Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There's A Chance of Winning In Bagan Pinang With An Infighting

I already had a feeling that Isa Samad gets nominated for the by-election, despite a strong objection and remarks by Dr. Mahathir of picking a convicted person to contest. I see it as a slap in the face at him. In fact the main reasoning is that Isa is seen as a chance to win a by-election in Peninsular Malaysia, given of him being one of the UMNO warlords of Negeri Sembilan. The one turning point that prompted Isa to be named was a demand by certain UMNO quarters to nominate him or risked being boycott by their own group. There was no other choice to pick him as to avoid a boycott.

Isa's son Najib is also considered as candidate, but many felt he would end up a nobody if he contests there. Of course Isa has a stronger influence over there.

I happened to get invited over a cup of tea with a good friend of mine Christopher a few hours ago. There was some interesting information that was revealed during the meet. How the information was obtained by him was a mystery but what I was told was what he got in turn.

We already know that Dr. Mahathir is not in favor of having Isa as the candidate because of his conviction in a money scandal. Besides him, the nomination has already irked both camps, which are Negeri Sembilan MB Mat Hassan and Khairy's camp. Both men were not in favor of having him there. For Mat Hassan, having Isa will be 'considered' as a threat to him particularly in the coming election, where if he wins, it will make it easy for him to be the MB again. Also, winning the by-election could pave the way for Isa to contest and possibly win a vice-presidency post in UMNO in the next party general elections.

Whatever the point is, it could pose a threat to both men.

The original BN candidate of choice for this by-election was actually the Teluk Kemang UMNO Wanita Chief. She had received support from Mat Hassan, Khairy and the Wanita wing (Sharizat, her deputy and others). At the last minute, she received a threat from Isa's camp, demanding she withdraw from the being the nominated or risk the consequences. She had to do so, but in the process, the threat from Isa's camp has already pissed three parties already.

Because of this, there is a likelyhood that Mat Hassan and Khairy's camp will attempt to sabotage Isa as payback time. Many of us said of Isa winning the battle but BN to lose the war later on. But, I was told that the infighting has already begun inside the BN camp, which means there is still a realistic chance for the PAS state commissioner Zulkefly Mohd Omar to win. Another point to say so is that in the previous election, the number of postal votes found to be in favor of Pakatan was approximately 30 percent.

The infighting over candidacy happened in the last few by-elections and even this one also happened to follow the same jinx: among themselves over who should do that with one camp trying to take out the other camp.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Fact To Remember in Bagan Pinang - EHMs at Work

Economic hitmen are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex and murder. They play a game as old as Empire but one that has taken on terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.

- John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitmen

Once upon a time back in 2004, one of the contests during the 11th general election was the parliamentary seat of Putrajaya. The two contestants for that seat were Tengku Adnan (Conan) Mansor and the PAS man - - . Of course, the winner was Conan but the other man knew that the win was rigged - a few days before polling, some of the voters, being civil servants and residing in Putrajaya came up and told the PAS man that they had to vote for Barisan Nasional or risked being sacked. A few days prior to polling, Tengku Adnan visited government offices there and told each civil servant that they must vote for Barisan Nasional or face the sack. In the meaning of the saying, Tengku Adnan wanted a crushing majority and make the other opponent lose the deposit. (this was a source from Malaysia Today, but access to the site was so difficult for me and it got DDOS to get the exact quote.)

Of course the other person complained this to the Election Commission, but the complaint was shot down.

There was a way to know which party does the civil servant votes, which is similar to the Borang 2 that the army people vote like in those areas that are postal-vote dependency like Setiawangsa. And that was one way to rigged the election to BN's favor.

If that is not enough why Zulhasnan Rafique still remains as the F.T minister although 10 of 11 parts of Kuala Lumpur were lost to the opposition was simply because that Setiawangsa was won due to army postal votes there.

Maybe that is not strong enough to be case of point, but the one significant situation that illustrates vote rigging was the Rembau parliamentary seat where the PKR candidate Chegubard was leading but only for Khairy to win after a disputed recount. Many have alleged that it was because of the last minute addition of ballot boxes from nowhere from other places. The problem is that there was a problem of deciding which seat to win, either Lembah Pantai or Rembau. Given that Khairy is more important than Sharizat, he has to win at all costs. So she had to be the sacrificial lamb, and losing to Nurul Izzah.

Yes, the Bagan Pinang by-election has brought a lot of worries to the Pakatan because 30 percent of the votes are postal votes come from the Army. And the army personnel has to sign a Borang 2, which of course reveals to other parties who you have voted. A mark on the opposition means to some as betraying the government that is the Barisan Nasional party and off you are from the army (read: sack).

Vote rigging is something that some governments would do because some of the policies that they implemented are enjoyed by themselves and in long run, they stand to win out of it. So that is why they would do whatever it takes to remain in power. Their greatest fear is that should they lose the entire war, all that what they get from what they implement could be wiped out or taken off by the next government in waiting.

Since 1/3 of votes comes from Army, and the army is under the defence minister Zahid Hamidi, I still wonder and ponder if the Zahid will do the same thing as Ku'Nan did 5 years ago. Anyhow, some people are aware of Zahid shaking hands with Netahanyu, whereas people scream of hate Israel for attacking the Palestinians.

