Friday, September 4, 2009

Extending Musa's Contract Is Supporting The Mob..It's True!

Despite pleas to the King from many quarters Musa Hassan's contract was extended by one more year until September 13 2010. Many of us believed that Musa is affiliated with the Chinese underworld figures (prominently Tengku Goh and BK Tan) which is actually true when Musa's former ADC released a statutory declaration confirming what Johari Baharom, and a few others including Ramli Yusuff, his six subordinates, had been saying all along.

Perhaps we all remember that in 2007, former PM Abdullah Badawi really wanted by words to eradicate crime - thus his statement of declaring all-out-war against crime. Of course, the ultimate goal is to reduce the crime rates in this country, currently at the staggering rate of 35 percent.

From The Star - April 6 2007:

He said the Government aspired to build the country, but would not succeeded without the police to wage war against criminals.

Even though certain parties looked down on the police because of several irresponsible people, it did not mean that the nation had lost respect for the force, he said.

Abdullah later presented special police awards to five members of the public for their role in educating the public and enhancing the image of the force.

Those who received the Friends of the Police award were Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, Yayasan Strategik Sosial executive director Datuk Dr Denison Jayasoria, Benama general manager Datuk Azman Ujang, Utusan group chief editor Datuk Khalid Mohd, and The Star national crime desk head Lourdes Charles.

Taking the cue from the Prime Minister, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the police would go all out to stop those involved in gangsterism in Sarawak, even if "influential" people were involved.

He also warned his officers that stern action would be taken against any of them found to be linked with the gangsters.

The mere question above is that the statement (last one) -whether it is applying to all except Musa? Will hiring the retirees out to help be sufficient if the head is found to be in bathing in the black pool that is corruption? Musa's track record is sufficient to spell out whether you want him on or not.

I always remembered Musa as somewhat failed to capture the elusive murderers of Nurin. And as well being involved in the conspiracy of setting up Anwar Ibrahim in the 1998 sodomy case.

The proof is actually visible in our eyes. But the mainstream media never picked it up.

Sadly, I must say that His Majesty was (not to say ill-advised) but was not given the entire, actual picture from the other quarters, only buying to the advice of the cousins Najib and Hishamuddin. When Abdullah Ahmad Badawi decided to say NFA action despite evidence to convict Musa it indirectly hints of the government doesn't believe into that thing But I believe that there could be several shadowy characters behind the scenes that was campaigning to give Musa the extension as to benefit their own.

Coming back to the article quoted, if the gomen wants to eradicate crime seriously, they need to clean up the enforcement thing. You have seen the interrogation tactics and how the police deal with the public not to mention of how the MACC interrogates prisoners a.l.a gangster style tactics / intimidation.

It seems the gomen is not bothering about the real truth. Instead it is throwing a support behind a police force that is actually run by the mob gangsters!? It's no strange thing and I have hear many grumblings, rantings and laments from other police officers who feels that the police force is actually splitting apart from the inside.

It was a very bad mistake by Abdullah Badawi to give Musa the extension at the first place.

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