Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wanted By Cops: Zorro

While attending the Budget forum in PJ, my friend Lokman called me up. He asked me whether I have received an SMS saying that our old buzzard blogger Bernard (Zorro) was called up to by the police to appear at the Commercial Crimes Department complex tomorrow at 3.

I told Lokman that I did not get any SMS messages and asked him why was he summoned. I was told that this was in related to the lawsuit over the Kelana Jaya condo related matter, but a check on the Star paper (also carrying an article) reveals no details over why he was summoned.

We both knew that Bernard's antics could end up in trouble, as like in the May 7 fiasco in Ipoh.

Haris will accompanying him and I left a caution to him to watch out for in case the cops could take him as well as Bernard. It's the saying of killing two birds in one stone.

It seems that whatever was discussed or revealed do not go well with 'Rosmah's wife' and his hardcore followers. Malaysia has been embarassed several times over some articles discussed by the international media, notably Bersih, Kartika's caning and the confiscation of the Bible

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