Sunday, November 30, 2008

Commencement of Ipoh-KL Shuttle Services

From tomorrow onwards, the KL-Ipoh KTM commuter service will start. The service will run on weekdays basis, with five trips per direction daily. The estimated time of travel between this two towns would be at approximately three hours.

The newly refurbished Ipoh railway station has changed a lot and if I remembered properly, the underground passage that links Platform 1 to Platform 2 has been sealed off and replaced with an overhead passageway.

Here are some pics to show the refurbished state of the station.

This used to be the old entrance towards there. For better clarity, you might want to read Lat's Town Boy graphic novel.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Now In Vacancy: Kuala Terengganu

The Deputy Education Minister dead after a game of badminton?

See the news piece below:

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Education Minister Datuk Razali Ismail died at the Aminuddin Baki Institute in Genting Highlands at about 6.30pm Friday.

This was confirmed by Education director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom when contacted by Bernama today.

It is believed that Razali, 59, who is the MP for Kuala Terengganu, collapsed while playing badminton at the institute.

Alimuddin said the body would be taken to Hospital Bentong, Pahang.

Razali leaves a wife, Datin Nooraini Lob Yusoff, and five children.

A staff of the institute said Razali had been playing badminton with several staff members when he collapsed.

"He did not have any specific function there. He had come for recreation," he said.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, when contacted, said Razali’s death was a great loss to the ministry.

"I’m deeply saddened. It’s a great loss," he said in a text message.

Hishammuddin said he was at the institute and was engaged with the funeral arrangements.
Anyhow, Kuala Terengganu seat is vacant and a by-election must be held in the next 60 days. Initial intelligence reveals that BN only had a 50-50 chance of winning that seat. At the general elections, Razali was facing stiff competition against Mat Sabu from PAS. So the only possible solution for them is to put in a nold lady as an independent candidate hoping to take away some votes so that. That worked out well as Maimun Yusuf polled 685 votes, enabling Razali to win by 628. Were Maimun did not compete, Mat Sabu could have won by a tiny margin of 57 votes.

Barisan seats are now reduced to a possible 136. The coalition now has only 138. The other 2 possible seats would be this one and the other one in Sabah where Kurup's seat is now declared vacant following the null and void order by the court.

I met Mat Sabu at Maju Curry house that day and I simply said "Uncle Mat - you should be the next Home Minister". Well, chances are I believed that Mat Sabu can contest that seat again and should he wins, becomes MP and when Pakatan takes over, - if true- then he could be the next Home Minister.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"My Ass Is On The Line"!

That's what my manager admittedly said to one of my seniors today. I was still in nervous mood, because I was constantly reminded that if the reviews of tomorrow is negative, that's the end of everything, the sack and the project goes down the drain. Even the manager is not sparred from this as well. I was trying to get over this episode and hope that things would go well in the coming week, whereby the product is released, get good reviews and then keep working more towards the end. So far, only one main module is completed and out of the 21 people today, all except one to three were roped in to finish the most difficult module ever in the software.

I started to think as what my bud said as 'over-committing' - committing from the very beginning, very sure of the product delivered in time. I felt that it's like overkill because either the buffer time is insufficient or those guys on top keep pushing or so. Perhaps the new term 'when it's done will have to come though'. Throughout the whole day I was very nervous that I took a lot of water, going to the toilet for the leak.

In the evening it was raining heavily but not at this time of writing. I saw two possible outcomes, either if God or Heaven is in sympathy over our troubles or it's not going to end well tomorrow. I rather being proved wrong tomorrow but I see the signs show that it's the bad and the latter. Around 8.30, just before I left, everyone was asked of remaining leave (medical and annual) and number of days worked for this month of November excluding tomorrow. APAC HQ was asking for it, not Bombay (since it's closed due to the terrorist attack) and I was suspecting of leave freeze, leave deduction or maybe worse.

I overheard my manager berating me through a conversation with Ponvel that I felt very offended. He thought that I should be given a try in one segment instead of sticking my time in one segment. He did remark at one point, "Where's the fun?" I only went to another segment briefly before going back here. I was a scared. Vasem was never constantly in that angry mood but in the recent days given that he has more pressure and possibly faces the worst wrath ever, he may have to do this at screaming at the workers like myself.

I asked my local guy Hock Kee at lunch whether if whether he's ready to be fired. He said no problem. Go back up north for his holiday, sort of. When I started work today, I felt time was very slow today and since yesterday, measurement report was like having a bad feeling Vasem is going to berate me anytime for missing out things. It was a little unfair for an accidental mistake or maybe because the assignment is quite complex.

A big shot from APAC HQ came over for three days there. From Wednesday, adminstrative staff started going around and asking people why on being either a few minutes late or not wearing a tie. Imagine if the July 14 episode (where roads were blocked up by the police) happens again..then what? Yunus came a minute late and was asked for an explaination.

Somehow I observed that the work could have finished faster and earlier if BK, orByresh could have stayed longer here instead of going back to India. Maybe that could save a lot of time and covered Alfred and Arunbabu's ass. But the poor girl from India was around here less than three months but left abruptly because of allegedly she complained about sexual harrassment by Yunus or Ayyappa.

So it's D-Day tomorrow. God help us all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Letter For Grandma

Dear Grandma,

It's already been two years.

I remembered last week when I was invited for dinner at the Wharf with some colorful guests. It was fish affair - steam fish, roast lamb, vegetables, curry fish and etc.. I thought for one moment I was at home, but the reality is that you were out there to remind me of the home cook food that I have not eaten for two years already.

I remembered the steam fish -it was like back home, where there's steam fish for dinner. I yearned to go back home for more than three weeks but the burden of work on the entire department forced me to postpone the trip to home three times.

Atmosphere in the department and office is pretty grim and sombre in the last few days. I was in a real nervous mood. The department had to work past normal hours, that's fine, but the grim warning is circling around: we had three policy components to deliver in good condition by end of grace period or the whole department gets fired. That even means me, my buddies and even my manager Vasem. I came back from toilet when he scolded my senior. I was freaked out. I had some chest pains probably because of overexerting myself. I was kicking myself hard, frantically trying to finish everything in time, but I look at it is unfair for everyone.

For a few times today I beg to either God or find a guy after work hours to help me through. But I wasn't happy or satisfied really. I don't what will happen in the next week or month or so. Losing a job at this point of time isn't right for all of us. We all felt the heat. I wasted a few hours over one problem whereas I wanted to use it to do something else that I am comfortable to handle with.

I could only turn to Ma for words in the last two days. I wanted to talk to someone close to me physically, not by phone, not by mail. And there was some feeling of anguish inside me for sometime. Apart from cousins or colleagues or friends, there's no one to turn to physically.

In one movie I watched, the protagonist said, "God does not speak to me, even on top where Christ was crucified." I was unsure whether I was put to this mess for my mistakes or there are things I do not want by was forced to do so. Look, I don't want to end as a recession casualty..the company has to reduce headcount because of the recession thing. On second thought I thought the Big Man was trying to tell me keep stocking my money. Forget about buying a desktop computer that I've waited for so long.

