Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bala: The Man Who Knew Too Much

The private eye Balasubramaniam unknowingly became the man who knew too much because much of investigations revealed that the PM Najib Razak had an affair with the murdered Mongolian girl Altantuya Shariibuu. Despite repeated denials that he doesn't know Altantuya, many know that he lied in his teeth. Many knew that Altantuya goes with another alias called Aminah Abdullah.

The one evidence that really hit the real perpetrators of the murder was actually a single picture of Najib, Altantuya and Razak Baginda having dinner together in a hotel in Singapore. A few people were known to have kept that picture and one copy is held by the Singapore authorities. Such revelation became too risky and Bala is one of the few that knew too much of the real scene behind the Altantuya murderer. The picture doesn't lie. The picture exists. Amy, Tuya's best friend recognized the face that is Najib and his man Razak Baginda.

As such, the conspirators had to reach him, forced him to switch SDs and then whisk them off to India. And to ensure silence, Bala was promised $5 million of money from Rosmah but it was just sweet talk. But expenses of RM 50000 per month (over the last 15 months) were paid to him via her carpetman Deepak Jaikishan. What is interesting over here is that Bala was taken to see Nizam Razak (Najib's younger brother) over the silence issue. How they got to him, was quoted that a Special branch by the name ASP Suresh went to the house in Rawang to get him. This has clearly hinted that the police has colluded with the PM in an effort to cover up the murder that has blown out into proportions.

Rosmah's personal fortune was estimated to be approximately $5 billion, much thanks to her cut in the most of the mega projects in Malaysia, particularly in the Defense ministry projects. And the money knows no bounds, which is no wonder such amount can be used to pay off people like him and the politicians from the PR side to jump over to UMNO / BN.

According to the video tape Bala was sent a message by Rosmah via her Bagman - Deepak - that to take the $50K per month and retire in India OR suffer the same fate as Altantuya. Likewise this goes for Kadar Shah - in relation to the Anwar Sodomy II case, same thing / message conveyed. Such thing has no doubt showed the answer as of who really ordered the murder of the poor Mongolian girl .

If this is revealed in the next few days, then there's is going to be problems for Seri Perdana in Putrajaya. I always think of that as Kak Endon coming back to haunt her enemy. In the days where Abdullah Badawi was the PM, Kak Endon was keeping tabs on Rosmah well, knowing full well that she could try to overtake her. Rich girl vs perempuan puaka...some said that was a good fight. But what about an old woman spanking a woman with a legend reputation that she broke down eventually?

The walls are crumbling there.

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