Thursday, October 4, 2007

Informants are No Longer Safeguarded!

By law of any country, the witness who provides information to could swing the trial to prove a person either guilty or innocent, take your pick has to be protected at all costs through various means such of confidentiality. An example of the thing is of former mob-informant Henry Hill (who made famous with the film Goodfellas) who had to join the FBI's WITSEC program to ensure his safety from potential threats of backlash from Jimmy Burke and his associates.

Now, back to here, the recent arrest of Inspector Nordin Ahmad was by a dirty trick by the ACA. Against the Standing Orders of the IGP, the ACA actually circumvented the standing order and elicited statements made by informants (which of course contains) the identities of the informants. By doing that, this means, that the men from the other side can figure out who actually builds the case against the detainee.

Indirectly, this leads to the security of an informant together with the immediate ones compromised and no longer secured.

An affidavit prepared by lawyer C. Vijaya Kumar on behalf of Commercial Crimes Division Chief, Ramli Yusuff shows that the officers involved in profiling the Chinese Underworld are no longer safe because of the ACA's dirty tricks. And they are forced to recant the statements, review the identities of the informants and various things.

Big Pete's assessment now is that the ACA has the impunity to serve the Section 22B order of the ACA Act 1997 against a person, thus clearly disregarding the OSA Act 1972 and other provisions entitled to an informant. Now, not even the public is also spared from this brutal issue of order. Malaysiakini reports that lawyer R. Sivarasa and a worker of PKR were demanded to reveal the identity of the person who took the footage of the Lingamtape or risked facing jail time for obstructing justice.

The video footage shows that Siva was shown the notice of order by an ACA officer by the name of Chuah Lay Choo. This person was the second witness who testified in the Government vs Hoi Kam Fatt bribery case in 2000 - see case archive here.

This provides the clear clarity that informants in Malaysia as still yet to be safe from hounds.

Do you see now why a Royal Commission is needed badly?

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