Do you feel that something is really wrong with this country?

Vote rigging and so forth is part of making Malaysia owe millions of dollars and bankrupting the country in long process. So be careful of choosing whoever the candidates are in the by-election.

Monday, September 28, 2009

When Video Piracy Becomes a Necessity

The Star: Bruno Banned In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians will not get to watch Bruno on the big screen as the National Film Censorship Board has decided to give the controversial movie the axe.

According to local film distributors, the movie, which stars Sacha Baron Cohen as a homosexual Austrian fashionista, was sent to the board together with other movies for approval.

“The board did not give any reasons for the rejection. In short, Bruno has been banned,” an industry spokesman said.

The ban has come as no surprise as the movie was said to contain sexually explicit scenes and vulgar language.

The Universal Pictures production starring the outrageously funny man was released in July.

Cohen’s previous movie Borat, about a Kazakh reporter visiting the United States for the first time, was also banned in Malaysia.

Malaysia is not the only country which has banned Bruno. According to MSN Entertainment, the movie has also been given the axe in the Ukraine, Lebanon and Bahamas.

In Hong Kong, even posters of the British comedian have been banned in subway stations.

The movie, which was a hit in the US box office when it was released, was allowed in Singapore but with cuts.

Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, when contacted, said the Censorship Board should relook its decision to ban the movie and provide strong reasons on why it should not be on Malaysian screens.

He said the board’s explanation for its decision must be based on “strong legal arguments” which may include human rights and religious values.

“The board should not also throw the movie out without giving the submitting party a chance to explain themselves for scenes which may be deemed objectionable,” he said.

Dr Rais added that censorship on the movie must be reasonably carried out because it would be rendered useless if it was severely filtered.

“They should be more realistic and pay attention to the theme of each movie. The board should allow realism to be portrayed,” he said, adding that those who represent the young generation should also be part of the censorship board.

It is believed that Bruno is available via the local pirated DVD market.

AHA! This is where people who want to watch the funny man perform will have trouble watching in cinemas. When this is banned, people will go to the shops selling those videos and even paying less than buying a ticket to watch it in cinemas. Of course, you won't be able to see it in the big theater screen, but at least you can watch it at home, pause it and watch again at your own whim.

One main selling point behind Bruno is that this funny man Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, for those who are familiar with him) did a lot of improvisation of his character that got into the film, like his encounter with Madonna, the angel stunt at Eminem in the video awards show, etc..he did as good as Borat. Of course, Borat is not shown here as it was banned as well.

There are many of us movie goers who really hate two things when it spoils the viewing pleasure - that is if the film is either banned, or gets heavily censored or censored (like in watching movies on network television)..bla..bla..bla. Those will irk many people..die hard movie goers. And if they happen to stumble upon an extended cut of a movie - think Watchmen Extended Cut (it runs 30 minutes longer than in theaters), they would just go to the shop and get it.

And there's the price factor. Buying a title original is pricey because the big bulk of the money is royalty money that is paid to the artist and the studio - the remaining is burning, middleman costs and then the labor service.

Of course these are among the reasons that piracy still remains there despite the government's hard efforts to stamp them off. If the flaws are still there, then the problem still remains unless if there is a workaround for those problems. Censorship remains a problem for many for end users in particular.

Friday, September 25, 2009

PAS Cannot 'Mentuakan' Our Current Youths With Such Hoo Haa

The Malaysian Insider - Beyonce Stirs Islamist Ire Again

PAS wants US pop star Beyonce (picture) to cancel a planned concert here, two years after it prevented the singer from performing, citing moral issues.

Foreign acts often draw protests by PAS, whose youth wing succeeded in forcing Beyonce to cancel a 2007 concert and sought last year to prevent Canadian singer Avril Lavigne from performing in this mainly Muslim country of 27 million people.

"We are against western entertainment that promotes hedonism. We do not want our youth to be misled," said Ahmad Sabki, vice-president of PAS Youth, was quoted as saying in today's New Straits Times newspaper.

Malaysia's image as a moderate Muslim country has been hit by the recent sentencing to caning of a woman caught drinking beer.

Beyonce is due to perform here on Oct 25 for the first time, if she is allowed, as part of a global tour, the newspaper said.

Earlier this month, Malaysia initially banned Muslims from attending a concert by US hip-hop band The Black Eyed Peas, which was sponsored by Guinness, one of the brands owned by the world's biggest spirits group Diageo.

The ban was reversed, but a senior official said it was up to the individual's "better judgment" to attend the event.

PAS conservatism on cultural issues has caused problems for the three-member opposition alliance of which it is a part, said Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, a former law minister who is now a senior opposition politician.

"It is as if for PAS Youth, the effort to fight corruption, abuse of power and inciting racism is less important compared to the efforts to make sure the young who are just learning to love and wish to be entertained freely are obstructed from enjoying a little freedom," Zaid wrote on his website. — Reuters

I attended a forum a few months ago with one of the guest speakers was Hishamuddin Rais who gave some insights about youth that I felt that it should be enjoyed of. The space of the second 20 years of a person's life should be the time where people should enjoy things that they can never get to do in the first 20 years of a man's life.

