Thursday, November 26, 2009

You Don't Really Need BTN At All!

I must say that I am fortunate not to take part in the BTN courses that were offered here. People say that course is an indoctrination to say no to alternates. They keep saying the political bullshit and those elements that are related to the "projek pembodohan Melayu". It is the same thing as what Hisham Rais said a few weeks back.

I wrote a posting sometime back that there was a book that I read which shows of the indoctrination of hatred towards the race of people there although those thing was wrong, non-existential. Only bodeks who have no idea or wise up towards the real thing would just take up the course. Those two common things that were drilled during the course were:

1. Malays are starting to lose their rights to their Chinese and Indians.
2. The Chinese are our enemies.

BTN is a project to fool the minds of the Malays. Even if Muhyiddin was saying that BTN is incalculating the 1 Malaysia thing, I don't really think that would sway people who are aware of such thing. What you can do is that you can go and sit for the course and see what they talk or preach. Of course, the first sign of noticing it is if this goes against your common sense or otherwise. If you happen to be smitten by that bullshit, I'm've been brainwashed.

Selangor did a smart move to stop more people from being brainwashed. Time to wise up.

You should once listen to what Hisham Rais is saying..."hentikan projek membodohkan melayu."

Read this:

"Once our people walked the surface of the world," he repeated, his tone now one of lament, "in ages long past, even longer than the lines of the great houses. In that distant age, we walked beside the pale-skinned elves, the faeries!"

"It cannot be true!" one student cried from the side.

Hatch'net looked at him earnestly,considering whether more would be gained by beating the student for his unasked-for interruption or by allowing the group to participate. "It is!" he replied, choosing teh latter course. "We thought the faeries our friends; we called them kin! We could not know, in our innocence, that they are the embodiments of deciet and evil. We could not know that they would turn on us suddenly and drive us from them, slaughtering our children and the eldest of our race!

"Without mercy the evil faeries pursued us across the surface world. Always we asked for peace, and always we were answered by swords and killing arrows!"

He paused, his face twisting into a widening, malicious smile. "Then we found the goddess!"

"Praise Lolth!" came one anonymous cry. Again Hatch'net let the slip of tongue go by unpunished, knowing that every accenting comment only drew his audience deeper into his web of rhetoric.

"Indeed," the master replied. "All praise to the Spider Queen. It was she who took our orphaned race to her side and helped us fight off our enemies. It was she who guided the fore-matrons of our race to the paradise of the Underdark. It is she," he roared, a clenched fist rising into the air," who now gives us the strength and the magic to pay back our enemies! We are the drow!" Hatch'net cried. "You are the drow, never again to be downtrodden, rulers of all you desire, conquerors of lands you choose to inhabit!"

"The surface?" came a question.

"The surface?" echoed Hatch'net with a laugh. "Who would want to return to that vile place? Let the faeries have it! Let them burn under the fires of the open sky! We claim the Underdark, where we can feel the core of the world thrumming under our feet, and where the stones of the walls show the heat of the world's power!

Drizzt sat silent, absorbing every word of the talented orator's often-rehearsed speech. Drizzt was caught, as were all the new students in Hatch'net's hypnotic variations of inflection and ralling cries. Hatch'net had been the ,aster of Lore at the Academy for more than two centuries, owning more prestige in Menzoberranzan than nearly any other male drow and many of the females. The matrons of the ruling families understood well the value of his practiced tongue.

So it went everyday, and endless stream of hate rhetoric directed against an enemy that none of the students had ever seen. The surface elves were not only the only target of Hatch'net's sniping. Dwares, gnomes, humans, halflings, and all of the surface races - and even subterranean races such as the duergar dwarves, which the drow often traded with and fought beside - each found an unpleasant spot in the master's ranting.

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