How I wish if God or you could speak to me and help me out. And yes, I am not speaking to you physically but instead I am speaking to a headstone in a temple where you are r.i.p. You were gone for two years already - things could be different if that is not the case.

It's pretty restless now. I only wish that tomorrow would be really better than today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What A Bunch of Hypocrites!

What does an average Malaysian citizen expects out of a policeman? He / she expects them to help keep things under control in the streets at all times, helps the people in the dire need and make the world a safer place for all of us to leave.

But then, it seems that our perceptions of the police force is facing at:

A: Biased that acts brutally on innocent people and protecting the corrupt and racist scum
B: Instead of making an effort to reduce the crime rate, it keeps going high and police are looking at the wrong pole.
C: There are some who wants to do the morally right thing but were overruled by the executive or the chain of command.

Sum: I don't know whether to trust them or not.

Case In Point:

If you have seen the news where the police come in like gangsters and stop the anti-ISA gathering in Pandan Indah, you might want to compare with how pro-ISA march event that happened on Sunday afternoon. The police couldn't had the guts to stop them although both PERWARIS and GMI do the same peace marches. I was sure PERWARIS march went on because they had the PERKIDA (connected to UMNO) party to back them up.

You can reveal the two Malaysiakini videos (first link here is on the Ampang episode) and second link is on the PERWARIS.

If you remember last week, the police has issued several ridiculous conditions for the PJ anti-ISA vigil that includes no banners or t-shirts that says no to ISA. What about those PEWARIS jokers out there? What about the T-Shirts or those headbands that say Hidup Melayu?

If you just let the pro-government people do what they want but stamp on those other side who wants to do the same thing, then you are no more better than a lapdog, cannon fodder for the government. I can no longer have that level of trust at them anymore.

Well, you guys be the judge. If I am the PM, I'd sack the entire top brass of PDRM.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Weekly PJ Anti-ISA Vigil

Despite the rain, roughly 200 managed (almost the same as last week) to show up at the vigil in front of the City Council office. Emceeing the event is councillor Richard Yeoh. He also repeated the conditions given by the police for the permit there and make one significant breakthrough announcement: the Vigil and the activity for people to express has caught the attention of Sultan of Selangor that his Majesty has given an aye towards the notion of another Hyde Park.

Apart from the usual crowd that includes bloggers, the special guests on this edition's vigil includes MPs Sivarasa (see above) and Dzukefly Ahmad with Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San. The PR has constantly reiterated of the forthwith to abolish ISA the moment they take over the government. Some are about to learn of what is happening tomorrow when those detained would be reporting to the police station. From hearsays, those from Penang who were caught were not required to come as what the IO said.

This round features a call to youngsters to show up and express themselves. There was a police car around the compound with some plain-clothes policemen there. The crowd was waiting with anticipation of the situation on the other side of town where GMI is supposedly throwing an anti-ISA campaign.

As usual, the event ends at 9.45 p.m with the singing of the national anthem. We were updated with news that the GMI was dispersed with the police given them 5 minutes. The traffic to Pandan Indah was bad with many roads sealed off by the police. But my constant believe is that the rain this evening means the wrath of God on the corrupt and the scum.

Star columnist Kee Thuan Chye. I complemented him for the March 8 book.

Professor Azmi Sharom

That's Vivec - the guy who's providing on the ground report on the P.P by-election

Apparently this series of vigils here have sparked the inspiration of throwing another one in Klang and in Ampang. So far, from this event alone, this event has been held in other states including Penang, Ipoh and Seremban. Klang and Ampang is about to start soon, but it depends on the help and effort of MPs and people there as well.

Update: According to Malaysiakini, there were three people arrested at the GMI event in Ampang. PAS man Mat Sabu was about to kick start the event when the FRU started moving in. Crowd was less than 100, Jalan Pandan was sealed off. See more on the link above.

Stapa's Alleged Point Behind The Yoga Ban

First, here's a shot of the very man suggesting that Yoga to be banned for all Muslims in this country.

Last month, my friend Edmund wrote to me a comment in regards of fatwa on Yoga. He remarked:
Actually Yoga is something to prepare you to DIE. Ask any really honest Yogi and Swami. It is the art of dying, of being annihilated with the awakening of the Serpent of the Spine (the Kundalini Force). It is not a neutral, non-religious breathing exercise. For once, the Muslim Authorities got it right.
I supposed, though not revealed, that this could be the one main reason why our dear Professor Stapa started the motion of banning this for the Muslims. Read this piece "Is Yoga Serpent Worship?" here.

It's The Paranoia!

I had the notion that the Royal Police Force is in the state of paranoia over the two latest matters.

Video Tampering

I have reviewed the Malaysiakini video that was shot on the night the vigil went wrong on the 9th. If you look properly at the two sections that were tampered with, I just have one or two hypothesis about why the video was tampered with. Especially the one part where there is a shot of the cupboard or so on.

My hypothesis / guessing would be:

1. A plain-clothes officer, or a commander or Khalid Bakar himself is terrified that what was caught on the video by Shukri in an accident that could be giving an embarassinng reputation individually or collectively that he was desperate in the need to make sure no concrete evidence is up if this material is used in court cases. But IMO, I have the feeling that SB who whacked assemblyman Lau Weng San could be the one. But who would be the officer that was the the insert shot in the car?

2. While reviewing the footage shot at the police division, the officers involved could accidentally splice those footage and overriding it into the existing footage.

Chances are, hypothesis #1 is likely the thing. But whoever did it was too foolish to fool the people. Well, as the saying goes, we're not born yesterday, right?

Anyhow, the conclusion is that the Selangor state police force will be accused by the people of doing another Gani Patail cliche, that is evidence tampering as what Anwar Ibrahim is accusing about.

GMI Permit Refusal

The next issue that shows police paranoia is the police refusal to issue a permit for the anti-ISA launch. Accoring to the Bernama, they have applied for the permit and the results was negative. ACP Jalil Hassan rejected the permit on grounds of public order disruption and noise congestion in the area. But then, was that taken into account that Unit Amal would be helping out together with the place held in the MPAJ hall?

Someone who stayed in the area claimed that many in the Pandan Indah are those who not really as educated as other people do and they drop the chips at the first sign of huge unusual activity there.

I spoke to some people asking them about the permit refusal and many had the opinion that there are some in the police force, particularly those who are responsible for permit issue think that given of the non-violence posed by them and a few other factors, that should be okay to issue a permit. Howver, many claimed that the fault lies from the top-level chain of command of the police (e.g Musa and those under the same hierachy). Allegedly, the top-level chain of command has given orders to refuse any permit outright for those not pro-government. Some like ACP Jalil have no choice but to follow or they could risk being transferred or demoted - despite the fact that it is in line with the moral grounds.

That day, I reproduced the translated version of the permit letter issued to Richard and the last half of the conditions shows the level of paranoia shown by the police against ordinary people who pose no harm to others. I am not surprised that many could not think far further ahead.