Remember that youth comes only once and it cannot be revisited physically after we reach above 40. That is why this is the time where people get to do the best at their age.

There's one thing I was critical of PAS is that each time when a famous performer that everyone loves, like Gwen Stefani or Rihanna comes, the ho ha ho ha always comes from the PAS Youth. The one main fact that is to be learned from this debacle here is that PAS cannot 'mempertuakan' the youngsters. In translation, you cannot make a youngster behave like an old elderly person.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet presents us the idea that you cannot force the youngsters to behave exactly like an old person, evident at the end when the family at both sides regretted that their actions have sent the lovers to their deaths. In the Sicilian poem, The Baroness of Carini, the father paid the price of sins when he killed the fair skinned daughter in rage because she had an affair with her cousin. These are the examples that demonstrate that youths today has to be given the chance of freedom.

Youngsters nowadays would winning to spend the money to watch concerts, or meet up with their favorite celebrities that comes to town rather than listening to those monodrum speeches from leaders unless it is part of a ceremony or event that they are involved. And if there concert is held in Singapore instead it is Malaysia that stands to lose as they have lost a golden opportunity to promote tourism.

Out of 100 youths, the majority doesn't give a damn about appearances, costumes. The only thing that matters to them is that they enjoyed the show.

Many of us at my age spent money to go up to Genting to watch Michael Learns to Rock concert at the beginning of the month. If the thing is instead played at the National Stadium, many more would throng to there, like the Manchester United tour. And there's no way that PAS can stop that because there are many people would shout and boo at them if the relevant parties bowed to their pressure.

The opposite of the cool definition, is being square, confining ourselves in a boundary, being a nerd all the time and don't even know the niceties and happiness outside at all.

So the one message is clear that PAS cannot mentuakan the youths.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eid Murbarak

It is my distinctive pleasure to wish my Muslim friends and colleagues Eid Murbarak. After the end of the fasting month, now here's the chance to to back to whatever they like for.

K.J in Meter

It can be funny to see how KJ play a cab driver :)

Malaysia Today Blockade Extended to All ISPs

Yesterday, I have mentioned that the MCMC has ordered a total block of Malaysia Today following the PKFZ leak. However, as of this time, the blockade has been extended to all other ISPs including Maxis, P1, etc.. as they found that people are able to access them outside Streamyx.

Apparently the directive was also issued to them on this matter which is starting to get out of hand.

And the police are now going for the shoot the whistleblower path, despite the fact that it is a cover up of the real mccoy.

For some reason, I managed to find out briefly that the main page of Malaysia Today has been removed no doubt by hackers. On further checks, the No Holds Barred and Corridors of Power segments have articles as prior to the expose of the PKFZ documents there. This was about an hour ago until even both segments have been blocked.

There is a user's right to anonymity.Article 12 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."

Let's present ourselves a dilemma: if you are a person who has the military intelligence on a murder of a foreigner that can bring a leader down, will you expose it to the world? You know this involves other countries, the World Court in Hague, an other parties investigating including the United Nations, FBI, etc..the scale is higher than PKFZ..what will you do?

Remember: you can't kill the news.

Update: 5.45 pm - I am able to access the website. Anyone from streamyx able to do so?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

The gomen is in panic now. How or who actually gave Pete Kamaruddin those papers becomes the question and in the panic, the PM and police are starting to probe and shoot the messenger.

Since the afternoon, the Mob's own ISP - TMNet has blocked access to Malaysia Today. From my guessing, the leaked document's content is true and it indeed has the actual signature of Nor Mohamad Yackop. This has showed that people of Malaysia has been swindled and the tax payer swallowed up leaving people vulnerable to the next economical bubble burst.

The Malaysian Insider has been reiterative of its phrase about Pete - 'taunting authorities and being a thorn in Najib's administration'. Of course, this doesn't bode well for Big Mama for many believe that she was behind the killing of Altantuya. Of course many monikers cropped out about her including the call card 'Bini Puaka'.

Judging by the response to the leak, with Najib saying of the use of Official Secrets Act, it seems that what was in the paper was actually true, apart from the signature at the end and they seem to be very desperate to sweep it under the carpet. If the rest of the people start to find out it is true, then it's game over for them.

The other day, an opposition MP, Mahfuz Omar has challenged Najib and the entire cabinet to resign if the document leaked is true. No way they will do that because my friend said before,

And you bet that Big Mama is having headaches....!

The moral of the story: if you are stupid, don't tell the people.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Event

To commemorate the founding of Malaysia 46 years ago, the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative has finally launched and gone online. In addition of extending the sphere of influence rather than e-groups, the initiative aims to help get the signing of people as voters for the upcoming general elections (those who do not know their rights), getting the parties of both sides to a round table discussion and as well as urging the government to replace the Internal Security Act with the self-proposed and draft of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The site has finally been launched at 7.19 p.m. Despite the heavy rain, many braved to here to witness a great event that could be the starting milestone to unite all races in Malaysia. If 1Malaysia happens to fail in the next coming one year or so, then perhaps this would be the definitive alternative.

