Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pet Names For My Bullets

Blondie: One, two, three, four, five, six. Six. The perfect number.
Angel Eyes: I thought three was the perfect number.
Blondie: I've got six more bullets in my gun.

-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
I had a talk with an ex-journalist at the Raya open house at PWTC yesterday, who brought up an interesting subject yesterday about the things that idiots at Bolehland did that makes Malaysia losing out to other nations. His interests clicked together with my interests and since a magnum had a six-bullet chamber, I have pet names of my six bullets for a magnum, if I have one.

My pet names are (from order of less to the highest notoriety):

6. Nor Mohamaed Yakcop - According to the ex-journalist that I've spoken to, this man (currently the Second Finance Minister) was directly implicated in the Central Bank scandal in 1992, whereby account inconsistencies had resulted in the loss of $9 billion and the eventual sacking of then governor, the late Jaffar Hussein in 1994. He told me that he actually spoke to the man himself when he was in the front portion of the banquet hall - I bumped into him after following him -. He actually asked a question of economical matter to him: how come the Sing dollar is now valued twice as the ringgit whereas they only need to pay $1.46 for a USD. $1.46 against $3.36? That's more than twice the value. The answer he got from Yakcop was "time will tell" - which implicitly means that the administrators of Bolehland are not doing proactively to stimulate the economy. Sure, everyone knows that a higher ringgit means lesser expenses with imports particularly the current oil price hitting $83 per barrel! Expect a hike in the coming months or even after 2008!

5. Muhammad B. Muhd. Taib - The former Chief Minister of Selangor, now UMNO information czar has hit headlines with on two occasions: one, failing to declare $1.2 Aussie Dollars at Brisbane in 1996 and recently added fuel to the war against bloggers by making a police report against bloggers over a remark made at Malaysia Today. He needs followers to go with him to make the report! But what is the truth is that the remark is not an offensive, but a suggestion. Unfortunately, the man with two Muhammads misintepreted the meaning of the remark, thanks to his illiteracy in English. He's one of the monolingual idiots in Malaysia. But hey, we've got tons of proof of him breaching conduct including marrying the daughter of the late Sultan of Selangor and mismanaging the KDE funds. And now, in a desperation to avoid further embarassment with RPK, who challenged him to an UMNO open debate, live of TV, he cancelled it! Simple, he's got no guts to face him because of the proof against him. You now have him as the UMNO information chief, which means, he decides, with the ISM what is to show up in the Malay dailies and what is not. After all, Utusan is the mouth of UMNO, right?

4. Abdullah Badawi - Ah...our current Prime Minister. I was wondering whether he actually went off for a nap late afternoon yesterday at Hari Raya open house yesterday or not? The latest mistake by him was to ignore calls for the Royal Commission over the Lingamtape scandal that has put the judiciary system in Malaysia to another low point. Now, let's go back to 2004, when he came up with a BN manifesto, where a core point is to get rid of corruption. But did his administration fulfilled all the four points in the manifesto? Only one. Corruption in the administration is still running rampant and the Islam Hadhari principle is still not working well.
Then again, he is not doing his job well. I doubt he can last for another term. It was said that Abdullah never talk eye-to-eye with Najib over matters, which means that it is possible to say "enemy of my enemy is my enemy or my friend?"

3. Hishamuddin Hussein - The Kerisman comes from a family of political figures or shall I say one of the silver spoons. Father is third prime minister Hussein Onn, grandfather is the founding father of UMNO, Onn Jaafar. Educationists may find his policies and how he runs the Education Ministry as a disgrace. I don't have much points to elaborate on education matters, but seems that he's not right for the Education post. The other point is about how (according to Malaysiakini) he said "shut up" against the MCA and Gerakan over the remarks of "secular state". Truth to be told, Malaysia is a secular state, but the UMNO Bolehland idiots called Malaysia as "Islamic State". At the UMNO assembly, he was waving the dagger at the audience, threatening to bath with "minority blood" as so to speak. At the recent Gerakan assembly, while everyone was applauding, he was the only one not applauding, a sign that he doesn't take it well.

2. Nazri Abdul Aziz - El Balachi ("Crony") is the BN's loudmouth. This taxi driver from Padang Renggas has been making numerous statements, some dubious in the point to claim fame as the so called de facto Law Minister. First thing was on 21 June, he made racist remarks and calling people "stupid" against opposition leader Lim Kit Siang. Second mistake is that he insisted to have the Child Act charge against the parents of Nurin for negligence. Not enough, there's more. Following the march of the lawyers last month, Nazri denied Malaysia has having a judiciary crisis and called the BAR Council lawyers marching there as another UMNO Youth assembly. Later he assured people that there is a Witness Protection Act that protects whistleblowers of the Lingamtape scandal. The truth is there is no Witness Protection Act.

There are many things he states which are mistakes, even trying to gag Wee for making a mockery of the National Anthem. He makes statements simply because he wants to play hero. Nuff said.

And now,

1. Zainuddin Maidin - The Mamak from Merbok, Information Minister has been the scourge of bloggers over the entire year. No doubt, with what is said, Malaysia is moving another step backwards to the primitive age with the kind of decision making. Why I put him as the number one bullet is because what he said can be a threat to bloggers - even those who talked about food, other subjects than those who are social-political writers. First mistake he made was the idea of classifcation of bloggers. There is no such thing as classification in blogosphere. Later he calls bloggers as "stupid" a remark which I take it as a very offending manner. We all know that most newspapers in Malaysia are politically owned except for the Sun in which Lim Keng Yaik admitted is the only one that portrays the true Citizen Malaysia spirit. But instead we get an third-world mentality remark from ZAM. He proudly announced Bernama radio as the authoritative source, but then what he does not aware about is that with the Publications Act in place, newspapers cannot publish all articles and it must be pro-government. Where does the newspaper get its update on Dr. M's condition? Marina's blog of course! Talk about authoritative that is...

And then he makes this mistake: no need to tell the PM the truth. Is he trying to cover up for the government? Remember that he was implicated or involved in the murder case of a GRO sometime back. How did he get the $6 million to build a banglo back in Kedah, whereas the family runs a roti canai stall? Mysteries, mysteries.

I fear that as long as these six bigshots and others counting running the administration of the country, Malaysia can never progress further and it will tax the people further of burden. As my ex-journalist friend asked Shafie Apdal, when are prices going to be lowered? None and up all the time!

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