This are not only the cases that shows government paranoia on the people there are more and countless of it, well you can judge it for yourselves if you happen to see a news piece of the same scenario. Speaking of the GMI thing, there will be unnecessary arrests tonight, wasting of tax payers money by Khalid Bakar and his gang, BAR council lawyers called in, name it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Not Santa, But It's Recession Is Coming To Town!

X'mas song this year has changed - the lyrics are more "down to earth" . . . .

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tax Money And A Woman's Potential Misuse

Chart By Malaysiakini

Aren't we all surprised to see that government is no longer paying subsidy money for petrol since 1st of the month? And do most of you know the fact is that 40% of a liter goes as tax paying money? Shahrir Samad today let loose of the breakdown of how a price of a liter of petrol goes.

Assuming that a liter is at $1.92:

1. 12 cents goes to a petrol station operator.
2. 19 cents goes to the petrol company.

Fine, that's okay and there's the remaining $1.61. Out of that 64 cents is tax money which leaves the balance at 97 cents. So if I am to buy 40 liters of petrol per week, I'm paying $25.60 per week as tax. That is almost one month of my tax contribution, except I'm paying quadruple, of $103 per month.

And what's the point of paying a lot if the government is noted by many people to misuse tax money, the money I paid to the government for some wrong activities like police going at the wrong end, paying compensations to failed projects, for some lavish vacations as part of government trips and etc? That's indeed using for the wrong end.

Also look at other taxes that we paid as part of the cost. I go watch a movie, I pay 25% of entertainment tax, a company pays 25 percent corporate tax per year, an employee pays 15% income tax, misc taxes and what else? I thought it's to help development but it's being misused badly already. Given of this situation maybe it's time people start paying less by telling them in the face 'not all unless you do exactly as I say because I put you there'.

Maybe I think the revised amount of tax we should pay is:

1. Corporate - 20 percent.
2. Income - 12 percent. It's better than reducing it in EPF.
3. Entertainment - 10 percent - Azalina and the relevant ministers should consider it.
4. Service tax - 7 percent from 10.
5. Petrol - 20 percent or another 30 cent subsidy. Both have the same effect.

Back to petrol I think the price could go lower. If we based on the current price of $2:

1. 31 cents goes to operators and petrol company
2. 68 cents goes to government
3. $1.01 is the fuel price.

Therefore, we should be paying approximately RM 1.67 per liter instead of RM 2. Which is at the August 2005 price, considering that petrol tax is half. I feel we have been asked to pay more but we get less back. People are angry that although they pay tax, the get things less worthy for the money they paid.

Case in point: There is a buzz around cyberspace that Rosmah, although accompanying Najib to Peru for the economic summit might not be staying in Peru but instead will head to Washington first and Najib will meet her there two days later to spend 5 days there. You bet that there will be lavish spending of many things - hotels, cars, and, etc from tax payers money and if converted to ringgit that is going to cost more than a million ringgit for every $300K USD spend in that week.

I started to question myself whether I should pay only half of the tax payer money to show I'm not happy with how people's money is used by the BN government. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get the same quality as if you would buy at somewhere else at a half-price, don't you?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Double The Pleasure, Double The Pain

I am aware that RPK was asked to make a statement to the police in the evening in regards to the complaints by the Islamic religious authorities. But then, even before he went to the police station, he pointed out that this is the same report by the four organizations that ended up with his detention in the ISA.

After release, he was summoned over the same thing. But it is the duplicity of the thing that is making things a little cuckoo. Is it defined as different by Gani Patail? Was the whole thing deliberately intended to be double the pleasure for Islamic authorities and double the pain for Pete? I think it is.

Before going for the statement, since he was summoned over the same matter in a loop, Pete hit back by filing a report at Jakim. According to the Malaysiakini video, and the excerpt:

“The officers at Kamunting also informed the detainees that the Mufti of Perak told them detainees need not perform Friday prayers,” he said.

The blogger also said he was given five religious classes on Oct 28 while in detention where an ustaz from Jakim claimed that all other religions were false and only Islam was the right religion.

“The ustaz also said all other Holy books except the Quran are false,” he said, adding he felt compel to lodge the police report because of this.

That's why there has been a question of which Islam version to follow, whether it's the Malaysian version of Islam or the real Arabic version of Islam that is indeed the accurate one. The problem is that there are some who tries to be holier than thou by declaring that I am right you are wrong. But if the person is wrong then what?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ridiculous Permit Conditions Couldn't Stop Them

It was a much better gathering there at the Civic Centre in Petaling Jaya than last week. Roughly 100-300 people turned up there and everyone was in good spirits, undeterred by the last week's police brutality.

Before the event began, MBPJ Councilor Richard Yeoh held a copy of the police permit that is required to hold the vigil. Given that it is in the private grounds that is under the purview of the City Council, I find it absurd when the permit features a dozen of ridiculous conditions that Haris and the people find it unacceptable.

The Permit

Below here is the letter of reply - minus headings - by the police in regards to the permission to hold the vigil. I let you judge for yourselves. First thing though is that the original text is in Malay language. But for the sake of our English readers and international readers, I'll provide the translation of the letter. This letter is a reply to Richard.

Ref: FTMT PJ 489/2008 Dlm 16/17
Date: 14 Nov 2008

Subject: Appl. For Permit to Hold People's Vigil

2. This office has made a study on the application and we're pleased to inform you that our people have no objections to the application below:

Date: 16 November 2008
Time: 8.30 - 11.30 p.m
Place: MBPJ Civic Centre Parking Lot

3. However, the following conditions have to be observed:

3.1 Safety of visitors is under the organizer's responsibility.
3.2 Permission / Approval to use the place is the organizer's responsibility.
3.3 No overflows until it causes traffic disruptions.
3.4 No political / racial speeches are allowed
3.5 No burning of fireworks or explosives unless there's permission from the appropriate party.
3.6 Dangerous weapons are not allowed.
3.7 Only allowed to be at the fixed time and place.

3.8 Organizers are not allowed to burn any candles to show objection to the ISA.
3.9 Organizers are to ensure that audience do not wear any clothes that shows support against the abolishment of the ISA.
3.10 Organizers are not allowed to hold any activities that show sympathy to the ISA detainees.
3.11 No hanging of any banners or distribution of leaflets in regards to the pushing for the abolishment of the ISA.
3.12 The police reserves the right to do audio and video recording throughout the period of the activity.

4. You are asked to obey all conditions are mentioned in paragraph 3. The police has the right to cancel the permit / approval if the organizers fail to obey the set of rules and conditions given

Thank you.


Supt. Mohd Shukor Bin Sulong
Deputy District Police Chief, Petaling Jaya

Read the last half of paragraph 3. Don't you find it pretty absurd? If use your common sense, don't you find it unnecessary? I find it that those things are like schoolboy rules. Come on, this is a public location, not a school. Most of the people who were there aren't schoolboys! School holidays just got started since yesterday...

We're not born yesterday! And this is like bullshit.