The media was also invited to this event to provide the coverage. And there's celebrity Jaclyn Victor who posed with my friend Kelly for the accesing of the website for The Star.

The website is at

Reference material: The initiative

Additional Photos at Facebook

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Newspaper Vendor Called Him "That Bloody Bastard!"

I was still in school and growing up back in Ipoh back then. Once a month, the newspaper vendor by the name of Mr. Maniam and his daughter would go all around the neighborhood in Ipoh town collecting the paper bill. Usually, between 5.30 to 6 p.m, he would be stopping by my house collecting the bill. I would be there, either watching TV or doing my homework, while my late grandfather was outside the hall watching TV shows or the evening news.

I was around 15 then when one evening there was a news item that mentions of the then works minister Samy Vellu. Mr. Maniam was just right outside. Of course he heard it in tamil and when we came out he exclaimed "THAT BLOODY BASTARD!". But that's not the first time I heard that. When I go with my grandfather on some weekend trips, he'd say about Samy Vellu whenever he reads the papers. Not always but the newspaper that he read at that time was NST.

He had encountered Samy Vellu twice in the late 70s and early 80s. One time he was in the airport. All the time he's very disgruntled of how Samy Vellu is until his passing. He doesn't like him at all. And one classic example is how he intends to stay on whereas old men like Ling Liong Sik or Dr. M left to pave way for others to carry on leading the party. As of this time, he remains the only one left.

So on Saturday, I decided to explore around Sungai Siput for a while, having an Indian breakfast at a shop running along the main road. I made some observation around the town and I guess that people are okay with the new MP there. Anyhow, many people think that Samy is an old fossil and he doesn't do much for the Indian community following the HINDRAF awakening.

Well, at the MIC general assembly that day, I noticed that many of Samy's men retained their posts. People tried to challenge Samy for presidency yet whenever they are within the distance of doing so, they get wrunged out for the one reason to make sure no one challenges him. But then again, I notice that even with Samy and his yes-men, MIC could still be on the bottom as if the same show goes on and on again with nothing happening.

S. Subramaniam challenged against Samy in the presidency more than once and lost. So the question mark lies on whether he's leaving given that there is no more chances of fighting to change the party? I guess so, given that you tried your shot and lost over and over again. That's still a correct thing given that many think Palanviel is a mere yes-man and there's the merry lot again. And there's the Maika issue thing in which there are real revelations of mismanagement into the MIC's corporate entity there.

Dr. M has hit Samy with his posting on Makan Suap - which is indeed very similar to what is happening in UMNO before. But he could have done it very early than criticizing it now, I mean while he's still the PM. I just like how Dr. M goes in and hits at Samy and his merry-men over his writings. Indeed to whack Subramaniam and someone else his to say "I don't like you" or "You are a threat" statement. It's straight in the face thing.

Even he's in the grave now, I can still remember my dear grandfather's exclamation of Samy Vellu..."That Bloody Bastard".

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Selangor: 6 To Jump From PR To BN?

"Hotest. Esok 3 adun pkr lompat. Lusa 3 lagi ikut.15hb dr hasan ali bntuk krjäan baru dgn bn n jd mb.16 hb angkt sumpah".

That's the SMS I was forwarded by a friend of mine who got it from the source who is a Kedah UMNO man. The six of them are a mix of PKR and PAS. I asked my friend whether Port Klang's Badrul is one of the six and grimly, my friend said yes. I guess that Hassan Ali is very unhappy over the beer regulation thing that drew flak from his PR colleagues and non-Muslim people in the state. This is of course not Terengganu.

Khalid Ibrahim is going to have some trouble in their hands. It will be the same thing like in Perak but BN will actually require 11, not 6 to form a government there. I think it's like being very childish, still sulking over losing the 5 states last year.

Maybe they are in panic mode now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Haris....It's The Big Match Tomorrow! I Think It's Going To Be 1-0 To..

Bro, I know your love for Spurs because of Pat Jennings.

The big match was etching in my mind and I see a tight match and a 1-0 win for Man Utd vs Tottenham by 2.30 a.m tomorrow.

Let's see if the margin / score is exactly as what I think it would be.

MCMC's Latest Episode Could Cause More Embarassment For Malaysia

Even after the interviews / and questioning of the Malaysiakini staff, the Multimedia Commission still repeats with its probes and jumps into the Jaring office in Technology Park, trying to salvage pieces of information from the servers there.

Even if they can still get their hands on the two videos, there is no way that they can stop the videos being copied and shared around. Today's web browsers like Firefox contain companion widgets and components that allows saving the videos by other users. That means, if the source happens to be accidentally deleted perhaps due to a virus attack or something else, the video will appear elsewhere.

It will still be a lose situation for the MCMC. Say if someone happens to give the video to international broadcast companies like CNN, BBC, Al jazeera, it will be the same thing that happened to Malaysia on the Kartika caning incident. MCMC and the ministry has been whacked left and right by not only the cyber community throughout the world, but MCA and the international journlism community as well.

