Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya Open House PWTC

The plan to meet up with a few friends took a bad turn when neither of them showed up in time, one of them was in an engagement somewhere else, whereas the other one did not return any calls until today, as of this time of writing.

I thought at the beginning to park somewhere else outside PWTC as they might charge people many for parking, however, I was surprised to find out that it was free parking at PWTC yesterday.

The turnover was over 100 thousand people and the final cost of this open house was at $1.5 mil.

You need to queue about three times before you get to meet the ministers and go into the banquet hall to get your food.

This is the first queue, whereby there are to ways of going. The right path up ahead will let you skip the shaking hands and two more queues, and you can go and take food all you want. The left side will allow you to go to the second queue.

You will go up and you will stop at the second queue. Another flight of escalator steps.

Finally, the last queue before you get to meet the ministers!

Yum..yum food, chicken, biscuits, noodles, cakes...all you can eat. Saved my money for lunch and dinner!

I shall tell you of something I felt when I met the ministers. The people that I shook hands were:

1) Jeanne - Mrs. Rosebud, slightly warm, but AAB wasn't there - must have gone off for a nap.
2) Mustapha Mohammad - Higher Ed. Minister - okay, with his wife.
3) Azalina - Now, here I felt kind of cold when shaking her hands. After all, she's in charge of the UMNO youth cybertrooper division. Out to make trouble on the blogging community. I managed to take a picture of her, but it's blurred as I was in a desperation.
4) Azmi Khalid - the Eco. Minister and his ex-newscaster wife Normala. Okay lar.

I also bumped into Mohamed Yakcop when I met the ex-journalist who was sharing his views.

Last year, I met the PM, Najib and the Kerisman.

While I had food, I get to meet a local celebrity, Angeline Tan, I know her as playing the role of Gina in Gerak Khas TV series. I still took many pictures, but not on my usual camera as my camera ran out of battery.

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