The Vigil

All the permit mumbo-jumbo, conditions and crap failed to dampen the spirit of people coming in to show their solidarity for the ISA detainees. Sorry, but I did not carry the camera this round.

There was a concurrent event held at the civic centre so the vigil was moved to an adjacent location next to the centre. As predicted more than 200 people showed. Notable people who were there including Din Merican, MPs Charles Santiago, Loh Gwo Burne and Teresa Kok. Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh was there, and her assistant Edward Ling gave a rousing speech to close off the event.

We held a minute of silence in respect for Penang organizer Paula Khoo who was arrested in yesterday's vigil. Pete Kamaruddin gave a very amusing talk that said of support for Abdullah Badawi and his last five months in power. As more MPs showing up at the Civic Centre, more were stood up to give their opinions of attending the vigil, be it the first time or the sixth time.

Notable speeches were given by Din Merican and Teresa. Teresa noted that an European diplomat called Malaysia a crisis country because of this. Excerpt from Malaysiakini:
Earlier, Kok told the crowd that it was wise for the police not to interfere with the gathering.

She said that a diplomat had recently told her that Malaysia was labelled by the European Union as a ‘crisis country' because of its use of the ISA.

This, she said, would have a negative impact on foreign investment.

"I have also filed for a motion in the Parliament to propose a RM10 pay cut against Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar and Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan," she said.
There's a lot of video footage taken, both non-press and press with Malaysiakini taking the lead in capturing the footage. Of course there were a few SBs there as well. Thankfully, it was not as bad as the last week. A much detailed account can be read at Anil's blog. But since I do not have the pictures, you may have to find at other blogs that could post pictures and videos.

So the next time you want to come, viola - you are in a safe ground, but I leave it to you guys to have your say and decide on dealing with the absurd conditions.

Cops, What Good Are You Anyway If You're Ordered To Behave Like a Terrorist?

Today, I read two pieces where someone commented and had sympathy of the lower-ranked military or police officers that were ordered to perform their duties, but yet they had two limitations:

one is not given sufficient amount of pay that was against what is the supposedly minimum pay in this nation;

Quote from Pete:
During my stint in the Kamunting detention center I asked my prison warders what their starting salaries are. They told me it is only RM800 per month. By the time they retire at the age of 58, after working more than 35 years, their salary will be only RM2,200 per month. What can they buy with RM800 per month? Before the middle of the month they are already broke. Most sit at their desk the entire duration of their 8-hour shift because they can't afford to go to the canteen for tea.
secondly, as a person being bound by the 11 General Standing orders you are not able to challenge the orders from your superiors. But what if you feel that the order is morally wrong? Are you able to report this to Internal Affairs?

The police is in a disarray. Last year, I spoke of the police episode whereby the force being split into Team Musa and Team Yusuff. But this year it was different case. Both my blogging friends, Bernard and Pete said that although the police officers and the guys working at the detention camp are just doing their job the real problem is that they are not given much money to feed for themselves. Hence they had to follow orders from the above if they are to survive and being in the rat race.

The real problem is on the chain of command. The commanding tier is steering to the wrong direction. They look at dissenters while the real crimes like robbing, murdering, cheating and all sorts are left unchecked. Who actually ordered the lower-levels to do so? And who ordered them to instruct? I had a fuzzy feeling that the upper command of the police force is:

a) had to take orders from politicians like Wan Farid Salleh or Botak Albar.


b) thinking without conscience, logic and on moral grounds and see protesters, dissenters as potential threats although they do not carry anything lethal like guns, knives or baseball bats. Right now, the stance is similar to what author David Icke said: if you are seen dissenting or protesting even without violence, you are considered as a terrorist. This is part of the new global level of fascism that is last seen since the Nazis in World War II.


I got news that one of the anti-organizers in Penang, Paula was arrested under section 143 of the Penal Code. I only met Paula online via Facebook a few months ago. She first contacted me through someone else. Then later, she dropped a comment in one of my postings mid last-month. She came down to PJ on the third round of the anti-ISA vigil, but I missed out meeting since I was meeting with Edmund and Simon for dinner.

The police were rapped badly for their handling over the last week's PJ version. But this round, they did the other way round, going for the heads. While dispersing, she was quietly taken off to the Patani Road station, released at 1 a.m.


Quote from Bernard:

they are the most lowly paid. It is no wonder that many are on the take. I am not encouraging graft. I am appealing for some empathy. Being lowly paid, they depend also on their job to put bread on table and books in school-bags. I cannot blame them when they become over-bearing. They are taking orders. Their jobs depend on obeying orders.


What good is a policeman anyway if he is ordered to behave like a terrorist by his superior?

Could we be seeing another provaction by UMNO dickheads to give them another reason of using Solution 1969?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What A Coincidence!

Today, Subang MP Sivarasa hit back on state police chief Khalid Bakar who according to the Star said that 'what if every criminal that we confront sings the national anthem?'

Excerpt: (Malaysiakini)

“Such remark is uncalled for especially coming from a top official like him.

“We are all Malaysians and we have the rights to sing the national anthem and he should not equate the peaceful participants to criminals.

First of all, Khalid, use your head carefully. If I am a hardcore criminal, I would not be singing and instead, I'd run away with all my stamina to get away from the police. By indirectly calling people who sing national anthem as falls under criminals, it is saying those are lowlife. And of course, the word 'Taffer' means the Welsh slang for lowlife.

Picture this. If we did nothing wrong and branded as taffers by the police, the police rep takes the fall. Not the people. The cops. Musa Hassan has been scolded by the people, criticized by some leaders who take the action on the problems. I think he might not last that long lol. And don't try to say 'please take the law by your own hands' the next time people had to do so because you police IDIOTS ended up on the wrong end of the pole. This also goes to this Longkang deputy Minister by the name of Chor Chee Heung: don't say it if you have not seen the heat.

For all what Khalid Bakar had said, this guy is playing like a child. I cannot understand why Ronnie Liu, who was there was also arrested today because of the past year incident where he blocked a Subang Jaya municipal council raid.

Yes, Sunday and today was where PDRM had misused Selangor residents tax payers money for the wrong end. And we realized that Khalid Bakar is a filthy liar, childish and a filthy liar. What he said means that he has walked one step backwards.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pembohong Yang Bernama Khalid Bakar

While we had drinks late night after the melee, someone managed to take a shot of the state police chief Khalid Bakar who was wearing a T-shirt. He was the one who ordered the arrest of MP Tony Pua. But the worst is of course the SBs and FRUs beating the hell up on citizens.

The SBs and FRUs were under orders to grab as many as they can whoever wears the yellow and the red shirt. I surmised that was why Gus of Fisherman's Wharf was caught as well. When I saw the list of the 23 released, he was under number 14.

Before I went to office, I checked some postings to see if there is any update on them. All except one were released at 7.30 and some would go to the Sessions Court house to here the Pete's Sedition Trial. I asked Gus whether he was released unconditionally or otherwise, since I was informed of them required to report back on the 24th.