The real fault actually lies on two main fronts:

1. Hisham Hussein has made a bad mistake of saying that statement that was captured the video. That has proven that UMNO who was the chief instigation behind the temple protests last month has showed its real stripes of being the wolf in the sheep's clothing. Or two-face as you can call it. He should watch his word though on that day.

2. The mainstream media alone plays part of the problem. The naked truth was not told in hold to the people and the target audience. When covering that episode, it is either that it was spin to tell the different meaning or a critical piece of information was deliberately withheld for the fear of being called by the Home Ministry / 4th Floor Boys (notably during AAB's days).

MCMC cannot shutdown Youtube because doing so violates the MSC charter and Najib's promise last month that Malaysia will not censor Internet. It's a Catch 22 situation here. Even if they insist of pressing charges on Malaysiakini, what they will do will draw flak from everyone. I mean, everyone will whack left and right. The problem is it is now a problem in Malaysia for big muscle to shoot the messenger and this means that big muscles are behaving like in the feudal period.
"Malaysiakini is an online news media. This is a common duty for them to provide such a report. The deputy minister should just stick to the law and not trying to pull the public into the investigation to support the agency's action against Malaysiakini."
The remarks by the deputy minister Joe Salang Gandum is somewhat as a misinterpretation and built on the assumption that every one will support the actions by the MCMC. In fact Salang is wrong. Totally wrong. It is the other way wrong. The presumption that every people is against a protest is wrong and the truth is if their cries and requests fall to death ears, they need to do something drastic to prove their point to the country leaders.

Since Malaysiakini has insisted that they have done nothing wrong but doing their duty of journalism, they will have a big fight on their hands, which is to proof strongly that they have no intention to annoy people. But I see from the video, it has proven how fallible the Barisan Nasional leaders are right now, particularly on those little Napoleons. These little Napoleons represent the bad apples of the BN that makes everyone angry at them.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

RPK Speaks His Mind Part 1: Altantuya SD

And now, Pete Kamaruddin starts swinging back at the government with his explanation of why he was charged of declaring his SD. The intention of the SD is to ask police to investigate this allegation. But however, he still accuses Big Dog for how he got into the SD and the publication via BD's blog has started the chain of events there.

Of course, the timing is good as it reminds people of the one great murder that still goes around but the attempt to distract people from the real issue via other issues and so on.

With that video, out, I figure that Big Mama is going to have a few restless nights out there.

When Big Muscle Clash Each Other's just for fun.

Two big men clash at each other for the Body Slam Challenge by Price is Right host Bob Barker.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Round Of Cheer For Malaysiakini!

Fearlessly, Malaysiakini told the MCMC investigators that they will not tear down the two controversial videos that feature the Section 23 protest last week. Their argument is that they are doing their job as part of journalism, not to annoy a party nor a person.

Of course this action could earn the wrath of the government in the form of the lawsuit against them. From what I was told that the video was actually viewed and the original cut content is depicting UMNO people involved in the protest as wolves in the sheep clothing, which hints of embarassment to the people if the video is seen - thus this thing. I am saying it's a believe or a state of mind if that is your opinion or so.

Anyhow, they cannot stop the Internet because anybody may go and make copies of the video and show it to the international media. If let's say CNN happens to pick up the video and broadcast it with witness testimony on this, it's game over for Barisan Nasional in this case. You'll figure out the rest. On the contrary, it will be a do the right thing to show it to the world of what is actually happening.

I'm in the aye thing for Malaysiakini for what they stand for. They are doing nothing wrong, and I would like to see how it will unfold. I am sure that the international and local journalism community would come in to protect their fellow journalists from idiots like Hisham Hussein and the others.

On the side note, the two videos provide a very truthful exposay of what actually happened in Section 23, with two notable UMNO figures seen in the video being involved from the beginning, even instigating at the dialogue session.

I figure that Bik Mama and the rest of the mob is getting in hysteria over this.

Cheers to Malaysiakini for keeping their ground.

That Asshole Better Be Charged....

Yes, the guys who were protesting in the section 23 thing last week will be charged at courts. Out of the approximately 50, 6 will be under the Sedition Act, while the remaining will be under Police Act 1967.

Fine. But I hope to hear that this UMNO man by the name of Azmir Mohd Zain (we know as the man who instigated this incident) will be charged. If the name was never mentioned at all, then we have a good guess that UMNO is covering him, or we can say some high-ranking politicians have instructed Gani Patail not to let go and give Azmir a slap in the wrist. IMO, I smell something fishy that the charges could be selective.

It's just not him. There were a few notable figures from UMNO, one of them I actually saw him as a guest speaker of the AMK's talk back in the SCAH a few months ago with Hishamuddin Rais.

I am keeping an eye of how things will fold. If my guessing is right, then I surmise that Gani will get whacked left and right just as what many of us do in whacking Musa Hassan left and right over the extension of contract. Perhaps these two could be part of covering the Altantuya thing?

On a side note, there is a two hour plus interview with Pete Kamaruddin and the first segment is due by Thursday. The speculation of what is to reveal is sure to drive Bik Mama in hysteria.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Zorro, Do You RememberThis Guy?

