Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometimes You Have To Do Something Bad For Good

Dowager Empress Maria: I wish your father was still alive.
Nicholas II: Don't throw him at me.
Dowager Empress Maria: He knew how to be a Tsar. He'd have burn Vienna down, stamped on the Germans, shot the strikers, anything to give Russia peace. And he'd certainly know how to deal with this Rasputin. You father knew how to be a Tsar.

--Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)

A few days ago, I read the story from Pete about how little Napoleons run the roost in places that were notably Perak and Selangor for example. These little Napoleons do the exactly the opposite of what the heads would do. In other words, if I do A, the body would do B. This would give the impression to the public that the heads are not doing the job.

Looking back at on the night of March 8, when Barisan lost in both Perak and Selangor, we were told that Tajol Rosli locked himself up and sobbing over losing the state. Khir Toyo on the other hand was telling the staff to shred the documents to cover their misconduct and mismanagement of the stage. Of course, one thing that gave me a feeling of little Napoleons is like the case of where the Perak state secretary is doing something as if he is a BN man. No wonder I keep saying that this man might want to consider running for the post of either an MP or an assemblyman in the next general elections. need for me to be more cheong hei or be a fussy parh yeh por (sometimes I'd call my late granny that) and repeat the same thing as Pete said. I feel that whenever I see Selangor assemblymen or KL MPs, I kind of see them as celebrities and I would hope that Selangor doesn't end up with the same trap and fate as what happened in Perak on February 5. So, Ronnie Liu and Khalid Ibrahim will have a tough job to cut out for them.

Do you remember what Najib said back about winning back Selangor?

The worst part of doing this is of course, clearing the existing government departments to rid of the moles and blackheads and replaced them with those who are willing to work and contribute to the state, not politcally. This means, sacking them. That is why I put up the quote there where the Queen Mother Maria told Nicholas II that how she wished that her husband was still around and could have dealt with the situation / dissent right now.

Galad Damodred was characterized by Min Farshaw as someone who would do something that is right, even if it hurts people. This is what both gentlemen will have to start rolling the ball with. Get involved. Clean up the whole department. Throw off the dickheads. Then people will get the picture that UMNO is bullshitting and a sore loser.

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