Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dateline: BERSIH Rally

2 years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, the coalition of free and fair elections, BERSIH, has held a massive rally in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It went on despite the police's refusal to grant permit and ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's warning at the UMNO assembly not to held that rally. Remember that his infamous words "Saya Pantang Dicabar" that were ignored by people. And the turn over, in the heart of the city at about 50K people, 100K if including the crowd stretching all together to Gombak was so massive that it outnumbered the police in the end.

Of course you remember that bloggers have also came down there to provide their coverage of the once in a lifetime event that has never happened since the days following Anwar's sacking from the cabinet. See part I, and my afternoon adventure in part II. The event was a success but the Election commission was very stubborn that it refused to use those indelible ink in the previous general elections.

And people laughed at the antics of Mamak Maidin criticizing Al-Jazeera. Sudah malu.

Flash forward one year later Bersih held a join vigil with the Anti-ISA vigil (at that time, Pete was just released from the ISA detention) at Amcorp mall that night. What was to be celebrating the anniversary turned violent when the police started charging at the participants before singing of the national anthem was over. 23 were arrested and the two that I remembered were Gus and Angela. And the next day, people whacked the state police chief Khalid Bakar as a liar.

Well, more than a year after their arrest, these group of people are facing a three-day trial at the PJ sessions court from tomorrow onwards and I would like to see what really happened. Though I will not be able to attend in person, I believe that they would be charged under the Police Act 1967. All I am interested is to see what happens at the end of the first day of trial, who is the prosecuting team and etc...

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