Monday, October 29, 2007

The Truth As A Ploy?

The Bolehland government still continues to deny things although there are some things out there that is indeed the truth as if wants to keep things under a carpet and hush hoping that nobody will notice.

The first thing is the judiciary crisis right now. Former Lord President and Perak Sultan Azlan Shah has today admitted that the current crisis has triggered erosion of public confidence in the system. This indeed concurs with Tun Suffian's statement that if given the current situation, he will not go to a trial even though there is a strong conviction that a person is innocent. It is merely because the trial has been rigged according to political pressure.

Unfortunately, this admission was shot down by de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz himself, with the line from the news: We are looking from the summit of a mountain but they are looking from their eye point of view. are still blind. You better quit. That's strike two.

On the other hand, yes, as what Malaysiakini reported, the probe by the 3 man panel has been completed, but frankly, nobody feels that they will accept the report because of the constraints that are placed on the panel including witness security, something that fell short.

Secondly, I still cannot understand whether if the ACA is playing games with Anwar Ibrahim over the handing over of the Lingam tape. Anwar personally waited for the three men to come and collect it only to receive a call that the meet got cancelled. The next day, ACA said that Anwar did hand over the video as demanded. Is Ahmad Said Hamdan playing a game of chicken with Anwar? There is a report by Jeffrey Kitingan that Hamdan is paid money by Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman over hush hush with the state police head in title reward, which means that it is likely a game of chicken. The ACA is looking at the wrong end of the investigation, which is looking for exposers rather than the guilty one. Fool. How will the public co-operate over this matter?

Let's recall the recent arrests of the officers, ASP Hong, DSP Bahrain, Inspector Nordin Ahmad, etc.. All three of them worked under CCID headed by Ramli Yusuff. What they have uncovered is the shocking truth that involves the higher echelons and those who walked the corridors of power. They have figured out the puzzle and instead they are charged by false statements by witnesses, victims of a something they intend to expose. To them they are being told of the message: if you squeal about the high and mighty, you will pay. Those responsible are desperate to cover the truth, which is why I've mentioned that Ramli Yusuff is in deep trouble over this frame-up. Truth as a ploy by opposition? Not for me.

Is everything that is the truth all the time points to the opposition? Not all of them. Some are discovered by truth, some are spoken out by those who cannot tolerate injustices anymore. And yet, the opposition is constantly accused for saying that. When will ZAM learn of knowing the right person who says that? The media is playing spin-doctors, meaning certain words will present the wrong identity and sending the wrong message to the people. Now at least I understand why the Star never uses V.K Lingam instead using "prominent lawyer". Mainly to avoid a repeat of the October 29 1987 thing, post Ops-Lalang.

They can't hide the truth sooner or later. They are now facing public anger over the possible prospect of price hikes and this together with the current problems that they are facing mean that the election will have to be put on hold until middle next year at least. By that time, they might not be able to stop Anwar from competing, if he gets the chance unless they figure out various dirty tricks in their sleeves.

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