While looking at the news where 16 people arrested during the HINDRAF candlelight vigil. I happened to stumble upon a picture that reminded me of the ramblings by fellow blogger Zorro.

According to Malaysiakini, the cops counted from 1 to 10 before ordering the arrests.

"The cops then began counting from one to 10 (right), and launched the arrests soon after."

When I saw the picture above, I remembered about Bernard's lamentation of that policeman. The very policeman who was also part of the disrupted vigil in Merdeka square sometime ago. Sorry to say, I cannot recall which post that has that man featured.

Care for another lamentation / rambling, sir?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is Media Embarassment Gomen's Weakness Now?

Malaysiakini was today given a directive by the MCMC (Multimedia Commission) to remove two videos pertaining to the temple protests. The second video about Hisham Hussein defending protesters drew the ire of the MCMC, resulting in the directive to remove because suspected of annoying people.

A guy from Malaysiakini told me just now that they are still consulting the lawyers over the next course of legal action, but they have reiterated their stand that they have no intention of annoying viewers, except as part of journalism work and being unbiased on newsreporting. And then the journalists group would whack the MCMC.

"Our intent in putting up the videos was not to ‘annoy’ anyone, but to do our job as journalists to draw attention to the protest and to ensure action is taken so that incidents like this will not happen again in Malaysia,” he said. (Steven Gan)

I can draw conclusions that the Achilles heel of the Barisan Nasional right now is the media embarassment that they are facing. The previous news item, about the Kartika due for caning was broadcasted everywhere throughout the world, particularly on CNN - drew the embarassment from the federal government and at the last minute they decided to postpone it after the fasting month.

I have previously mentioned in my posting: Is Telling The Inconvenient Truth Something Worth It Now? which reiterates what I've saying. I wonder if there is someone documenting a possible HINDRAF vigil tomorrow (being declared illegal by the Police since HINDRAF is outlawed) and if it happened to be broadcast at BBC, Al-Jazeera - what will happen then? Same as what I would think it would happen. And of course, the ministers would come in guns blazing pointing fingers at everybody.

Remember that the Police is paying the PR company Fox Communications around RM 1000 per day, which translates to RM 370K per year as to maintain their image.

Extending Musa's Contract Is Supporting The Mob..It's True!

Despite pleas to the King from many quarters Musa Hassan's contract was extended by one more year until September 13 2010. Many of us believed that Musa is affiliated with the Chinese underworld figures (prominently Tengku Goh and BK Tan) which is actually true when Musa's former ADC released a statutory declaration confirming what Johari Baharom, and a few others including Ramli Yusuff, his six subordinates, had been saying all along.

Perhaps we all remember that in 2007, former PM Abdullah Badawi really wanted by words to eradicate crime - thus his statement of declaring all-out-war against crime. Of course, the ultimate goal is to reduce the crime rates in this country, currently at the staggering rate of 35 percent.

From The Star - April 6 2007:

He said the Government aspired to build the country, but would not succeeded without the police to wage war against criminals.

Even though certain parties looked down on the police because of several irresponsible people, it did not mean that the nation had lost respect for the force, he said.

Abdullah later presented special police awards to five members of the public for their role in educating the public and enhancing the image of the force.

Those who received the Friends of the Police award were Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Yayasan Strategik Sosial executive director Datuk Dr Denison Jayasoria, Benama general manager Datuk Azman Ujang, Utusan group chief editor Datuk Khalid Mohd, and The Star national crime desk head Lourdes Charles.

Taking the cue from the Prime Minister, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the police would go all out to stop those involved in gangsterism in Sarawak, even if "influential" people were involved.

He also warned his officers that stern action would be taken against any of them found to be linked with the gangsters.

The mere question above is that the statement (last one) -whether it is applying to all except Musa? Will hiring the retirees out to help be sufficient if the head is found to be in bathing in the black pool that is corruption? Musa's track record is sufficient to spell out whether you want him on or not.

I always remembered Musa as somewhat failed to capture the elusive murderers of Nurin. And as well being involved in the conspiracy of setting up Anwar Ibrahim in the 1998 sodomy case.

The proof is actually visible in our eyes. But the mainstream media never picked it up.

Sadly, I must say that His Majesty was (not to say ill-advised) but was not given the entire, actual picture from the other quarters, only buying to the advice of the cousins Najib and Hishamuddin. When Abdullah Ahmad Badawi decided to say NFA action despite evidence to convict Musa it indirectly hints of the government doesn't believe into that thing But I believe that there could be several shadowy characters behind the scenes that was campaigning to give Musa the extension as to benefit their own.

Coming back to the article quoted, if the gomen wants to eradicate crime seriously, they need to clean up the enforcement thing. You have seen the interrogation tactics and how the police deal with the public not to mention of how the MACC interrogates prisoners a.l.a gangster style tactics / intimidation.

It seems the gomen is not bothering about the real truth. Instead it is throwing a support behind a police force that is actually run by the mob gangsters!? It's no strange thing and I have hear many grumblings, rantings and laments from other police officers who feels that the police force is actually splitting apart from the inside.

It was a very bad mistake by Abdullah Badawi to give Musa the extension at the first place.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't Bullshit Us, Hisham!

