Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malaysia Today Blockade Extended to All ISPs

Yesterday, I have mentioned that the MCMC has ordered a total block of Malaysia Today following the PKFZ leak. However, as of this time, the blockade has been extended to all other ISPs including Maxis, P1, etc.. as they found that people are able to access them outside Streamyx.

Apparently the directive was also issued to them on this matter which is starting to get out of hand.

And the police are now going for the shoot the whistleblower path, despite the fact that it is a cover up of the real mccoy.

For some reason, I managed to find out briefly that the main page of Malaysia Today has been removed no doubt by hackers. On further checks, the No Holds Barred and Corridors of Power segments have articles as prior to the expose of the PKFZ documents there. This was about an hour ago until even both segments have been blocked.

There is a user's right to anonymity.Article 12 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."

Let's present ourselves a dilemma: if you are a person who has the military intelligence on a murder of a foreigner that can bring a leader down, will you expose it to the world? You know this involves other countries, the World Court in Hague, an other parties investigating including the United Nations, FBI, etc..the scale is higher than PKFZ..what will you do?

Remember: you can't kill the news.

Update: 5.45 pm - I am able to access the website. Anyone from streamyx able to do so?


  1. Melvin, I beg to differ. I haven't any problems getting connected to MT both yesterday and today. I have access to MT yesterday morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night (I'm serious). Therefore, I was quite amused when I first read about it in Malaysian Insider, and posted them a comment about it, but till today I don't see my comment anywhere. I guess MI is bias. Even this morning till now I didn't encounter any problems accessing MT. I uses both Celcom and Maxis, and I didn't access MT through any proxy websites either.
    I think it must be something else than being blocked by the gov. Don't ask me, but I really think it's something else. Maybe server problems? I'm only guessing. I hope any problems encountered would be solved soon so all can have access again, come rain or shine! CIAO!

  2. the site is accessable already.. i guess, they realised once again that internet is unblockable :P

  3. I am on screamyx. Brought here from Malaysia Today. No problem accessing it.

  4. Streamyx.Seems OK now.
    This morning some problem.

    A Fan

  5. If the MT is not accessible, try looking at which replicates most of the articles in MT.


  6. the PKFZ leaks also available at


  7. not me bro.... i use the cache copy only from bing

  8. Hi people,

    Yes, I was testing the site in afternoon and it was blocked, with the same screen appearing for those who are accessing Streamyx yesterday afternoon. Even using Maxis WAP, you are getting that problem to.

    Perhaps one possibility is that what the MCMC blocked is maybe the static IP address instead of the DNS name.

    I'm not sure about Streamyx since I have stopped using since early last year. Of course you do understand that they are part of a GLC, right?

    To guys, if you use other solutions, apart from alternate sources, then it's good. See, as what it is now, that the gomen can't kill the news.

  9. Hi,
    Since you asked - I'm a streamyx user and it was blocked. Tried to access it yesterday around 12 noon then 2-3PM and the page shows the layout but all the content was missing!
    So you were not imagining things.
    Now it's up and running. Thank God!

  10. i can access it thru maxis. few days ago got jam after reading, then then go to next news. it was cleared the next day. the doc for the osa thingy is still available. u just need to google the title. cheers

  11. Melvyn,

    I could not access MT beginning about 5.00pm on Friday after informing a friend about the Cabinet Paper until about 6.00 pm yesterday Saturday. GOOSTEE

  12. UMNO why spend so much resources filtering information? Our water (SABAH) is so toxic even fishes die in rivers everyday. PLEASE filter our water properly for us as not everybody can efford filter system like RICH POLITICIANS.They dont care about the RAKYAT but only their OWN FAMILY!!!

    Winnie Wong

  13. it has problem accessing on sept 18th and perhaps early of sept 19th. anyone able to access it on sept 18th?

  14. Or it could be they tried to block but then people started to ask why.
    Then they decided not to block because more people would now what really happened behind PKFZ, with the coming by-election it not a good idea

  15. It was blocked yesterday and the day before. If you access it via Malaysian ISPs, it was blocked. But my children are able to access from overseas, ie ISP in SIngapore, US, is fine. Anyway it has been redirected now.
    As the saying goes...the truth always MT articles must have hurt some folks badly.

  16. I will post some proxies here for those who need them

    IP: Port:8080

    IP: Port:3128

    IP: Port:80



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