Monday, November 30, 2009

These Hawkish Guys Could Impede Things

On Sunday, a friend of mine spoke of how he met a UMNO man in the north and we learned of a storm brewing between Najib and Muhyiddin. Of course, from the beginning, we knew that Muhyiddin has the hawkish type of personality - one of those still pushing for the ketuanan Melayu thing. Something like being Blackbeard the pirate would do.

These Hawks are UMNO are what I believed are impeding the country's progress to achieve a well-developed nation with such kind of attitudes. Take the BTN thing today. Nazri has admitted that the BTN program is not reflecting the 1Malaysia concept that Najib the showman was trying to promote. And there have been several people who are defending the present BTN thing, which is seem to be brainwashing people. People like his cousin Hisham, Muhyiddin, Sharizat and a few of them. The cabinet is now in odds with Muhyiddin over the BTN.

What if we are to shoot down the hawks...will it make a difference in paving the way of making the nation better in thinking? Not yet. Dr. M has also said of how division heads of UMNO will not allow an intellectual person - professionals - in overtaking their position for the mere fear of losing power. In the end, they have weak leaders while the professionals and intellectuals are in the PAS camp.

Some spanking is needed in order, I suppose.

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