I find that the reasoning of Hisham Hussein defending the cow-head protestors is somewhat a try to bullshit people, false truths, or maybe otherwise. But anyhow it is a part of creating trouble in Selangor. Remember what Najib said of taking back Selangor at all costs?

UMNO Provaction

Several PAS people have conducted an independent investigation of who actually instigated the protest of moving the temple to Shah Alam section 23. They have studied the video footage from Malaysiakini and have recognized two notable figures in part of the protest. Out of the 50 people believed to be involved in the demos, approximately 10 percent of the numbers are from Section 23 themselves, whereas the rest of the mob came from elsewhere, but mostly affiliated with UMNO.

Based on the footage seen, they have identified the main figurehead to be Azmir Mohd. Zin, who is the Section 23 Branch chief. Azmir is the younger brother of former Kota Anggerik state assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Nawawi Zin, who lost the seat to Yaakob Sapri in the 2008 general elections. Many have said and recognized Azmir as a "samseng" that runs around Up-town Shah Alam.

A revelation such as above has given some doubts that although the government are condemning such protest, but being two-face as revealed in the evidence above, it is attempting to intisgate more problems as to bring down the Selangor state government like what happened in Perak. It is an attempt to make the Malays think of the Indians and other non-Malay people as their enemies.

A quote from the Malaysian Insider said:

Hishammuddin refuted claims that the protest was organised by Umno and said that the location allocated by the state government is not suitable because Section 23 is predominantly Malay.

With this fact and video footage above, it is tantamout to bullshitting the people out there. I have a feeling that people are being lied with the statement there, and I find that it is an illusion to cover things up.

Order for case closed?

On Saturday, state CPO Khalid Bakar has said that the protest will be investigated under the Sedition Act. Today, the investigations have been completed and will be submitted to the AG chambers later on. Chances are in this scenario, the case is likely to be marked as a NFA (No Further Action), despite strong proof that UMNO is behind the provacation. Referring to this quote from the Malaysian Insider, Hisham said:

“If it can be resolved quickly and can be done with both sides understanding each other ... why would we want to penalise anybody?” he said, suggesting he was not in favour of legal action to be taken against any of the protestors.

That public statement is indirectly and a possibility of a word to the AG chambers to put the investigation papers submitted by the police to them. There is sufficient evidence to say that UMNO is responsible for that protest that day. And making a public statement before the investigation is complete is equivalent to the Executive intefering with another entity violating the separation of powers.

The attorney general has scored several own goals already, shooting his own foot. If a prime example is needed read this interesting revelation in Malaysia Today on his instructions to release a crime syndicate boss from the RR (restricted residence)

Hidden Hands

"If I wanted to use the issue to create chaos in Selangor, I can but we didn’t take such actions"

Denying such things and using the pig-head thing is an example of diverting the actual situation away from people's eyes to something else that people will not know so that people.

Actually, instigating the demo in Shah Alam isn't the only handiwork of that man himself. There are hidden hands and it starts from the top, branches into two divisions and finally into one. I will not elaborate further but a commentary article in Malaysiakini seems to hint otherwise.

Bullshitting People

If you remember the Gedung Kartun raid case, Zunar, the publisher has refuted the claims that the permit has been approved and the certificate of permit can be taken from August 14 onwards. However, when asked to explain why a raid was done, the communications officer explained that the book was published without permit.

There was a permit number given and there is no way they would say that the permit is not given for the number was genuine. Hishamuddin - the problem is that he might not have a single idea of what the situation is all about and so on...something that is missed out in his job description as the Home Minister.

And that's really one way to kelentong people.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Any Idiot Can Figure It Out!

Here are a few a pieces chosen from today's dailies that even an idiot can figure out what is the actual thing happening behind the veil.

1. Khairy wants PR to wake up from the delusion of ruling Perak

IPOH, Sept 1 — Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has slammed the opposition parties in Perak for attempting to convene a state legislative assembly sitting tomorrow.

He said that the opposition parties wanted to split the people by trying to turn Perak politics topsy-turvy despite the fact that the people had already accepted the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) rule in the state.

He said that the opposition pact of DAP, PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat was trying to disrupt the state’s administration as it was clear that the BN government, led by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, was accepted by the people.

“They have no locus standi to call for a state legislative assembly sitting as the former speaker no longer holds any post,” he told reporters after attending a reception for orphans organised by the Perak Umno Youth at the Perak mentri besar’s residence last night.

The naked truth: People don't like and don't accept. Zambry at all. They call this Mamak Pangkor as haram and you bring Ganesan - the loser who isn't a state assemblyman. (Note - he lost in the Bukit Selambau). And you need UMNO to save Ganesan's ass from being fried by the state constituition. Sure, they ain't going to throw a snap election as some claimed to be in November for sure they would be annihilated. So about you KJ? You said to ask people to accept but there are many things that people conveyed that UMNO / BN still refuses to accept. You call that as calling as acceptance?

People back in Ipoh are sick to see the billboard of Najib and Mamak Zambry around. Poorah!


Abu Hassan still rep for Kota Seputeh

PUTRAJAYA: Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Abu Hassan Shariff remains the assemblyman for the Kota Seputeh state seat in Kedah despite failing to show up for two sessions of the state assembly sitting.

