Thursday, November 26, 2009

Namewee Doesn't Have To Say "FU"!

You guys might want to judge by yourself. First you look back at the video:

Namewee was wondering why the TNB building is brightly lit while Muar town was in blackout.

The staff at TNB were there. I spoke to a TNB man just now, who watched the video with me and I concurred with his assessment. As the standard operating procedure, one group of staff would be at the building, and one more group would be at the site of breakdown.

The staff that Namewee was talking too mentioned of breakdown, not shutdown. The time needed to fix depends on availability of the spare parts, time needed to reach the breakdown site and etc.. Namewee doesn't have to say FU all the time. It shows those lack of maturity and understanding. Period.

Nobody, not even the ministers paid attention to Namewee's ranting. The thing was blown out of proportions. It's just a breakdown, damn it!!!!!

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  1. The way i see it who cares if its a "breakdown" or "shutdown" ? The point Namewee was trying to make is that the "down" is happening way too often. The best CEO of the year should come down from his perch and do what's needed.
    If he needs lessons just take a drive to S'pore and learn from them. I have spent 12 years in S'pore and I have never encountered such problems.

    We Malaysians are too nice... always geleng kepala and resign to the fact that its always going to be like that. Well, more of us should do a Namewee every now and then.

    One last thing, we don't need minister's like Rais. Instead of taking TNB to task for shoddy service he wants to investigate Namewee. Bodoh betul !!



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