Yes, no doubt, all of them are going to be charged under Police Act Section 27(5). But the one thing that they have in them is that the knowledge that the police acted outside the rules of engagement. In other words, Khalid gave the wrong order.

Later, at Malaysiakini, Khalid was quoted to say that 'dispersal of the crowd was not during the national anthem.'

He suggested that the vigilers had made this up.

When told that there was video evidence to back what the vigilers had alleged, his response was simply “I am denying it.”

The video which shot by commenter Peter is suffice to say that the police started the ruckus first. I was there. When the crowd is about to finish the last third of the National Anthem, the police started charging in.

If you charge in when people sing national anthem, you don't really belong here. You don't qualify to be a Malaysian.

Anytime, the video or the news of this Bloody Sunday could be sent by anyone to the international press. And there's going to be a hard time on damage control mode to be done by the government.

I've already mentioned of the point that the police is looking at the wrong end of the pole. It is either Syed Hamid or Wan Farid who orders the police to spy on the opposition with using resources like the police force. But who's pressing the buttons at that night? Najib? Botak intending to impress Najib? Or some rogue person...we'll find out soon.

The Bloody Sunday

What turned out to be a double celebration: celebrating the anniversary of the Bersih rally and together with the candlelight vigil turned bloody in the second-half of the event as 24 men and women were arrested at the Civic Centre in Petaling Jaya. The term Bloody Sunday was mentioned twice in history, one in 1972 where 26 civil rights protesters were shot in Derry. Another reference to the name was in St Petersburg 1905 where protesters were shot as they intended to submit the petition to Tsar Nicholas II.

I was there with a few friends and guys and was covering both halves of the event, but the aftermath of the second half was so bloody that a some of them were brutally beaten by the FRU.

At Amcorp Mall

All roads leading to Amcorp Mall were sealed off by the police before event time at 9.30 p.m. This time, the federal police was involved in the operation given that the event involves BERSIH, the NGO coalition that calls for clean and fairer elections. However, there were two routes that were not covered: the back way going through Nestle office in Persiaran Barat and the small road leading to the court house.

The FRU men were on Standby mode at the outdoor parking ground while most of the people who wish to attend the event were either at inside Amcorp Mall or at the A&W restaurant. Given that the situation that seems to show police intimidation, the event was shortened by approximately five minutes. Note that there at least 15 Special Branch people around there with the blue-uniform and the FRU. The reason of shortening the thing in Amcorp is not to give excuses for the police to act before the mall closes at 10 p.m. Any such violent and brutal action at a private property warrants a lawsuit / complaint by the owner against the government.

Earlier on, the commanding officer was heard shouting at the bullhorn, "We will take action" (or somewhat) The event at Amcorp Mall wrapped up at 9.35 after a singing of the National Anthem. After that, everyone is asked to dispersed in groups of two. Some left while some went towards the Civic Centre for another vigil.

At MBPJ Civic Centre

Another round of gathering took place there after that where special guests there include Ronnie Liu, Tony Pua (also present at Amcorp Mall), Mat Sabu, Bersih secretary Faizal Mustaffa and Raja Petra Kamaruddin who has been asked to give a word or two following his release from ISA three days ago.

After Ronnie gave a speech of proposal of reinstatement of local government elections, Raja Petra was invited to give a few words before leaving. At that time, three trucks of FRUs, Special Branch people and the blue-uniform were standing by - moving their positions from Amcorp Mall and stood at the sidewalk of the main road. By the time they were fully mobilized everyone was singing again Negaraku. Apparently the police snapped upon hearing the song the second time.

Ronnie tried to approach the police to inform them of that they would have another five more minutes before dispersing. Before he could do so, the FRU started coming in as if being the Roman Legions and the OCPs screaming rudely at the crowd. I was standing there, thinking that the FRU would simply beat a person like me with their batons, but they moved past me and Pete and went after the others behind me.

And that's where the beatings and arrests started. The first two arrests made were Indians. The police are targetting those who are Indians and those who wear yellow shirts first before going after the others.

Calmly I walked briskly out of the place and when crossing the main road, Augustine, my friend (moving behind me, about to leave) was jumped by a Special Branch man, overpowered and was arrested. I could not stop anymore or do anything but to keep moving and tag after Pete, Marina and Serena who's ahead of me. I broke out the bad news of Augustine caught to the others.

Brutal Beatings and Arrests

At a break session, we were establishing the number of people arrested and their identities as well as the discussion of the brutal assaults that the FRU went against unarmed ordinary citizens.

We established that 24 were arrested. Angela Ooi, the girl actively in the anti-ISA vigil in Seremban was one of them, Augustine, Arif Abdull - a fellow blogger, the priest Father Paulino from the Mercy church in Shah Alam. We thought Ronnie was also arrested. He was released immediately becuase the police apparently saw him trying to approach them to request for time before dispersing.

Tony was dragged by Special Branch into the Black Maria truck. Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San was assaulted by a special Branch man whom he managed to identify, but the man responsible was rude, refused to reveal his identity. Some of the organizing team for the vigil in Penang including were arrested as well.

The first two arrests were premeditated. Two Indians were arrested. This could allow the police to give a context that HINDRAF, the banned organization being involved in this event. Chris' friend, Dian was dragged behind and fell down, her son arrested and her husband dragged by the Special Branch. The bleeding was so profuse that she was taken to the Assunta hospital, requiring 4 stitches. Another woman, while attempting to run away from the melee, struck her head onto a pot plant, head bleeding profusely.

The Malaysiakini videographer, who was there to record the event was also arrested. He also recorded RPK's word or two at the Civic Centre before he was taken away. A concern out of this is that Pete could be called in tomorrow or so to provide an explaination his appearance on video. This could possibly give a further reason for the government to appeal agains the ruling of Pete's release.

Excerpt from Malaysiakini:
Shortly afterwards the police started dispersing the crowd using their shields.

In the ensuing melee, police arrested PJ Utara member of parliament and DAP leader Tony Pua, Kampung Tunku state representative Lau Weng San and about 20 others. Also arrested was Malaysiakini videographer Shukri Mohamad.

Eyewitnesses said that Pua was physically manhandled and thrown into a waiting Black Maria. The police were also seen chasing the crowd into an Indian restaurant located opposite the Civic Centre.

Angela, who was arrested, had a cut on the nose when she was arrested. At the end of the night, I was told that many were brutalized by the FRU and Special Branch before they were arrested.

Serena received an SMS from Augustine, assuring her that he was fine and asked her to go back to the Wharf.

Scenes at the Police Station

Following the arrest, Malik Imtiaz, and 15 Bar Council members led by Edmund Bon started coming to the police station. Later, the MPs including Loh Gwo Burne and Lim Kit Siang started coming in front of the station. They were not allowed to go in until all the 24 detainees were processed. The FRU was once again called to mobilize for crowd control.

