Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stories From Back Home

School Days How It Feels 15 Years Ago

It is one more week away from the year end school holidays and it remembered the time that when we were in either standard 5 or standard 6 that we literally had nothing to do when it's three weeks away from holidays.

Apart from exam results and positions prior to prize giving ceremony, we just had nothing left apart from playing board games, playing rock paper scissors. Maybe once a while the maths teacher or some other teachers just gave us a sneak peek of what's life to be in Form 1. But most of the time, it's playing games until the point that everyone takes part in it. Even prefects, monitors. The teachers didn't really care much of it. If there's physical education, they would take us out to the field to play football or something like that.

I would sometimes think back those years there. How we guys would play have fun and everything throughout six hours of school before the school bell rings. Sadly after we left primary school for more than 10 years, things no longer look like what it was before but physically improved a lot. The school is already 45 years old.

School ain't really fun that before. All time study and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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