The decision was made by the Election Commission after a special meeting to deliberate on the matter on Tuesday.

Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof said after deliberating the case for almost four hours, the Commission concluded that the status of the seat remained at “status quo.”

“It has been decided that Abu Hassan is still the elected representative of Kota Seputeh, as per the 12th general election’s results,” he said.

Kedah Speaker Datuk Dr Abdul Isa Ismail had on Aug 18 written to the Commission informing it of Abu Hassan’s failure to attend the sitting on April 19 and Aug 9.

Abu Hassan had said he did not attend the sittings due to medical reasons and had submitted medical chits.

Under Section 51 of the Kedah state constitution, an assemblyman who fails to attend assembly sittings twice in a row would automatically lose his or her membership and would have to vacate the seat.

Aziz said it was concluded that the sittings which Abu Hassan was alleged to have failed to attend were not “two consecutive meetings in a single session” but were in fact two separate sessions held three months and 20 days apart.

Note: Do you remember this mystery man in UMNO? I think how this guy's ass gets saved is maybe alluded to something that I've read before.

Check this excerpt (original posting here)

Jika begini keadaannya, apakah kita boleh yakin dan pasti pilihanraya umum akan datang SPR akan berlaku "telus dan adil" seperti motto korporat mereka. Soalnya disini siapakah Hasrizam yang dikatakan begitu berkuasa untuk mengarahkan SPR berbuat sesuatu demi menyelamatkan maruah seseorang. Siapakah rakyat Malaysia ini, yang jelas sekali tiada maruah dan harga diri itu?. Menurut sumber maklumat yang sahih, Hasnizam adalah Penasihat Undang-Undang UMNO yang amat digeruni. Kelibatnya sering dilihat tatkala ada mesyuarat khas yang melibatkan Lembaga Disiplin UMNO. Beliau sering dilihat selalu berdiri belakang Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen. Dikalangan para peguam-peguam dan nama Hasnizam ni memang terkenal kerana dia merupakan seorang peguam yang tidak pernah masuk ke mahkamah, tapi namanya cepat melonjak kerana kaitan beliau dengan UMNO. Maka itu jelas dapat dilihat bahawa penentuan tarikh pilihanraya kecil Parlimen Bukit Gantang dan DUN Bukit Selambau semalam adalah mengikut arahan Hasrizam yang merupakan kuda tunggangan Najib Razak sebenarnya.
Najib merasa selama bila orang seperti Hasrizam melengkapkan skripnya dengan SPR. Dek kerana itulah kita tidak hairan SPR menunggu terlalu lama untuk menetapkan hari pencalonan dan juga tarikh pengundian kedua-dua pilihanraya itu. Tarikh pencalonan 29 Mac iaitu sehari selepas pemilihan UMNO jelas sekali amat memalukan dan tidak wajar berlaku. Seolah-olah nampak benar Najib takut jika pilihanraya di buat lebih awal dari itu bagi menjaga imejnya yang kian tercalar kini. Tambah mengelirukan dan memalukan ialah SPR tanpa segan silu menetapkan tarikh 7 April 2009 sebagai hari pengundian. Sedangkan beliau tahu tarikh tersebut jatuh pada hari Selasa dan bukan hari cuti am. Apakah bebalnya SPR memilih hari bekerja sebagai hari pengundian?. Bukankah ini akan menyusahkan pengundi yang bekerja dan berada di perantauan untuk mengambil cuti balik ke kampung halaman masing-masing bagi membuang undi?.

3. Read also Malaysiakini's article on taking back Selangor. Script is like for Perak. Big Mama is playing here again. Nuff said.

4. Bernama - 31 August 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 — The RON95 petrol which will replace RON97 will be retailed at RM1.80 per litre beginning tomorrow, said Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob who today launched the RON95 petrol.

RON97 is being upgraded as a premium petrol with a price of RM2.05 per litre, said Ismail Sabri.

“Petrol RON92 will be phased out given that its use is rather low that is around five per cent of the total petrol sales in the country.

“In that regard, the government has taken the step to introduce RON95 to ensure that consumers benefit directly from quality petroleum products at a subsidised price,” he said in his speech at the Nationwide RON95 Launch here today.

--Although there claims to be subsidies as what Sabri said, the statement was contradicting what Shahrir Samad said in November 2008, where subsidies were no longer there. There's something not right about the statement and I have a bad feeling that is trying to con the people into believing that there's subsidy.

This is an economic hit man's plan. Frankly speaking, Malaysia is out of money after the stimulus package and to recuperate it, they need to impose taxes inside the petrol money that we buy. To the range of 40 to 60 sens per liter. To maximise the most of it, the RON 97 was upgraded to a premium petrol. But in actual fact, both petrols are the same; there is no noteworthy thing about performance except for the burning time.

People, are you really sick of being conned or being told of the lie, etc? Please wake up..

Here's an afternote: Why did you choose Barisan Nasional in the first place when you know that they would do such thing? Devotion? Blind faith? Fear?

Even an idiot can figure this out..and I mean it!


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