It is highly probable that the 24 detainees would be charged under Section 27(5). However, word has it from Tony is that the police could be obtaining a court remand order to have them remand overnight. At 3 a.m, the lawyers were allowed in for the observation. It seems that most of the detainees are told to leave out answering interrogation, which forms part of the possibility of remand order. BERSIH led a vigil outside the station. No tear gas was fired as initially feared.

The police could provide too many excuses and adamanting on having a person arrested including resisting arrest for refusal to answer interrogation, HINDRAF - for Indian presence or wearing the orange T-Shirt and etc..

The blood is now on Khalid Bakar's hands.

Musings on Bloody Sunday

1. The one key observation is that the National Anthem song seems to make the police snapped. This happened when someone in the FRU were shouting when the people were singing the anthem at Amcorp Mall. The second time the song was sung, they snapped and started charging into the crowd.

2. During the charging into the crowd thing, the police have forgotten to follow the basic rules of engagement which is to provide ample warnings of dispersal. Since the gathering is in two spots, the police must informed them, provide 5-15 minutes to disperse before the next action. In this case, there was no warning given, and they simply go in.

3. The police were simply rude and normal people are considered as lowlife and very dangerous. Bringing an FRU squad against people who do not carry anything but candles? The entire thing is to fueling fuel with fire. A deliberate intention by the BN government to provoke people so that they can use the Solution 1969 again.

4. There will be a shouting match in the Parliament tomorrow with the government, Police and UMNO accused for this matter. Currently we are trying to find out who actually gave the order. It could be an out-of-control OCPD, Khalid Bakar himself or a minister. In that case, Syed Albar is going to get grilled badly tomorrow though my feeling is on Najib.

5. Over the last six hours, much of the coverage can be seen at Anil's blog. This is far in contrast to the Ipoh vigil, which ended peacefully and with the same amount of people present in P.J.

6. This finally proves that the Icke Theorem is true, Malaysia is adopting the prescription of the Bush style of United States.

Do watch this space later on as I include more pics from last night.

Update: 9.55 p.m: Here are some additional pics from the event:

I somehow must admit that I salute this woman who brings her child out for this vigil. I think it is a good step as to get children understand the full truths of the modern Malaysian history, not the ones that we learn in schools which are UMNO-approved ones.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Naik Gaji Lah! Hang Nak Bodohkan Rakyat Lagi?

When the Star reported that the employee contribution to the EPF to be reduced to 8% automatically, I was in doubt of whether to stick to that or tell my employer via form 17A that I want to keep at the present 11%. That night, Dad messaged me this:

"Stick to 11%. It's not how much you earn, but how much you save."

Basically, I think it is a win-lose situation for company vs people. For the company, they tend to benefit but for the people, you get less dividend in long term. I think that if I stick to 11%, year end dividend is much higher. 23% against 20%? It's just saving somewhere around 30$ for every $1000 you earned. Nothing much really.

CAP's SM Idris said (in Malaysiakini):

The EPF has often said that for most workers, their savings are already insufficient to see them comfortably through their old age.

There will even be less available when the contributions are reduced.

Taking into consideration that at retirement age, the worker will find it more difficult to get a job, it is better that he tries to manage with the present take home pay than to have less savings upon retirement.

I find that what the government's idea of handling economy is not really efficient or shall I say wrong approach. To solve this idea, the solution is simple: implement minimum wage!

Buat Minimum Wage, Lol!

Unfortunately, our bugger Najib once said that it is impossible to implement minimum wage. Maybe allow me to refine it better. For white collar groups earning no less than RM 7000 per month, the existing wage should be increased within the range of 20 to 33%. That's it. Everyone is happy, better buying power and could do like Singapore. Perhaps it's our time.

However having this idea has been objected by UMNO imbeciles like Abdullah Badawi, or even the Deputy H.R Minister Noraini Ahmad (yes, I remember you walked one step backwards before...) I surmised that you want to fool the commoners? Save money but in the end eat grass as meals everyday?

Syed Shahir wants it, MTUC wants it, employees want it...then do it, man!

Double Victories: Pete Released, Anwar Passes First Test

I don't have much to say except to say that Pete's release from ISA detention and the sodomy case of Anwar doesn't need to be transferred to high court is something to be cheered by everyone. Of course I am happy to see Pete out in the box that is Kamunting for the first time in 55 days. And I was shocked of how Jerry's (Gus' buddy) Rolls Royce was used to give him a great send off from the court house.

The last time I saw Pete was a few days before he was arrested in September. It was just how a good moment of everyone meeting Pete at the Wharf can savour disparatted with the police coming in and arresting him.

And on Anwar, well the first obstacle has passed and I can only say keep on fighting.

But the credit is on the lawyers who argued well against the allegations levelled at the clients. Someone said of the Gani Patail suffering a double blow today when decisions of the court go against them. And let me caution you people out there, don't get carried away by two victories. I am simply worried that the people are made to believe that the signs of judiciary independence are starting. But is it really happening? Are sure it is now? You may never know that a leopard can never hide its spots.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Obama As The New POTUS

At office, we would sometimes tune in to CNN as we would want to track some business news around the world. Throughout the whole yesterday, they were covering the presidential elections and by lunchtime, Barack Obama crossed the 270 votes required to become president of the United States. At evening, the score was 338 to 163 with four states yet to submit their poll counts.

Yes, it is the first time where el presidente is a black man. And I did remember a joke by our cartoonist LAT that said 'the 41st president of United States is Joshua F Washington from Harlem'! It's not like in Malaysia where the majority of votes come from the main race but in the states, the amount of minorities, hispanic, black and otherwise are the ones swinging the vote in favor of Obama.

I know some celebs holding the left / right stance. Warren Beatty would be happy. He's leftist stance has found the day. I also know that Harrison Ford, being a rightist got what he needed. Wyoming, his state voted for McCain. McCain got support from the whites and the rightists. Say, remember what he said, 'I like Ike' in Indiana Jones?

But anyhow, Adrian, being addicted to black man music from his time in Alabama was cautioning me over the tendency of Obama last week. I was surprised that Alabama voted for McCain. Coming back to the point, Adrian cautioned me that since Barack is the first black president in the history, he feared that he might not last long. First concern is that he might never finish his first term in office since Obama has some enemies, particularly the white supremacists (note that two were arrested for attempted assassination recently). And he did warn me that Obama being elected could trigger the chain of events that could set in motion as what was written in the Bible. I also recalled of the past history where Lincoln is made enemy by white supremacists when he signed the law that abolishes slavery - that ended with his assasination.

The one reason I preferred Obama over McCain is simply on how will he handle the economy. McCain is the military man, but the doubt is on whether he can handle it or not.

For me, I only have one concern that is outsourcing. My Indian colleagues are pretty concerned that Barack Obama doesn't want to much outsourcing and intends to limit it so that the Americans get a fair chance at job. In America right now, number of retrenchments are pretty high, but in Asia it's different. Everyone takes the pain, the method is via a pay cut.

