Monday, October 29, 2007

Ramli The Partisan Speaker

Former Perak chief minister Ramli Ngah Talib, currently the Dewan Rakyat speaker seems to be a person tilting to the BN alignment.

Last week, he had rejected twice the motion by the opposition to discuss the Lingam tape that currently affects the judiciary system in Malaysia. The decision by Ramli too was slammed by the human rights watchdog SUARAM as well.

Saying not urgent or technical reason as an excuse is actually unacceptable. As a Speaker, you must give allowances to both sides, opposition and pro-government to discuss their points. By doing so, this shows that Ramli is a partisan of the pro-alliance. Let's consider the fact that he too was an pro-alliance MB during the 90s. Secondly, it shows that the pro-alliance is monopolizing the parliament as well.

During the ear-squat scandal that hit the police force, Ramli also rejected calls to have the motion discussed in the Parliament. And the recent PKFZ scandal motion to be discussed in the parliament was also rejected by him. Why? Why? The 4.6 billion bill, which ballooned is public tax-payer money. Not ministers money, not politicians money, not government money.

There are countless of rejections of motions to be discussed, motions that could affect the integrity of the nation, and Ramli chose to turn a blind eye of it? Is he politcally pressured by his ex-BN men there? If he is put in that scenario, it seems that the BN wants to keep those things hush hush.

There has been a call shown in a Malaysiakini letter, in which I concur that Ramli should quit.
But I feel a bit strange from the kind of reaction that Ramli posed when he noticed that not many MPs showing up today, and berating the absentees for not showing up for debates or so.

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