Sunday, November 22, 2009

How Come Newspapers Didn't Put Up That?

On Friday, the final part of the interview with PI Balasubramaniam was published in Malaysia Today and it reveals the name of the Datuk who threatened him to withdraw the SD, which is Nazim Razak, PM Najib's younger brother architect and the businessman's name by full - by the name of Deepak Jaikishan. For the first four parts of the interview, part of it was published online, either in Malaysian Insider and appears in the later pages of the newspapers (like NST, Star and etc..)

After the final part of the interview was published. I did some checking between 1 p.m until midnight on Friday, none of the newspapers carried the news item at all.

Only Malaysiakini has the full report of the news, while The Malaysian Insider carries Lim Kit Siang's urging of full security for Bala to return back to Malaysia.

It seems that there are a few logical reasons:

1. The interview clearly hints that Najib was involved in Altantuya despite repeated denials. Many newspapers (owned by political parties) show allegiance and support of 1Malaysia concept. If this is revealed, support for that campaign could be hit.
2. Deepak and Nazim are associated by business and by family relationship respectively with Rosmah, and it clearly implies that Rosmah knew that she's in trouble over the first SD. It is as damage control.
3. It is perceived that the majority people of Malaysia are not ready to handle the truth, particularly on those who support Barisan Nasional, blind loyalers and etc.. and it has to be hushed as if nothing happened.
4. There were calls from either the Home Ministry (cousin Hisham) or the new Fourth Floor Boys (under purview of PM) with instructions not to publish this bombshell, despite the fact that it is really true.

In this case, it seems that people were kept in the blue over this matter and they were trying to tell people that Altantuya's case is closed, no more, good buy and good riddance, despite the facts and what is exhibited is wrong.

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  1. remember : he denied knowing saifool BUT next day admitted !?


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