Finally what about Malaysia. Can we take the lesson from USA that people have enough of 8 years of George Bush? People's will is still lacking and Barack did say of we do not wait for time and the special person to do it. UMNO is akin to right-wing people, pre-emptive actions, clinging to power, refusing to listen to people, arrogance. I don't really think the stimulus package would work. And if the worst is happening the constant 4-letter word that is uttering out from people's mouths is not F**K but UMNO.

In Malaysia, Greed Is Good!

Gordon Gecko's immortal line, "Greed Is Good" played by Michael Douglas in Wall Street seems to echo well in Malaysia now.

By routine, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is usually the head of UMNO and the head of BN. But in actual truth, the King has the final say of whether the head of a coalition has the right to be PM or otherwise. Let's say if the King gives the nod on the head of coalition being the PM, so in turn, it is the 191 UMNO warlords that decide on who is the next PM after Mr. Flip-Flop.

But the ugly part is that if I am a candidate that offers myself to be a president, the 191 voters would say, "Yes, I will.... only if you give me the specific amount."

In UMNO, it is greed counts. So the picture is much clearer with the smokescreen dissipating. Really, UMNO is not interested in people's welfare, nation stability or better progress or harmonious society. They just want money to retain status quo. In one instance, a branch actually asked Ku Li $2 million in order to get a definitive vote. So when Ku Li, playing clean says no and no money, they voted for Najib instead. And that's how Najib won unopposed with Ku Li getting nothing except one vote. According to a expose by Ku Li's secretary in Malaysiakini, each member of a division is paid between RM500 to RM1500 just to get a division to nominate Ku Li.
"Some asked for RM500 while others wanted RM1,500 per head. (But) I told them that we didn't have money. Tengku (Razaleigh) does not want to give money for nominations.

"Tengku only offered himself to be evaluated and chosen by the delegates and will not give money in order to obtain nominations," he told Malaysiakini.
If that is the case, then why not declare the nominations void and start all over again?

On the other hand, we are actually told of a lie by Najib. He sweared in the mosque about Altantuya or Saiful, right? And he is lying right now. The $5 billion which he said is use to save the stock market from the effects of global meltdown is not for the stockmarket. That's what we are told, but instead, it is using people's money to bail out Valuecap Sdn Bhd. Little we know that Valuecap has only until February next year to settle its $5 billion loan it acquired from national investment arms in 2001.


On the Valuecap affair, don't you think to some, greed is good?

What happens if Najib ends up like Nixon in the end? I can picture that scenario. Do you?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ipoh Mali This Saturday!!!!

If you guys who are from my hometown have heard of the weekly vigil at Amcorp Mall in PJ, or in Penang, good news. The vigil is now rolling into Ipoh!

We had YB Lim Kit Siang arranging for this vigil to be held there and the first one will be held this Saturday at 8 p.m

Venue: City Hall (Adjacent to Railway Station),

Since I'm going back home this weekend, I'd be coming there as well to help showing solidarity. So see you there.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Police: Take of That Damn Shirt Or Else.... - See Malaysiakini

A Malaysiakini staff covering the national Deepavali got arrested for wearing a No To ISA T-Shirt?

The reason that ACP Wan Abdul Bari gave is something stupid that everyone could laugh.

But the real point points to the Ministry who organized this affair. Actually, it is a public affair. Anyone can go in and the main purpose is to have fun. Period. Why do you want to stop a man who wears that kind of shirt.

Anyhow, the shirt is making Shafie Apdal and the other MPs sweating over people revolt over ISA. It is Shafie that is one of them who started making noise of people coming to open house. Do you have a problem, UMNO man? It is an open invitation. Anybody can come in, and I don't give a hoot of what you try to lament. Next, Gerakan and MCA are whacked badly for not taking part of considering how bad it is ISA. I have enough of them. If anyone from them asks me to join them, sorry no do. I'm not going in there.

It is the thinking manner of UMNO that is making the trouble, although leadership change could do a bit. That thing above is like discriminating the black people, lol. So you see BN wants to keep ISA, although pragmatists think and agree that it is obsolete.


Booze and Party Week

It was a week of booze and party for Friday and Saturday as well as eve of Deepavali.

Simon and Edmund came down as I could not meet them a day earlier. I really wanted to have a good time at Finnigans, talking anything that is Irish, from James Joyce to Kitchen Irish or whatsover so we seized the chance and had a round of cocktails and beer to go along with some food. And of course some interesting discussion of the local and foreign scene!

Edmund had remarked on me being short of money. True, I only got my pay on the 1st. It's not like in the previous company where I get paid on the 26th like most local companies do.

Friday was Balkrishna's final day of work before he returned to India on Saturday. He had been working here for 10 months and we had a party of thanksgiving. Another colleague, Murali is returning to Hydrabad this weekend as well.

Usually, party for these Indian colleagues usually start late at 9 and ends at around 1 in the morning. That's because most of us don't leave at 6 p.m sharp but instead, we would leave as early as 7 p.m at latest at around 9.30 or so.

Along with briyani rice, chicken masala, tidbits and some pickles, we all had a rounds of hard drinks, featuring a bottle of whiskey courtesy of B.K. There's some cheers all around that night in Bistari until 1 in the morning.

I couldn't go more than three as I had to send Alfred and Ponvel back to Pantai Dalam. But's one decent party to say adieu to B.K and Murali. I took a nap in a room just to make sure I have enough energy to drive on the road to send Alfred and Ponvel back.

The next day, Adrian came down with Dad to visit me. I bet he wanted to come and celebrate happy birthday with me. Well, I went to his place in September, he had reached adulthood officially and gave him a present. In turn, he bought two books, one narrative and another one, a anthology called March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up.

I thought of taking him to some nice place he never had food so anyhow we went to one restaurant they celebrated my birthday in advance with some brownies.

I owed my colleagues a self-sponsored meal today, but would make it up tomorrow. When I came to office today, everyone, starting with Subbu came over and greeted me birthday wishes, with some SMSes by Dad and Ilona. I felt downbeat today, Alfred was pretty concerned, but I was unhappy over a decision by Vasem, a bit worried of how my things are going..not good. To cap off the weekend, I just had another booze with honey chicken at chillies. At least it is to celebrate my ownself....!

Zaid Tells of A Social Experiment That Went Awry

Now don't you ever try to say I am a racist first of all. I read a few pieces that touches on Malay Supremacy sometime ago, and I summed up into a few points:

1. Before the 70s, the majority of Malays lack the flair, creativity, self-reliance and innovative to be well sound in finance, quota and reputation, even if they have the political power than the non-Malays.

2. The Malay Supremacy is an experimental plan with good intentions, as what Mr. Mahathir said before, as to level the playing field (in terms of changing rules that could irk others) so that the majority of Malaysian citizens, being Malays could someday be able to be on the same height and reputation as others. In Tun's words, to help them to stand on their own feet, being independent of government assistance, and doing the same thing as what others do.

3. The plan never stated that it goes on forever. Instead it says that once people are able to stand on their own feet, the plan is removed, considering that it has met its ultimate objective.

