Saturday, November 14, 2009

Between Hot Mama and Big Mama

You can compare and judge yourself between Hot Mama and Big Mama....

Despite physically at the age of 50 and counting, Madonna is still performing and doing her dance moves as if she's still at her 30s. Already had two kids Lola and Rocco, biologically and adopting 2 more....but the key point is that most divas at the age of 50 and counting can't do those moves and singing anymore.

Do you see Whitney Houston or Celine Dion doing those slick dance moves or performing those disco-style-rhythm tunes like Madonna? I can hardly think of one really.

I think that's one Hot Mama.

On the other hand, let's check out Big Mama / Dottie / Rosmah whatever you wish to call.

Some say that she is really the real hands behind Najib. People know she's really behind Altantuya's murder despite repeat denials from the First Couple. They also say her personal fortune alone is at RM 5 billion. Also, unlike the previous PM wives, she is the only PM wife to have her own personal website.

Do you also notice that the Treasury department are very unhappy over her interference in Budget 2010 matters? Did Siti Hasmah or Jean Danker ever interfere in such things?

Ini Bik Mama and if you want to see the collection of pokings at Bik Mama, do visit this link.

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