Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wikimapia - A hybrid of Google Maps?

Just now, I was introduced to Wikimapia by my dad. According to Wikipedia on this tool, it is a combination of Google Earth coupled together with a marking tool that allows a user to create a landmark (point of interest for people to see.)

The model remains free meaning that any person can come and add as they please.

Now here's a screenshot that I've taken - a bird's eye view of my Ipoh house using the tool in conjunction with Screencapture.

Justify FullThe bottom square is the OMPH church whereas the house is just above the crosshair inside the picture.

It is also possible to slap an HTML code to the blog. Select Wikimapia > Map To Your Page, drag and resize your desired mark. The code is there for you to copy and paste here.

You would find later that my blog has added something new...worth to try.

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