4. However, many had misintepreted the meaning of the term. Now, the plan is misused. Instead of being on their two feet, the plan was leveraged to stamp their feet onto others in a wrong way. For instance, if I am to point out mistakes that most of them to help improving, they start scolding me as if I am a busy-body. That thing is why many non-Malays are pissed off and even it elicited the sympathy of the some liberal-minded Malays. It happened mostly because the normal people are hoodwinked by certain leaders who turned the objective into their propaganda - shielding behind the name of religion and race. It is like forgotten the intended purpose, which points to the famous words, Melayu Mudah Lupa.

Perhaps most of them who makes the noise are the ones from aristocracy and royalty.

Interestingly, the Star carries a coverage on Zaid Ibrahim that quoted:

“I am a village boy from a poor family, not an aristocrat or royalty. I want to see the Malays succeed in economy and education.”

That sums up some of the points i would comment. See also this piece from Malaysiakini.

Not many people now cares of this concept. Most youngsters simply do not understand what is it really about. If you have some classic literature like Thackeray's Vanity Fair or Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, you would notice that one theme that is shown is that old believes might not work in a new period and needs to change. A Darwinist approach is needed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Flip-Flopping In The Name Of Economy - Ref Malaysiakini

Abdullah Badawi has done another flip-flop again, but in the name of economy. And this time, Sabah is very pissed over the sudden U-Turn. According to Malaysiakini, the premier had u-turned a proposed 500 km gas pipeline project connecting Sabah to Sarawak in the name of reviewing mega projects given of the current economic slowdown.

I only counted on Abdullah keeping one last flip-flop particularly using it in the last days prior to handover to Najib in March. That's what I was thinking. But hey...Sabah is not happy since there expected project, now scrapped could offset their demand of 20 percent royalty per year.

You check the full text here.

I met blogger Bigdog when leaving office and I suggested him to write another post on Mr. Flip-flop since he tends to criticize Abdullah more than I do....:)

PJ Candlelight Vigil Round 4

Despite the continuous rainfall since late evening, around 200 people managed to brave themselves in attending this week's round of the candlelight vigil against the ISA detainees.

Friday marked the first round where the vigil is held in Seremban.

According to Marina, Pete is in good spirits, and attempts to rehab in via religious remedy classes in Kamunting doesn't affect him well. Word is that if the decision on the habeas corpus application is in favor of Pete, he would be released and immediately helping to do leading the vigil nationwide.

Attendees including those who came for the first time or those who had been on all the four occasions are invited to speak out. Leading the charge of echoes were my aunt's friends, Anthony and Katherine. The assemblyman who turned up this week is of course DAP's Lau Weng San.

The audience were also invited to sing the duet song of 'That's What Are Friends For' by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and Elton John.

I applaud those of you who managed to brave the rain to come to this vigil.

Watch this space later on as I will be providing some additional pics from the event.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Arrogance And Vanity - Royalty Reputation Takes Another Beating

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 — An alleged thrashing of a member of Malaysia's royal household and his friends by the grandson of the Sultan of Johor and his bodyguards last week looks set to renew debate over the indiscretions of the royalty and whether they are immune from prosecution.

Tunku Nadzimuddin Tunku Mudzaffar, the son of the eldest princess of the Negri Sembilan royal household, filed a police report over the weekend that he was hit with the butt of a pistol on his head and face by a grandson of the Sultan of Johor.

The alleged offender was identified only as Tengku Ismail, and his father is one of the Sultan's sons.

The scuffle allegedly took place at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of Saturday and Tunku Nadzimuddin suffered a fractured nose.

A friend of the Negri Sembilan royal family, Shamshuddhuha Ishak, also filed a police report that he was beaten by the bodyguards of the Johor royal family member and lost consciousness and a front tooth, according to people close to the situation and familiar with the police report.

The alleged beatings took place following an altercation between groups from the two royal households at a popular nightclub in Kuala Lumpur in the early hours of Saturday.

There has been little publicity in the local newspapers over the incident. Sources close to the Negri Sembilan household said that there is intense lobbying to get Tunku Nadzimuddin and his friends to withdraw the police report.

A close source to the Negri Sembilan royal household said that the family wants the police to investigate the alleged beatings and bring charges against the assailants.

The police have yet to comment on the alleged incident but a senior government official told The Straits Times that investigations are ongoing and that several suspects are expected to be called up for questioning soon.

Allegations of indiscretions by members of Malaysia's royal households are not unheard of.

In the early 1990s, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pushed through sweeping constitutional amendments that removed provisions granting the royalty immunity from prosecution.

Under the country's Constitution, the country's nine sultans, who take turns to serve as king under a unique rotation system, are above prosecution in the ordinary courts of the land and can be tried only by a special court.

Royal personages below the level of sultan are not protected from prosecution under the country's laws.

Lawyers and political analysts say the latest incident involving the royal households of Negri Sembilan and Johor is likely to be watched closely and will be a test of the government's determination to bring the country's royalty to legal parity with commoners.

Several people familiar with the alleged beatings on Saturday say that friends of the grandsons from the Johor and Negri Sembilan royal households were in separate groups at a nightclub in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on Friday night.

Just after midnight, an altercation broke out between the two groups but the matter was resolved by the nightclub's bouncers.

According to people close to Tunku Nadzimuddin, the 36-year-old prince from Negri Sembilan, received a call requesting him to show up at a hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's financial district to meet the prince from the Johor royal household.

When Tunku Nadzimuddin arrived at the hotel, he and his friends were confronted by the Johor prince and his bodyguards before they were assaulted, people close to the Negri Sembilan prince alleged — Singapore Straits Times


Royalty reputation took a beating when in 1993 the government amended the constitution to remove full immunity for royals and said royals can only be charged in a special court. But it actually all started with the late Douglas Gomez affair where the Sultan of Johor assaulted Gomez and I was told that apparently Tunku Majid (the incumbent MHF deputy president who lost in the association election) joined the fray. If you recall, Tunku Majid was banned after he assaulted the Perak goalkeeper in the Sukma 1992 final. That is believed to led to the sudden decision by the state education department to order the Bandar Penawar sports school to walk-out of the MSSM semi-final tournament.

One significant moment of special court acting against royalties happened recently when Negeri Sembilan's Tuanku Jaafar was ordered to pay $1 million USD owed to Standard Chartered Bank.

I remembered Edmund jokingly mentioned last monday that Sultan Mahmood Iskandar 'had limb movement' - perhaps it could be the answer to my question of why Tunku Ibrahim Ismail represented for the state in ruler meetings - problems maybe because too used to assaulting people. Johor royalty isn't the only state royalty that is involved in such criminal activities - other states do, but I do not remember most of it.

Some people did say that the new generation of royalty, particularly Raja Dr. Nazrin can be good royal models, being educated well that I think they could attone the sins of the older generation. But with the latest case above of a 'spoiled adult' surrounded by his bodyguards assaulting a person and calling himself a royalty, I could think of public opinion might suddenly swing back to the opinion of royalties before the early 90s.

One act of vanity and arrogance by royals could makes things go back to square one.


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