Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There's A Chance of Winning In Bagan Pinang With An Infighting

I already had a feeling that Isa Samad gets nominated for the by-election, despite a strong objection and remarks by Dr. Mahathir of picking a convicted person to contest. I see it as a slap in the face at him. In fact the main reasoning is that Isa is seen as a chance to win a by-election in Peninsular Malaysia, given of him being one of the UMNO warlords of Negeri Sembilan. The one turning point that prompted Isa to be named was a demand by certain UMNO quarters to nominate him or risked being boycott by their own group. There was no other choice to pick him as to avoid a boycott.

Isa's son Najib is also considered as candidate, but many felt he would end up a nobody if he contests there. Of course Isa has a stronger influence over there.

I happened to get invited over a cup of tea with a good friend of mine Christopher a few hours ago. There was some interesting information that was revealed during the meet. How the information was obtained by him was a mystery but what I was told was what he got in turn.

We already know that Dr. Mahathir is not in favor of having Isa as the candidate because of his conviction in a money scandal. Besides him, the nomination has already irked both camps, which are Negeri Sembilan MB Mat Hassan and Khairy's camp. Both men were not in favor of having him there. For Mat Hassan, having Isa will be 'considered' as a threat to him particularly in the coming election, where if he wins, it will make it easy for him to be the MB again. Also, winning the by-election could pave the way for Isa to contest and possibly win a vice-presidency post in UMNO in the next party general elections.

Whatever the point is, it could pose a threat to both men.

The original BN candidate of choice for this by-election was actually the Teluk Kemang UMNO Wanita Chief. She had received support from Mat Hassan, Khairy and the Wanita wing (Sharizat, her deputy and others). At the last minute, she received a threat from Isa's camp, demanding she withdraw from the being the nominated or risk the consequences. She had to do so, but in the process, the threat from Isa's camp has already pissed three parties already.

Because of this, there is a likelyhood that Mat Hassan and Khairy's camp will attempt to sabotage Isa as payback time. Many of us said of Isa winning the battle but BN to lose the war later on. But, I was told that the infighting has already begun inside the BN camp, which means there is still a realistic chance for the PAS state commissioner Zulkefly Mohd Omar to win. Another point to say so is that in the previous election, the number of postal votes found to be in favor of Pakatan was approximately 30 percent.

The infighting over candidacy happened in the last few by-elections and even this one also happened to follow the same jinx: among themselves over who should do that with one camp trying to take out the other camp.

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