Monday, November 23, 2009

The Man Behind The Kulai Mess

Fisheries Board Development chairman, ex-Pekan Kelapa Sawit assemblyman and UMNO man Adam Hamid was believed to be behind the group of 30 UMNO men who filed the protest and pressured the Kulai division police to cancel the permit for the Keadilan ceramah last night, in which Anwar and Chua Jui Meng was due to deliver their speeches. It is of course a shame for those who came to listen to their speeches but could not do so, having being told to stop following complaints by the UMNO mob.

Anwar managed to use the last 10 minutes to talk before the show disperesed.

Kulai is also known to be an UMNO stronghold.

This is according to some info by the PKR district division Youth Wing last night. Also according to a source, Adam is a Pak Lah man, not in favor with the state chief minister Ghani Othman. Since this happens, we might start asking the police whether they bow pressure to UMNO because whether if they are the law and the boss or because they are right?

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