Sunday, September 13, 2009

Selangor: 6 To Jump From PR To BN?

"Hotest. Esok 3 adun pkr lompat. Lusa 3 lagi ikut.15hb dr hasan ali bntuk krjäan baru dgn bn n jd mb.16 hb angkt sumpah".

That's the SMS I was forwarded by a friend of mine who got it from the source who is a Kedah UMNO man. The six of them are a mix of PKR and PAS. I asked my friend whether Port Klang's Badrul is one of the six and grimly, my friend said yes. I guess that Hassan Ali is very unhappy over the beer regulation thing that drew flak from his PR colleagues and non-Muslim people in the state. This is of course not Terengganu.

Khalid Ibrahim is going to have some trouble in their hands. It will be the same thing like in Perak but BN will actually require 11, not 6 to form a government there. I think it's like being very childish, still sulking over losing the 5 states last year.

Maybe they are in panic mode now.

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