

Islam ialah agama kepercayaan. Manakala United Malays National Organistion adalah satu gerombolan politik. Islam telah wujud 1500 tahun dahulu. Gerombolan yang beroperasi hari ini hanya wujud semenjak tahun 1988 dahulu. Manusia Melayu telah menganut Islam 500 tahun dahulu dan tidak ada sangkut paut dengan United Malauys National Organisation.

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